250 Irreversible step

Emily followed Raylen's lead as he led her towards the dance floor, bathed in the glowing light that cascaded from the chandeliers suspended from the ceiling. Her hand remained firmly enclasped in his, and her heart began to quicken with a touch of nervous anticipation. 

The other couples who had been dancing earlier were quick to move aside and make way for the King, giving them the centre of the dance floor. Emily and Raylen became the central focus of the room. Raylen paused, executing a graceful turn to face Emily. A moment of hushed anticipation descended upon some of the guests, their attention captivated by the King's commanding presence on the dance floor.

"Is that Beatrice?" inquired a curious female guest, her gaze firmly fixed on the couple on the dance floor.

"No, that's not her. Beatrice is over there, to the right," another guest corrected, gesturing discreetly. "The lady in the centre is Princess Emily Blackthorn of Versailles."


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