Gears N' Grinding (Haitus)

-------------------------------------------------------------- My Life With A Teenage Robot Is Chaotic as I Expected. One Sleepless Night and a Lazy Reincarnation Agent we're some of the craziest things to happen to ▇▇▇▇▇▇ but he powered through anyway. But put him in the shoes of 15-year-old Ray Lent, that's where he draws the line. Crazy Aliens, Deadly Monsters, Inspired Inventors, A Fucking Robot Girlfriend?! Okay, he's fine with the last part, but not the rest! -------------------------------------------------------------- An Inspired Inventor takes on the world of 'My Life As A Teenage Robot'! And his name is Ray Lent!

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In Which I Repair My Girlfriend

Meet N' Greet


In Which I Repair My Girlfriend

-= Gears N' Grinding =-

I awoke with a startle.

And panicking.

A lot of panicking.

'What the hell?!' I screamed in my mind.

I felt like I forgot something important, but I couldn't focus on anything other than the rearing headache I had at the moment.

"Gah!" I held my head in my hands, information flying through my cranium-

Since when did I use the word cranium?!

After a few minutes of panicking, my train of thought burned faster than my last relationship after I spotted something.

I peered into the mirror on the drawer…

That isn't my face.


And promptly passed out from stress.




It's been about two hours since my little freakout.

It seemed that I died in my sleep. It couldn't have been anything else really.

Normally, someone in my position would be panicking, and believe me, I already had panicked. I passed out because of that!

I sigh, shaking my head.

The only good thing that Ass did was give me when 'Episode 1' would start.

I have two months…

I rustled around the messy room I woke up in, finding… this thingy.

I think it was that Musique thing, but for simplicities sake, I'll just call it the Log.

Welp, it'll be boring, but I'll keep a log of the next month.

Who knows, something might happen!





Day 1:

I spent a charge on [Dimensional Internet Relays], I wanted to see if I could get a signal from my original world…

Turns out, yes you can! Apparently, all I have to do is grab some Ore named "Caliciotime" from a nearby asteroid field.

I don't know how [Inspired Inventor] can give the ores exact location, but I won't complain.

Now how do I get to space?


Day 2:

Watched the news, they were talking about the Robot Hero stopping some giant lizard in downtown Tremorton.

Also, the Asteroid problem was solved!

Apparently last month Jenny went out to stop some asteroids, and a chunk of "Caliciotime" made it past and landed in the nearby forest behind my house!

After that, I decided to split a charge into droplets, putting one into [Advanced Mining Equipment] and the other into [Mineral Tracking and Excavation].

All I have to say is that Tinkers are bullshit!

I can mash some cans, wires, and a laser to make a fucking Telomartkin Drill!

For those not in the know, the closest example I could give in videogames would be the Matter Manipulator's excavation function from StarBound.

Still, my Power giving its exact location was a godsend!


Day 7:

I know I forgot to do a Log for a few days, but I got too absorbed in my projects!

On the third day, I managed to macgyver a Laser Drill, and found where the chunks were. It took a few hours, but after that, I managed to get them back to my house safely.

Before I went to bed that night, I dropped a charge into [Material Processing] and managed to craft a Smeltery using scrap from the junkyard outside of town.

Although I don't know why it keeps giving me designs for Blackhole-powered Generators.

I do not have the proper equipment for that.

I sat in my garage, putting the finishing touches on the Dimensional Relay, and two hours later I had connection!


After that, I spent thirty minutes transferring all of my saved offline songs from Spotify to my "Log"


Day 16:

So… turns out I can cheese my own powers!

I spent some time some few days ago messing around with my power, and I remembered the fact it was more expensive to create knowledge not about crafting.

So I, in my tired haze, decided to take three droplets from a charge, and put them into [Gun-Fu]...

…It worked.

Now, my reaction was incredibly reasonable.

I tapped into [Gu-Fu] and promptly backflipped.

...breaking the vase near the living room table.

Yeah, I spent that last droplet on [Medical Supply Creation] and made some healing salve in the kitchen sink.

Look, It hurt alright!





I tapped the record button a second time, as I was finished recording for the day.

I grabbed it and placed it back into my pocket, next to the phone I bought and re-engineered a few days ago.

I focused my gaze back on the tools and gadgets sitting on my table, the cold air of the garage caressing my exposed neck.

I was putting the finishing touches on my weapons. A pair of Electric Handcannons using rubber bullets.

I say Electric because I used a few tazers to make this, so the rubber bullets also work as a tazer!

Really interesting stuf-


I jumped off of my stool startled beyond belief.

"What the hell was that?!" I yelled confused

I sprinted towards the open side door leading to my living room.

The first thing I saw was a hole in my living room wall, before spotting who was thrown through it.

Jenny was in a damaged heap next to my couch, trying to pick herself up, while the perpetrator walked through the freshly made hole.

I spent another second running back to the garage to grab one of the modified tazers I messed with.

I had an idea.

"Haha!" a deep, gravelly voice laughed, his laughter carrying through the room.

"It seems you're all outta' luck, Robot! Any last words?" It was a tall man with large muscles, a sneer present on his very punchable face.

He was holding something in a barrel, a wisp of purple smoke flowing out every so often.

[Inspired Inventor] identified it as "Nitrogen triiodide".

My gaze drifted to my Modified Tazer.

Oh yeah, it's all coming together.

My mind wandered back to last week. What I did then is the only reason I'm not shitting my pants right now.

After discovering the very exploitable feature of [Inspired Inventor], I had decided it would be necessary to add some more offensive options to my repertoire of knowledge.

Specifically [Krav Maga] and [Combat-Oriented Nanomachines].

To quote a very patriotic politician,

"Nano-machines son."

I spent a good amount of time practicing [Krag Mava] and [Gun-Fu] together, which gave birth to a fighting style that I really enjoy

I get to kick and shoot people!

"Hey, Big Guy!" I yelled to the looming Meathead, "Wuh?!" He turned around startled, "Who the hell are 'ya-OOF!" I interrupted him with a punch to the gut, before grabbing him by the collar of his shirt

"Hup!" I aimed, readying my arm before using all of my strength to toss him like a fucking rag

That's 30% above Peak Human for ya.

I reeled my other arm back, before calculating the distance, tossing my taser to impact the container of "Nitrogen triiodide"


That was an amazing explosion.

He was sent flying, disappearing across the horizon.

Huh. He actually twinkled. Neat.

"...Now, how the hell am I going to fix thi- Ah crap!" I forgot about jenny!

I ran over to her, the still-active nano-machines making it a piece of cake to lift her up before I sprinted back to my garage work table.

I sweeped everything off the desk before placeing her their with a heave.

"Hey! You alright?!" I ask the Robot.

She looked up at me, a flickering eye fixed onto my own.

"I think I can fix you up a bit, just enough to get you runnin'. You alright with that?" I asked her again, concern lacing my voice.

She gave me a shaky nod.

Seeing this, I dumped half of the charges I had saved up into [Repair].

Suddenly, I knew every damaged part on her chassis, and ways to improve it as well.

No! Bad power! We can do that later!

I shook my head to clear my thoughts, "Alrighty then! This'll sting a bit!" I said, more to myself if anything.




"Alright, all fixed." I huffed tiredly.

I spent two hours fixing her, and welding proper metal to her very dented and cracked frame.

"Thanks! But why'd you help me?" She said her thanks but couldn't help but ask a question that sat in the back of her mind during the entire session.

"Why wouldn't I help you? That, and you are one of the most amazing people I've ever seen." I said, my words leaving my mouth before I thought about them.

"Wha-H-Huh?!" She sputtered, and blue blush on her face.

"Ray Lent, Inspiring Inventor, and average teenager. Nice to meet you." I said with a simple smile on my face.

"Uh-... Jenny Wakeman, also a teenager… and a robot superhero." She muttered the last part quietly, trying to not look me in the eyes.

"Huh, never that that superhero would be my neighbor. Small world." I shrugged my shoulders, an amused smirk on my face.

I placed a finger on my chin, "To be honest, you are an amazing superhero, I'm amazed honestly".

Caught off-guard by my statement, she tries to play it down.

"Oh, it's nothing~, just the occasional meteor, maybe a giant monster and alien or two…" She trails off, hoping to move the conversation elsewhere.

Knowing from the show, she genuinely doesn't find it that impressive. You need some more self-confidence, Jenny!

I snort, "Nonsense, It's probably awesome to go around saving people. You get to punch people without having to feel bad about it!"

"Try restrictive, my mom won't let me leave the house unless it's to save the world, and {especially no interactions with the human populace young lady}."

Huh. Voice changer, neat.

…Well, no time like the present.

"So, uh… hey. This is probably the worst time to ask, but I think you're amazing, and I want to know if you want to go on a date?" I ask out of the blue.

She blushes at the compliment, but promptly blue-screens when she registers the second half.

She looked absolutely confused.

"Bu-But I'm a robot?" She phrased it like a question, the desperate hope tinging her voice genuinely heartbreaking.

I just look at her like she said water was wet.

"So what? What does that have to do with anything?" I said as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

Her jaw slackened at my answer. I continue as if I didn't notice.

"So if it's alright with you, maybe like a movie date? I could also do a date to the par-Guh!" The air was promptly squeezed out of me by about 600 pounds of teenage robot.

Thanks, Power.

"YES YES YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES! I'd love to go on a date with you!" The sheer joy in her voice was something to hear.


Her arm fell out of her socket, a screw coming loose.

"Huh. I think we should go get you repaired properly before a date, heh." The only response to my chuckle was a sheepish smile from the robot.

-= Gears N' Grinding =-

Used Charges:

-[Dimensional Internet Relays]: 2 Charges

-[Advanced Mining Equipment]: 1/4 Charge

-[Mineral Tracking and Excavation]: 1/4 Charge

-[Material Processing]: 1 Charge

-[Gun-Fu]: 3/4 Charge

-[Medical Supply Creation]: 1 Charge

-[Combat-Oriented Nanomachines]: 2/4 Charge

-[Krav Maga]: 2/4 Charge

-[Repair]: 5 Charges

Creation is hard, cheer me up!

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