1 Getting Beaten Up by a Group From the Start

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Mo Fan was dumbfounded after entering the game.

He spawned not in the beginner village, but outside.

Looking at his own body, he found that he looked similar to the scarecrow beside him. His entire body was made out of straw.

He was a humanoid scarecrow.

He had actually become a wild monster!

"I clearly chose to be a warrior—to be a human character! What happened?"

"Damn, where did my character go?"

"What the heck is this monster?"

Mo Fan touched his arm with his straw hand. The sensation was very rough and prickly.

He did not even know how such a foreign sensation could be transmitted into his brain.

Could it be the difference between straws and grass?

Suddenly, Mo Fan thought of something and quickly touched his lower body.

What the heck!

It turned into a small wooden stick?!

He could not help but hold his head and complain. "Are you kidding me? Had I known earlier, I would not have bought that helmet from that online shop! As expected, goods that are cheap cannot be good!"

Mo Fan quickly checked his own status:

[Character ID Tag: Bunao Biaoyin]

[Character Name: Weak Scarecrow]

[Star Level: 0]

[Weak Trait: All stats reduced by 30%]

[Level: 0 (Progress: 0/1000)]

[Strength: 5]

[Constitution: 5]

[Dexterity: 5]

[Attack Power: Physical Attack 1-3]

[Health: 70]

[Defense: Physical Defense 3]

[Talent "Inferior Scarecrow Bloodline": Normal attacks have a 1% chance of causing Bleeding, dealing damage equivalent to 10% of your maximum health. Duration: 3 seconds.]

[Bloodline Fragment: 0/10 (Grade 0 Fragment)]

[Star Level Fragment: 0/10 (Star Level 0 Fragment)]

[Monster Reputation: 0]

[Player Reputation: 0]


[Broken Wooden Stick (Gray)]

[The small wooden stick is turning black and its surface is greatly worn down. It seems to have been used for a long time.]

[Attack: 1-1]

The name displayed above Mo Fan's head was "Weak Scarecrow" and not "Bunao Biaoyin1".

Other than the inventory and status panel, as well as some other functions that normal players had, everything seemed to be normal other than the fact that his character was a scarecrow.

In other words, he had become a complete monster, not a normal player with a human character.

"Damn it, did I really become a scarecrow? And a weak one at that?"

Mo Fan's luck could not be even worse.

He originally thought that turning into a wild monster was a great upgrade, but to think that it was a terrible outcome.

"Is that helmet really that unreliable? To think that I've bought it from such a big company…"

A scarecrow with stiff movements waved its arms in resentment.

"How do I go back to normal—"

Before he could finish, an earth-shattering roar came from the beginner village. The scene that followed afterwards rendered him dumbfounded.

"Charge! Let's hoard the monsters!"

"These scarecrows are not enough for us to kill!"

"Cut the crap. Hurry up and take one for yourself!"

A stream of players flooded through the entrance of the beginner village. The tide of players immediately filled the monster area outside of the village to the brim.

Mo Fan looked at the foolish scarecrows beside him.

He turned around and made a break for it.

"F*ck, there are more people than monsters!"

He grumbled as he ran.

However, the scarecrow's movement speed was simply too slow.

Coupled with its low attributes, its speed was even slower.

It was simply unable to outrun the players.

Soon, he was surrounded by a group of players.

Many wooden swords slashed towards him.

Countless numbers in red appeared above his head.




With only 70 HP, Mo Fan soon collapsed unwillingly.

"Who asked you to run?! You deserved to get killed!"

"This scarecrow is so smart, it even knows how to run! Is it a boss?"

"Bullsh*t! It's just like the other scarecrows!"

The players looked at the fallen Mo Fan for a moment.

Then, they held their wooden swords and continued to run towards the next scarecrow.

Mo Fan quickly turned into innumerable light crystals and disappeared.

At this moment, thousands of emotions surged through Mo Fan's mind.

Killed by players?!

Was he being treated as a wild monster?!


But before he could think any further, Mo Fan revived amidst the crowd of players.

Looking at the sea of players, Mo Fan could not help but feel the need to curse.

After just a few steps, he was once beaten to death by more than ten players.

He was once again put to rest.

"What lousy game is this?"

"How do I play this trashy game?"

"F*ck, they still want to kill me?!"

"There's no way for me to play this game anymore, damn it!"

Mo Fan continued to curse as he revived in the monster area.

There were simply too many players.

The spawn rate of the scarecrows in this monster area right outside the beginner village simply couldn't keep up with the rate of them being killed by the players.


Mo Fan revived and was beaten to death again.


He revived again and was killed by the crowd once more.

After this cycle continued more than ten times, he tried to log off.

[System Notification: You are currently in combat mode, you cannot log off!]

Try again!

[System Notification: You are currently in combat mode, you cannot log off!]

Mo Fan was instantly driven mad.

No matter whether he revived or died, he remained in combat mode and could not log off the game.. At this moment, Mo Fan understood that he had to wait until there were fewer players before he could make his escape.

But the problem was that the game had just opened its gates to the public today.

It was simply impossible to reduce the number of players near the beginner village!

Mo Fan decided to let his mind wander. He did not run anymore.

He stood still and decided to accept the fact that he was just a monster for these players to farm!

But just as he was about to accept his fate, a system notification made him panic!

[System Notification: Remaining Revival Attempts: 10]

"What's going on? There are limited revival attempts?"

"What is this garbage game, are you playing with me?!"

Mo Fan cursed loudly after another revival.

No one knew what would happen once his revival attempts were exhausted.

Would he be forced to go offline forever without ever reviving?

Would he lose connection with the helmet?

That helmet really did not seem reliable at all.

Just as he was thinking about the answer to these questions, he was killed by the players once again.

[System Notification: Remaining Revival Attempts: 9]

Mo Fan looked at the remaining revival attempts and felt extremely aggrieved.

"Who did I provoke?"

"Just you wait, I'll report you when I log off!"

"No, this can't go on!"

"I have to think of a way to leave this place! I have to think fast!"

Mo Fan waved his wooden stick and tried to attack the players.




But almost every attack that he sent only dealt 1 damage—it was the minimum damage that any creature could deal. For a level 0 player with 200 default HP, it was a mere drop in the bucket.

It was a pipe dream for him to kill any player.

Mo Fan was quickly beaten to death by the players.

[System Notification: Remaining Revival Attempts: 8]

[System Notification: Remaining Revival Attempts: 7]

[System Notification: Remaining Revival Attempts: 3]

No matter how Mo Fan resisted, he couldn't change the outcome of losing his remaining revival attempts.

Moreover, he felt that the probability of him attracting aggro as a scarecrow was very high.

As long as he revived, the players would immediately swarm towards him.

They gave him no chance to resist.

Also, the places he revived in were usually swarmed with players, he had never been able to revive close to the periphery of the monster area ever since he started dying one after another.


[System Notification: Remaining Revival Attempts: 2]

This time, Mo Fan finally became lucky.

The respawn point that he got was actually at the periphery of the monster area, where there were fewer players and more monsters.

It was close to the forest. Furthermore, there were many scarecrows around.

Most players were still farming the scarecrows around the beginner village.

At this moment, Mo Fan saw a player with red HP not far ahead.

He was being surrounded and attacked by the scarecrows.

In order to compete against the others in killing the monsters, the player's group had gone too far from the village.

[Light Mist Willow (Level 1) 2/200]

Mo Fan did not care about the players protecting her at all.

He waved his small wooden stick and charged forward.

He needed to vent some of his anger. Otherwise, he would start to feel bad about his situation.

"I'll poke you to death!"


"I'll poke again!"


After killing Light Mist Willow, Mo Fan quickly retreated back into the group of monsters.

As he was a monster himself, the scarecrows beside him did not attack him at all.

Only then did he finally had the time to check his system notifications.

[Player Light Mist Willow (Level 1) has been killed. Obtained 10 Spiritual Energy Points, 1 Human Bloodline Fragment (Grade 0), 1 Star Fragment (Star Level 0), and 1 Monster Reputation Point.]

[System Notification: Congratulations on obtaining Monster Reputation. Reputation Shop unlocked.]

Spiritual Energy Points—to put it bluntly—were experience points.

His leveling progress was currently at 10/1000.

It meant that he had to kill 99 more players to level up.

As for the Human Bloodline Fragments, he would have to gather 10 of them before they could be fused together.

It was the same for the Star Level Fragments.

Mo Fan walked deeper into the forest.

After confirming that there were no players around, he opened the game's official website and found the Reputation Shop.

Almost every item in the Reputation Shop was grayed out.

The grayed-out items could not be identified nor purchased.

Only four items could be purchased at this moment.

[Human Bloodline Fragment (Grade 0): 100 Monster Reputation Points per Fragment]

[Star Level Fragment (Star Level 0): 100 Reputation Points per Fragment]

[Scarecrow Skin: 1000 Player Reputation Points]

[Human Skin: 1000 Monster Reputation Points]

He only had 1 Monster Reputation Point. He could not afford anything at all.

Killing a player would earn him 1 Monster Reputation Point.

In short, he had to kill at least 100 players to buy a fragment.

In addition, the human skin required 1000 Monster Reputation Points.

Also, what was this scarecrow skin about?

Wasn't he a scarecrow to begin with?

Also, he was a wild monster. How could he obtain Player Reputation Points?

Mo Fan's mind was filled with questions.

He looked at his status panel.

[Human Bloodline Fragment: 1/10 (Grade 0 Fragment)]

[Star Fragment: 1/10 (Star Level 0 Fragment)]

The status panel showed that 10 fragments were necessary for the fusion and advancement.

In other words, he still had to kill at least nine players.

"Oh yeah, a weapon dropped!"

Suddenly, the players' shouts interrupted Mo Fan's thoughts.

A player held tightly onto a scarecrow's Broken Wooden Stick.

The player was dancing with excitement.

"Sister Flower, the drop rate of equipment in this game is so low. This weapon can be sold for at least 200 to 300, right?"

"Maybe more than that. I don't know how many scarecrows we've cut down already. But who'd be willing to sell a dropped weapon?"

"Hmm, the wooden sword and clothes given by the system don't have any attributes. If I want to level up fast in the early stage of this game, a 1-1 weapon is necessary since it deals more damage."

"Okay, then we'll keep farming. We'll try to get everyone a stick, and then we'll go deep into the forest and farm there."

The players next to "A Little Red Flower" nodded excitedly and continued cutting down the scarecrows.

Mo Fan looked at his "Broken Wooden Stick".

He could not help but comment to himself. 'Damn it! This trashy weapon can be sold for two to three hundred dollars?!'

Playing with the weapon in his hand, Mo Fan's face inevitably turned red with excitement.

People are buying this?

This game had given him an "earth-shattering twist" right from the start, turning him into a scarecrow! He had been unlucky from the start, was this finally the start of his boon?

"Right, let's see if I can log off now!"

[System Notification: Current level is too low. Unable to log off!]

"Oh, come on! What is this?!"

[System Notification: Current level is too low. Unable to log off!]

After trying a few more times, Mo Fan was rendered speechless.

He still could not log off!

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