253 News at Versailles

Lady Sophia hurried further inside the Blackthorn Palace. Knowing where she would find the individual she sought, she made her way to the drawing room and, upon entering, immediately caught sight of the short, red-headed woman, who was holding a glass of liquor in her hand. 

"Mother Queen!" Lady Sophia exclaimed, her voice laced with anxiousness. The sudden outburst caught the older woman by surprise, causing her to startle and inadvertently spill the drink she was holding.

"Sophia?" The Mother Queen's eyebrows knit together in a mix of confusion and concern. Setting her drink aside, she rose to her feet and inquired, "How and when did you return?" 

Still standing by the door, Lady Sophia replied with exasperation, "It was that damned Devil! I'll explain everything later. But first, we need to contact King Raylen right away to get an update on Emily," her voice ending in impatience. 


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