251 Uninvited

Although Raylen lacked a beating heart, his breathing remained harsh as he watched Emily nestled in his arms. He knew this was bound to happen, but hadn't expected it to be this soon. Gently cradling her head, he used his other hand to wipe away the blood that had been smeared at the corner of her lips.

"You won't have to feel pain ever again, Princess," he murmured softly. 

His blue eyes shifted to her neck, noticing the root-like markings on her skin gradually fading away until there was no trace of them left. The spot where he had bitten her began to heal seamlessly, and not a moment later, a skeletal framework of wings materialised to encircle the side of her neck. 

Picking her up in his arms, Raylen began to walk when he heard two sets of hurried footsteps hastily approaching his location. Before long, Lady Sophia arrived along with Janelle. 


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