Chapter 27 Dividing the Spoils

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After Lin Xian and Gao Yang finished writing, they summarized the questions they had listed.

Then they deleted some irrelevant questions that could be logically explained, and the remaining results were as follows—

[Illogical Phenomena in the Dream World]:

1. The Dream World is forever frozen on August 28, 2624, and it goes through destruction at precisely 00:42 a.m., repeating this same day over and over again.

2. Why can't we find news, lottery information, or data from several hundred years ago on the computer network?

3. The level of technological development in the Dream World is no different from that of 2022, and people's standards of living and lifestyle are not much different from 2022 either. What have scientists been doing for the past 600 years?

4. No matter how much you destroy or act recklessly in the dream, even if you blow the city to the ground, the city is as good as new the next day when you enter the dream, and everything is as before.