264 Grim as the dark cloud

Emily was taken by surprise when she felt Raylen's cool lips touch and brush against her own. Her heart skipped a beat louder than any time before as she felt his other hand rest on the small of her back, drawing her closer to him. 

It was nothing like she had ever felt before. Raylen's teasing lips captured her own, tasting and tenderly gnawing on her bottom lip. The butterflies in her stomach flapped their wings with such intensity that the air around them seemed magical and electric. It was a sweet kiss, carefully coaxing her out of her shy shell, just as the man had been doing all these days. 

Emily had secretly read about such kisses in books, but never did she imagine that those descriptions would prove to be so accurate in every detail. She felt his fingers gradually inching up, weaving through her slightly damp hair and gently cradling her head. 

"…!" She let out a gasp when Raylen playfully bit her lip. 


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