Genetic Ascension

The people of Earth have been summoned once again. Scientists document six extinction events in Earth's history, but none of them were as natural as they claimed. Sylas and his family have been called back to the Browns, a family of billionaire elites with assets reaching into the trillions. He isn't sure what to expect until he touches a floating bronze cube that changes his life. [Bronze City Stele] [Status: Dormant] [Time to Activation: 04:13:38] Unfortunately, there's only one Stele and the Browns have already decided upon their candidates. If Sylas wants to control his own fate, he'll have to enter the Trial. Now, woefully unprepared, and stuck in a world filled with the extinct creatures of Earth, he'll have to carve out his own opportunity... whether the Browns like it or not.

Awespec · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
293 Chs


They could have easily come up with a plan?

Suddenly, the ground trembled and a large change began to take place.

Sylas' gaze snapped upward as a swirling portal appeared at the entrance of Paradise, hovering high above Gabriel's head.

The officer's face paled with fear as he and his partner stumbled backward. They had been briefed on what this event was, but they didn't expect it to appear right above them like this.

"Run!" Gabriel yelled, turning around and hightailing it out of the region. He pulled at his other hip, taking out a radio. "Code Black! One of those fuckers has appeared! West entrance!"

The portal swirled with greens and purples, then with a pulse, a creature leapt out.


[Dire Wolf (F+)]

[Level: 0]

[Physical: 39]

[Mental: 3]

[Will: 11]


However, it seemed that this was just the beginning as another came, and then another.