247 Imp's doing

Music Recommendation: Landed - Ruelle

Emily didn't move from where she stood for many seconds, her ears listening to the fading sound of Raylen's footsteps echoing softly in the corridor behind her. 

"Did he… just kiss me?" she asked in disbelief and turned to look in the direction he had departed. "What do you mean by 'for good dreams', you wicked demon?!" Her words were flustered, and her hand moved halfway towards her face, as if she could still feel the lingering sensation of his lips on her cheek, but she didn't dare to make contact.

Emily subconsciously replayed the scene in her mind, which was when she suddenly became aware of her heart beating loudly. 

"One of these days, I will kill you," Emily muttered in utter mortification. She wished she could hide within the wall beside her, fully aware that if Raylen wanted to, he could still hear her. 


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