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Noah Black, a young man with an abusive father who had no opportunities in life, condemned to live a substandard life because of his father's mistakes. Noah Black from the parallel universe, a marginalized, obese young man with social problems and a somewhat problematic but loving family, but who couldn't live long because of the mistakes he made. When Noah 1's mind enters Noah 2's body with a Gamer System, the path to becoming the biggest superstar in this new world begins. Is that body fat? I work out with the system and in a few days I have the perfect body! Is my family poor? With my knowledge of my other world, I can make easy money! Is this face ugly? With System I can look beautiful without plastic surgery! Do I sing badly? In a few days, the System will transform my voice into the voice of an angel. Do I act badly? In a few days, the System will make me an Oscar-worthy actor. I can learn anything I want! "Rising to the top was like a game, and now I have become the Final Boss of the entire world!" -Noah Black. /////NunuNote///// The novel doesn't have a lot of chapters, but each chapter is 2x the length of chapters in other novels. Discord server: discord.gg/nunuXD

NunuXD · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
188 Chs

138 - Leveling

After a few minutes, the teacher returned to the classroom with Trevor by her side and started the lesson without Charlie and the other girls, giving them time to talk and help Charlie.

Though Trevor would stare at me from time to time, I just ignored him and paid attention to the lesson.

Under the teacher's gaze, he picked up his things from next to Charlie's desk and went to sit on the other side of the room.

The 80% bonus for learning Spanish was active, so I made the most of it by paying attention in class and studying the Spanish book when the teacher explained something I already knew or understood.

After a few minutes, Charlie returned to the classroom with the other girls, her eyes red but visibly better.

When she saw that Trevor's things were no longer by her side, she breathed a sigh of relief.

"Are you all right?" I asked quietly as she walked past me.

"Yeah... I'll explain later." She replied as she nodded.