Gamer's Otherworldly Adventure Book

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Gamer's Otherworldly Adventure


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He spent all of his time alone in a small, darkly lighted room, playing video games only. He had kept to himself in his 'fortress' for nearly ten years without leaving, unwilling to interact with anyone but his 'treasures'. Yet one day, out of the blue, he awoke in a brand-new universe. a mediaeval setting with magic and fantastical animals. And to top it all off, he is the second child of Duke Gide Aried Polarias, who in this magical world is regarded as the superhuman among superhumans. Yet as usual, the world found a way to let him down and disrupt his formerly tranquil existence. As everything and everyone he cared about is taken away from him, he will gradually become insane. ... "If I passed away, would I finally be free from the misery I've endured?" "I believe it's okay to die right now."


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