Chapter 24: For My Father

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Lin Xian shook his head:

"I'm not clear, Teacher Xu."

"You said earlier at the dinner...you said that as a scientist, your dignity wouldn't allow you to sell such a failed product. But I wondered if there might be a deeper reason?"

Xu Yun, after listening, did not speak.

He took off his glasses and wiped them back and forth with the corner of his clothing:

"My daughter, when she was four, fell from a slide and became a quadriplegic in a vegetative state. All the experts around the world said there was no chance of her waking up."

"So, why did I study the Hibernation Pod? As a scientist, I am more aware than anyone how absurd and impractical researching this thing is. But still..."

Xu Yun put his glasses back on and looked at Lin Xian:

"There always has to be a first person to do something."