Chapter 25 Showdown

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After finishing his remarks, Professor Xu Yun courteously asked Lin Xian to leave.

Lin Xian didn't say much else. After urging Professor Xu Yun to take care of his health, he pushed the door open and left.

Through the crack of the door just before it closed, he caught a final glimpse inside.

Professor Xu Yun sat beside the hospital bed, holding Xu Yiyi's dry and thin arm, telling her the amusing events of the week.


Early the next day.

Lin Xian reported to Zhao Yingjun's office, recounting his meeting with Professor Xu Yun the day before and what the professor had said.

"Professor Xu Yun is… truly a bit more stubborn than we thought."

Zhao Yingjun, supporting her chin, her eyebrows slightly furrowed:

"I think Professor Xu Yun's concerns are somewhat overwrought. His points indeed have some merit, but not much."

Lin Xian nodded:

"I tried to persuade Professor Xu Yun as well, but to no avail."