On a hot and sunny day, a strange event is unfolding. Inside a city that is filled with busy life, a tiny black hole appears in an alleyway; no one is aware of it.

Inside an empty mansion, near a busy city, a person with messy hair is scrolling through his phone, reading something, and laughing from time to time.

"As expected of an idiot, he should have never introduced his girl to the main character; what type of side character is this? He is just too pitiful."

The person is reading a novel about a great warrior who is lucky enough to obtain supernatural genes and even a spirit item from a supposed normal-grade being.

He is laughing at the misfortune of the side character, and even though he is laughing like a maniac, deep in his eyes, a deep sadness can be seen.

In the novel he is reading, the side character is a person born into a rich family, while the main character is basically a poor weakling that is trying to survive in an incredibly dangerous world that exists in a different dimension.

He lived a life full of misfortune; his parents disappeared; his older sister was r*ped by a local thug and died; and his only family is his crippled younger sister.

His fate changes after obtaining the fortuitous encounter that he had obtained, and since then, he walks a path to greatness.

There are a couple of ups and downs, and with the help of his so-called friends, one of whom is the side character that he is laughing at, he reaches the third realm, one of the legendary realms, but after that, the story is cut off.

The side character is a good friend of the main character; unfortunately, he died and became a tool for character development for the main character. His fiancée, who has already fallen in love with the main character, used the opportunity of his death to get close to his so-called best friend.

It was a pitiful life; he died only because he took a blow that was meant for the main character. He lives a life that is just meant to enhance the growth of the main character.

Even after his death, his fiancée was not even sad and was actually happy that nothing was stopping her from pursuing her true love any longer.

The person reading the novel shakes his head. "Both you and I are truly pitiful b*stards that were taken advantage of by fate."

His grandfather was a great scientist who helped many poor people, but unfortunately, after he died in a freak accident, the people that he had helped actually used this opportunity to try and steal his inheritance.

He sighs, takes out something, and mutters to himself, "Why did my grandfather leave behind such a message to me?"

He is holding a black gem that shines in a mysterious manner, but other than this, it does not do anything, but his grandfather has always reminded him just how important it is. According to him, this item holds a secret that is capable of shaking the entire world, even the galaxy.

"Yeah, right, I was truly a gullible child for taking his words seriously." He laughs in a deprecating manner, chugging another bottle of liquor.

He is unable to do anything in his life, not because he does not want you, but because he could not. Everyone is now watching him like a hawk; his life is hanging by a thread, and one wrong move will definitely kill him.

His grandfather singlehandedly raised him; his mom was a politician, while his father was a high-ranking soldier; they both died when he was just seven years old; his mom was assassinated by a rival politician; his dad died in the same manner, but from their country's enemy force.

Unfortunately, even after both his dad and grandfather brought meritorious deeds to their country, after their deaths, other than some fake reactions from the government, they did not do anything to honour their deaths and in fact cast their greedy eyes on the possessions that they left behind.

The only reason that he is still alive is because none of the greedy hyenas dare to make the first move, afraid that their competitors will use this opportunity to undermine their image, causing them to be at a disadvantage.

He stands up and stretches after drowning an entire bottle. He sighs and walks to the roof. He sits there and watches the busy city.

"According to my grandfather, there is actually a grave threat that is now wreaking havoc in our galaxy; it is about black holes that are swallowing planets after planets."

He, himself, does not believe that their world is in danger; he just feels that his grandfather is too worried about something too farfetched.

"It is because of this," he murmurs as he takes out the black gem once again. According to the tall tales that his grandfather had told him, this gem is actually an invention that they had obtained from an extinct race.

It's primary purpose is to save its host from getting destroyed by a black hole and transfer them into a different dimension; unfortunately, it is just a theory, as the inventor died after creating it using the unique sequence of life in their world.

The aliens died because they were unable to fully adapt to their world, but they left behind their legacy, warning any intelligent beings from this world about the impending danger.

He clenches his fist tightly, as if he wants to destroy the gemstone; this is the reason for his grandfather's death—creating an item that is capable of teleporting them to a different world—a very absurd idea that only crazy people will think of.

He sighs and says to himself, "I even foolishly told him that I want to teleport in that novel, huh? What's that!?"

He screams as he sees a growing, black, swirling mass of destruction that is absorbing everything around it.

"What the f-" He was not even able to finish his words when he was absorbed by the black hole.

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