Hey my name is zavannah katsuma short for zav i am actually 19 years old and i'm the gang leader of phantom we are the top 1 most strongest gang in our country and no one wants to mess around with us of course cause we'll beat you up and aren't you wondering that a 19 years old girl would be a gang leader?, i am actually the daughter of the one only Hayetsu katsuma he's my father but he wants me to be the leader of the phantom sa accept it and i've been the leader almost 3 years all we just do beat up some guys who mess around us of course i'm strong i can't be a leader if i'm too weak dzuh cause before you became a leader you must pass the test and test is actually easy just to beat my gang and they're too easy i've actually beat them all and of course i need to choose who should i trust i have my 4 guys who has been all around they are my trusted guys they are so strong too they are one of the strongest guys in our country but of course i am still the strongest lol and i forgot to say i actually have my own house so that they will not know me that i'm the gang leader no one knows who actually i am i let my 4 guys run our gang to hide my identity and their names are HAMAZUKI RYOU ,KAZUSA HIRO, TAMURA RIN , YAZUKI TADASHI , and actually Ryou is the leader the 4 of them but you know i want to go to school normally like going out with friends cause my dad homeschooled me so i don't what it feels to go out with friends so i've talked that about my dad and so there it goes my dad agreed but my dad have one condition to let ryou ho with me if i'm going to school so i accepted it and so on my first day of school i was so excited but i didn't know my dad was such a jerk he entered to a gang school there was so many gang leaders and yankees there πŸ™ƒ ..........