Game of Thrones: The Prideful One.

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Chapter 82

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After making sure Daenerys had everything under control I proceeded to mobilize all the ships, which were barely enough to move all the men and animals I was moving over the west.

My initial destination would be the north, where I would go to see Lord Stark to discuss the terms of our alliance.

Then I would let my army rest so that everyone would be at their best when the war really began.

"It will take us a month to get there," Oberyn sighed in annoyance, "but I suppose it worth the wait,"

"With how you act I would've thought you loved traveling, was that assumption incorrect?" I inquired as I kept my gaze on the sea.

"I love traveling,," Obery replied with a soft chuckle, "What I hate is the waiting, the time in between,"

"Understandable," I nodded in agreement as I walked to my cabin leaving Oberyn alone, my mission was to get some peace and quiet, how oblivious I was that concept was now impossible for me, not only I was a King, I was a Dad, which made peace and quiet an impossibility for me.

And that concept was reaffirmed in my room, because upon entering said room I found Neltharion fighting with one of the battle bears, both locked on the floor biting each other on an epic duel of… I don't know, a quick glance to my bed reveals it had been torn to pieces by the collateral damage of this fight.

Neltharion had taken it upon himself to fight anyone, and when I asked him why, he would only answer that he wanted to be as strong as me and he needed the experience, which usually made me ignore his odd behavior, because…. well… I'm not made out of stone, that he wants to be like me is adorable and pushes all the right buttons for me to let him do his thing.

"I'm too tired to be dealing with this shit," I sighed as I walked out of the room not wanting to defuse whatever situation they had, my new destination, my backup room, a room especially designed for these types of emergencies.


[Jon Snow POV]

Fear, fear was a common thing, you can deal with it, but that doesn't make you fearless, all my life I had dealt with my fears, but what I saw that day…. that thing, how his mere presence made me the grip of death, that was something I wasn't prepared to deal with.

'Don't be afraid…. I won't kill you…yet…. But let the bear know I'm coming for him and in my path! All life will end!'

I had been forgiven… spared just because I served a purpose, a menial purpose, to deliver a message, I wanted to fight, I wanted to kill that thing for what it did to my brothers in the watch, but my entire body refused to raise a finger against him, no matter how hard I tried all I could do was see him leave not before he desecrated even more my fallen brothers by raising them from the death, to be nothing but mere puppets.

Humanity as a whole was at risk, the crown, the lands, the power, nothing would matter if we didn't stop that monster.

This was bigger than me, bigger than the game of thrones, and more importantly bigger than my oath to the watch. I had to break my oath, and even if I ended up dead because I had deserted the watch, it would be worth it if I managed to warn just one person.

"We are leaving tonight, Ghost," I petted my one trustworthy friend, who tilted his head in confusion.

"Lord Snow, hurry up and go and clean the gates!" One of my superiors shouted.

This was my opportunity, no one ever supervised me when cleaning the gates that were going south, no one suspected of me, after all, I came here out of my free will, this was perfect especially because it was night it would take them a while to notice I was gone and by the moment they did notice, it would be too late.

"Yes, sir," I nodded, going to the gates with Ghost behind me.

Hours passed by, and my moment to escape finally came when the watch was switching the men to watch over the tower.

I ran, like never before, knowing full well that if I stopped even for a second my life would be forsaken, I had to, for I no longer was fighting for myself, but for the living.

I had to survive just one month, that's all the time I needed to get back to Winterfell and warn my father of this.


[Young Griff POV]

Ronard Mormont was… the biggest threat to my reign, he had a big… no… a massive army, he was good at leading and he was married to my aunt. All I had was the golden company, and that wasn't enough to deal with him.

Not only he was a thorn on my side on Esso, but he was also one in Westeros, my sources say he has alliances with Dorne and The North, there was a chance I could win Dorne over, by offering them my hand in marriage, but I had a feeling I would die before I even managed to move with that plan.

So I had to resort to other means to achieve what I wanted, I had heard stories of how the free folk are numerous and good at fighting, and how they would do anything to go across the wall, them alone were more than enough to fight Ronard, perhaps even outnumber his army, and all I had to do in order to win, was offer the wilding what they have always wanted, their freedom, in exchange for loyalty.

"Are you sure this is the best idea my King?" Jon Connington inquired.

"It is," I nodded, "we need the army, for the bear to fall,"

"The golden company is with you my King," The commander of the gold company said, kneeling.

"I'm glad my friends," I smiled, "for we are about to venture to wild lands, we are going beyond the wall,"

"We'll follow you there, and to hell if necessary, my king," my men chanted.

And I knew things would turn just fine, I was born to be king and no bear would stand chance against a true dragon.


[Daenerys POV]

Ronard had left, once again, these days it seemed like our time together was a thing of the past now, and while I knew it was for our cause, I couldn't help but miss him.

But I had to play my part, he was trusting me to keep Essos under control, and I would do more than that, I would conquer the rest of Essos in our name, so when the time to go West comes nothing will ever tear off apart.

I had Qrow and Rhaegal with me, with them I would destroy our enemies on this side of the sea with blood and fire, for my husband, and more importantly for my kids.

"What are your orders my Queen?" Dacey inquired.

"We are going to Yunkai," I informed her, "We are taking that city, I will finish what my husband started, I will eliminate our enemies,"

Dacey looked a me for a second before kneeling, "My sword is yours to command, I would die for you, not because you are my Queen, but because you are my family,"

I smiled, "And I am glad everyday of my life to be part of it," my words were nothing but the truth, and becuase of it I would proctect them, with fire and blood.