246 Completing the night

Apologies for the no update yesterday. I came back to apply for visa again. Have a running fever which is why I couldn't get to writing sooner, but here is a chapter <3< strong>

Music Recommendation: Nothing is Real - Azure

Emily felt the delicateness with which Raylen had tucked the strand of her hair behind her ear, and for a moment, it put her in a trance. She hadn't realised that, like a magnet, her face had gravitated towards him when he retracted his hand away from her, allowing her to draw nearer to look at his fascinating blue eyes.

His eyes were beautiful, Emily thought. She wondered whether he had inherited them from his mother, considering that the Devil's eyes were black. She contemplated how painful it must have been to fathom that the family he had grown up with, the ones he had believed he could always count upon, had abandoned him. 


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