Chapter 26 Reasonable or Unreasonable

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Gao Yang lit a cigarette and explained to Lin Xian:

"If Argentina really did beat France during the penalty shootout phase... then we can't bet on Argentina to win for our lottery tickets! We should bet on a draw!"

"Why?" Lin Xian was clueless, his eyes a clear well of ignorance.

"It's like this..."

Gao Yang gesticulated wildly as he spoke:

"Soccer matches are divided into regular time, extra time, and the penalty shootout."

"If a winner is decided during regular time, then the match ends right there."

"If the regular match ends in a draw, meaning the scores are even, then it goes into extra time to continue deciding a winner."

"And if extra time still ends in a draw! It moves on to the penalty shootout phase, taking turns kicking penalties until a winner is determined!"

"The standard for determining win, loss, or draw in soccer lottery tickets only takes into account the result from regular time!"

At this point in the explanation, Lin Xian understood: