254 Soulmates

When Emily woke up from her deep slumber, her body felt weak and her eyelids heavy. Her eyelashes fluttered shut before reopening as she took in the unfamiliar surroundings. The last thing she remembered was the pain coursing through her body. 

Her eyes stared at the ceiling before shifting to the bedposts, adorned with curtains resembling red silk coiled elegantly around them. Was she in Heaven? Because she doubted Hell would offer such soft bedding. Wanting to sit up, she pushed herself upright using her elbows. 

"You are awake," came Raylen's voice from one side of the room. 

As Emily raised herself to a sitting position on the bed, she caught sight of Raylen setting aside the book he had been holding and rising from the armchair he had been sitting on. Her hazel brown eyes swept through the room before she asked, 

"Is this your room?"


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