Chapter 23 Making a Fortune

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It wasn't long before the Argentina vs. Croatia match started.

Argentina clearly had a stronger team.

They effortlessly won 3:0 and advanced to the finals.


Messi slid to his knees on the pitch.

"!!!!!!! Aaaahhhhhhh"

Gao Yang was rolling on the living room floor:

"We won, damn it! Lin Xian, we're going to be rich!"

Gao Yang somersaulted up and grabbed Lin Xian's hand tightly:

"Comrade Lin Xian! Our bright future is in your hands now!"

Lin Xian shook off Gao Yang's hand:

"Didn't you just say that my dream was unreliable and not a vision of the real future?"


Gao Yang scratched his head, looking at the pile of lottery tickets on the coffee table:

"I think I need more experimental data before I can conclude. So, about tomorrow's semifinal, France vs. Morocco—who will win? Tell me!"

Lin Xian recalled the phrase he had seen in his dream...

[The Argentina Team beats the France Team in a penalty shootout and wins the championship.]