267 The second prince

Music Recommendation: Buck Twenty - Thomas Newman

Many years ago, in the Storm Kingdom…

A young boy with blond hair stood hidden behind the wall, watching his elder brother care for a cat as white as the snow. He heard his brother talking to the cat, even though it was a dumb creature and wouldn't understand a word. 

Later that day, Logan found himself in the hall as Raylen walked past him. The young prince asked, "Brother Raylen, shall we build a snowman?"

"Ask Caleb. I am busy," Raylen replied in an uninterested tone. 

Despite Raylen having rescued the cat and brought it into the castle, their parents remained unaware of how the eldest prince was spending his time. 

"With what? I will be more than willing to help," Logan persisted, even though he had surreptitiously snuck in to steal glances at the cat. 


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