38 Judgment 4

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When Cass woke up, he found himself lying in a simple tavern guest room. The air was filled with the faint smell of herbs.

He shuddered and wanted to sit up, but a cold hand pressed down on his chest and pressed him back onto the bed with a force that didn't match her slenderness.

"Don't move. Your wound hasn't been treated."

A cold female voice sounded.

Cass turned his head. Sitting beside the bed was the blond woman. She wore a triangular hat with white feathers and tight leather armor that allowed her to move easily. At that moment, she was focused on applying some green ointment to his abdomen.

This person was the woman who had saved him from the mist monster.

Cass noticed that there was an upward coarse, acute-angled horn symbol on the chest of the other party's leather armor that consisted of two rough straight lines.

Cass recognized this symbol. It was the symbol of the Eighth Order of the Holy Spirits Church.

The symbol of the Holy Spirits Church was a heptagram. Every corner symbolized a Holy Spirit worshiped by the Church, representing Father, Mother, Elder, Lady, Youth, Child, and the Dead.

However, the eighth Holy Spirit, Hermit, wasn't included in this symbol.

Back then, after Terra I completed his great undertaking of unifying the Vic Continent and ascended to the eighth Holy Spirit as a mortal, the Holy Spirits Church had debated for more than half a century about how the additional eighth Holy Spirit should belong to the Holy Spirit canon.

Some people believed that the eighth Holy Spirit wasn't included in the creation model proposed by the first crown. Terra I was only another prophet. Some people also believed that the creation model of the seven Holy Spirits wasn't perfect and needed a Holy Spirit that had been elevated from a mortal to make up for the last missing piece.

Finally, in the 8th Amnesty Decree issued by the 66th Holy Spirit Pope, the pious Palatu, it was clarified that the 8th Holy Spirit, Hermit, existed as a hidden Holy Spirit and couldn't be mentioned at the public mass of the Seven Holy Spirits. Its symbol wasn't included in the seven-pointed star symbol of the Holy Spirits Church, but changed to a separate acute-angled horn as a symbol.

From then on, the Eighth Order became semi-independent from the Holy Spirits Church. Compared to the Holy Spirits Church, it was closer to the Empire's royal family.

"Are you from the Church?" Cass asked.

"Mm," the other party grunted as a reply.

"Can you tell me your name?"

"Nizemar," the woman replied.

"Did you save me?"

"I guess."

"Thank you."

Cass recalled the scene before he lost consciousness. Back then, he could see his internal organs through the wound that had penetrated his abdominal cavity.

"I didn't expect to still be alive?"

He originally thought that he was doomed.

"No, you're actually dead."

Nizemar said calmly, her tone terrifyingly calm.

Cass subconsciously reached under his nose to confirm that he wasn't breathing.

After Cass confirmed that he was still breathing normally, Nizemar slowly continued, "However, the life link between that faerie and you saved you. The Life Scale Powder maintained your life, and I happen to be a healer. I've already stabilized that fatal wound with Hands of Healing, but it will probably take some time for you to fully recover."

"Why don't you finish your sentence at once…"

Cass helplessly lowered his hand.

Nizemar continued expressionlessly, "However, you can rest assured. Even if you really die, I'll immediately apply to the local Holy Spirits Church to use Resuscitation to revive you."

Resuscitation was a Lv. 9 life spell that was nearly Legendary. Moreover, it could only be used by the clergy of the Holy Spirits Church with the help of the shrine of the Seven Holy Spirits.

The effect of this spell was to revive a person whose corpse was intact and had died for less than six hours.

Of course, the resurrection didn't come without a price. The essence of this spell was for the caster to transfer their life force to the dead. If not for a few magic chanters using this spell together, it would basically be a life for a life.

According to what Cass knew, the Holy Spirits Church had always been in decline in Blackwater Province. He estimated that only the bishop of Saint Dewey Cathedral in Thorn City could use this spell.

Using the life of a bishop in exchange for the life of a wanted criminal?

How was that possible?

Cass was amused by the other party's words.

"You don't believe me?"

As Nizemar spoke, she tore off a bandage with her white teeth.

Cass shook his head and said, "Now, more than half of the city wants me dead, and you're telling me that the high and mighty bishop is willing to sacrifice his life to save me. Would you believe it if you were in my shoes?"

Nizemar replied, "If you're only a wanted criminal, then there's indeed no value in doing so. But compared to the wanted criminals in Thorn City, you have a more important identity."

The other party's words reminded Cass of the episode before he fainted.

"Judge… The last bloodline of the Black Swordsman, Blake Saba?"

He extracted a few keywords from his scattered memories and asked in confusion, "What exactly is that?"

"You should know about the Doomsday Watchers and William Kane, right?"

Cass nodded. There probably weren't many people in the world who didn't know.

"Other than creating the Doomsday Watchers, William Kane also created another organization called the Judges. Or rather, the original Doomsday Watchers was only a peripheral organization of the Judges"

As she spoke, she bandaged Cass's wound.

"There are a total of 13 Judges, including William Kane. Of course, that includes your ancestor, Blake Saba. All of them are heroes whose skills had reached the Divine Realm. His original goal in creating the Judges was to resist…"

As she spoke, she suddenly stopped and asked Cass, "Do you know what those monsters that almost killed you were?"

Cass, who was about to complain that the other party had stopped mid-sentence, instantly turned solemn when he heard this question. He replied,

"I'm not sure. I only know that they're a little similar to magical creatures summoned by summoning spells, but they're different from puppets that only listen to the summoner. They have very high intelligence. In addition, they will turn into black salt crystals and dissipate after death without leaving any traces… Do you know what they are?"

"Lunar Monsters."

Nizemar first said their names before explaining, "To put it simply, the Moon Realm is a magical plane. There are things called Lunar Monsters living inside. They are usually manifestations of certain concepts: such as conspiracy, rot, destruction, temptation, and so on. Due to their nature, they are very willing to come to Currere to practice their ideals. In fact, a thousand years ago, they almost dragged the entire Vic Continent to the brink of destruction, but…"

Cass finished her sentence.

"But William Kane and the Judges he established defeated them?"

Nizemar nodded and said, "Yes."

"Then why didn't any of the legendary stories about William Kane mention anything about the Judges?" Cass asked.

"There are many reasons and they're very complicated. However, one of the most important ones is to prevent more people from coming into contact with knowledge related to the Moon Realm and prevent the tragedy from happening again. You have to know that because of the World Shell, those Lunar Monsters usually can't take the initiative to appear in Currere unless…"

"Unless someone summons them from this side," Cass said in a deep voice. Although he wasn't a magic chanter, he still knew some general principles of magic—for example, if he wanted to summon things that didn't exist in Currere, he had to use human will as a beacon as guidance.

Nizemar nodded.

Someone had summoned the Lunar Monsters who had killed his friends.

"Then do you know who summoned them?" Cass asked anxiously.

This time, Nizemar smiled for the first time.

A mocking smile.

"Do you really want to know? I can tell you the answer now."

For the first time, there was a briskness in her voice.

"Someone I can't touch, right?" Cass fell silent for a moment before asking.

"If you don't choose to cooperate with us, that'll be someone you'll never be able to reach."

Nizemar's voice returned to its previous coldness.

Cass asked, "What do I need to help you?"

Nizemar replied, "Simple. You need to help us retrieve a sword from the underground Holy Sepulchre of Thorn City's graveyard, a sword that only you can pull out."

"A sword?" Cass asked in confusion.

"Yes, a sword. That sword's name is Judgment 4."

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