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[Warning] [Steamy romance, action and special abilities] Stumbling upon a dragon beneath her Castle at a young age, Princess Mae had wanted to follow the natural instinct to scream and run away. But there was something strange, she felt an overwhelming calmness towards it. Why was that? Her Kingdom's royal sorcerer, Elvis, who also knows of the existence of this mystical being going by the name–Skun, tasked with this secret she was unable to divulge to anyone for it's safety. Several years later, coming of age of 18 years, she was tasked against her will to choose a companion among the three Princes from three different Kingdoms. All with different aims and desires on why they wanted to be the right person for her. Mae was determined to change the situation in her favour. Three tasks and that's it, she would choose, but they had to follow her rules, even if it meant involving Skun. Read full story on Libri with 300+ chapters with the same title. Or visit https://www.libri7.com/share.html?id=13236 .


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