Game of Thrones: The Prideful One.

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Chapter 76

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Three weeks passed since the grill day, Oberyn had yet to arrive, but I wasn't going to wait for him any longer, and I didn't I was already outside Braavos at my war camp close, that was conveniently a few miles away from them, which apparently triggered the Braavosi Sealord because I was awakened by one of my raven scouts who tells me that our camp will be under attack soon.

Which made me glad I had decided to left Daeneyrs behind on Pentos for this one with five thousand soldiers, while I fought the Braavosi right now.

With a grunt, I jump out of the bed and looked outside down the hill confirming that a large group of soldiers was indeed approaching. Seeing they were at much one hour away I quickly dressed as grabbed my weapons.

"Get ready! Braavos is coming!" I shouted loud and clear for all my men to hear.

The unsullied were already ready and alert, with the Dothraki being the second part of my army to follow suit.

"They have a dialogue flag!" One of my men shouted so they wanted to talk, we'll lets.


Braavos wasn't like any other place in this world, they were kind of democratic with the power structure. By kinda I mean the position of Sealord is not hereditary, and is given in a pseudo electoral way; that works… kind of fishy, one of Braavos's citizens is chosen to be Sealord by the city's magisters and bankers through a convoluted and arcane process, meaning the populace has no vote whatsoever, and only wins the most malleable man.

The choosing process apparently is intense by how the rumors go, but once chosen, the new Sealord serves for life, Braavos current Sealord was, Ferrego Antaryon.

All I know about him is that he is a member of House Antaryon a noble house and that he is who currently serves as the current Sealord of Braavos.

But a Sealord was nothing without his sword, each Sealord selects their first sword, who serves as their champion, captain of the guard, and ambassador sometimes, they were known for their immense prowess in battle and unique fighting style.

Qarro Volentin was the current First Sword of Braavos, and probably the man I would have to kill soon enough.

"Welcome, Lord Mormont," The Sealord greeted with a disapproving look on his face.

"Is King, please be sure to remember that for whoever long you have," I said with a playful tone, letting him know he meant nothing to me.

See, at first, I wasn't so sure about conquering Braavos, they seemed like an alright place, so the idea of opening a peaceful dialogue with them occurred to me once or twice, but the moment they allowed someone to commission a ton of fucking wildfire, well, let's just say I don't have any more doubts.

Braavos, and the Iron Bank are one, the fucking bankers are an important part of their electoral process, which means they knew of this crazy project and still allowed it, fuck them with capital F.

"Do you really think this will end well for you?" The Sealord inquired with an apathetic tone, how prideful this bastard could be.

With a smile I thought two could play this game, so I leaned back putting my hands behind my head and my feet up the table, "Yeah, have you seen my record, history would prove I'm right,"

"How dare you disrespect the Sealord this way!" The First Sword of Braavos growled, clearly infuriated.

"What is a Lord to a King?" I chuckled playfully.

"As much as I like this nonsense, I came here to discuss the terms of your surrender," The Sealord said with a judgmental look on his face.

"Sure," I smiled, with a joyful expression forming up my face, the two of them seemed happy for a moment, and I knew it was my moment to strike, "So, you will lay down your weapons, give me all your money, and kill yourself? Sounds fair?"

Both the First Sword and The Sealord were astonished of my response, they surely didn't see that one coming.

"You are making a grave mistake kid," The Sealord said with a hostile tone, trying to kill me with glares.

"No," I said with a dark tone, "You are the one that made a mistake, when you let Illryo buy one ton of wildfire, just to kill me, your greatest sin was making an enemy out of me, so do yourself a favor and kill yourself, because as long as your body is not underground rotting, I won't stop, I won't slow down, one way or another, you will die, and it will be because of me,"

"How dare you!" The First Sword pulled his weapon him, which in turn made Grey Worm who was one of my selected bodyguards jump in front of me, spear ready to pierce any threats, followed by Ser Barristan Selmy.

"Allow me to kill this man, my King," Grey Worm requested, glaring at the First Sword.

"You think Braavos will fall to you!?" The Sealord chuckled, but I could see his bitter tone miles away, "No Braavosi would kneel to a slaver!"

"Oh, wow, you need to upgrade your spy network," I chuckled.

"We are no slaves, we serve the Khal of The West, the Breaker of Chains, the Father of Dragons, the King of the Known World because he is worthy of being followed, we are the ones that aren't worthy of his guidance," Grey Worm said, and I could feel he meant every single word.

"Insolent fool!" The First Sword growled taking a step forward.

"Boy, I can cut you twenty times before you reach my king, so do your job and think wisely, or this might be the last decision you ever made," Ser Barristan said, sword ready to slice the first sword.

"You will die, and every Braavosi that dies will be because of you," I said standing up, "We are leaving, these two idiots are not worth my time,"

Grey Worm and Ser Barristan nodded, as they followed me out of that place, leaving behind the soon to be dead idiots.


I went back to my camp satisfied how the peace reunion had gone, surrender, ha! They should've thought of that when they paid for a nuke, you do not sponsor a nuclear deterrent and later say, we are doing it for peace.

"How do you want to proceed with this, my king?" Ser Barristan inquired.

"Well, I have just the idea for this," I smiled as I started to explain my round table, consisting of, Ser Barristan Selmy, my most trusted Bloodrider Angi, and Grey Worm… who I would rename Lancelot can't stand calling him Grey Worm it feels like I'm insulting him.


[Oberyn Martell POV]

I had finally arrived in Pentos, after a bit of delay with the storms and stuff, I was finally here, though the city wasn't like I remembered, the city had banners all over the place that seemed to be the mix of House Targaryen and House Mormont together.

Which means the young bear moves fast, and not only that but I was immediately stooped by the Iron Navy, who then proceeded to interrogate me so much I was quite sure they knew me more than my beautiful Ellaria now.

"Can I speak with the Queen now," I inquired, "Not that I don't like your company, I would love to take you out, but I have more pressing matters."

"You are as lively as rumors said," A commanding voice said behind me, which was more than easy to tell it was the Queen, mostly because the men inside the room shut their mouths as soon as she entered.

"I am, thank you very much for noticing," I smiled.

"And I hope you have in your best interest to keep that," Daenerys smiled, and while subtle her threat was clear, take a wrong step and you won't be lively anymore or alive for the matter.

"It is, I like being alive," I nodded, with a smile.

"What is your purpose here?" Daenerys inquired taking a seat.

"To pledge myself to you and the King, Dorne is yours to command," I winked at her, "If you let help us take our revenge on the Lannisters,"

"The Lannisters are our enemies too," Daenerys nodded, "Then kneel, and pledge your blade to us,"

I did as I was told, as I smiled at her playfully, "This is a sight I don't mind repeating,"

"I will assume that was an ill-judged attempt of you trying to be funny," Daenerys narrowed her beautiful purple eyes at me, "I'm your Queen now, and I'm married, to your King,"

"Oh dear, I would never sleep with the Queen alone, but I wouldn't mind sleeping with both the Queen and the King," I chuckled, "You are going to have to forgive me, my Queen, Dorne is the land of passion, we don't have boundaries, we fuck, we drink and we indulge ourselves in the carnal desires of the flesh, be it, man or woman,"

"So those rumors were true too," Daenerys said bored, "You are also a horny idiot,"

"I must apologize," I smiled, "It's the way I am,"

"Next time you insinuate something like that I will have you join the Unsullied," Daenerys said with a cold tone, "I must apologize in advance, it's just the way I am,"

"Won't happen again," I nodded, quite surprised the little dragoness had such sharp claws and teeth under her pretty exterior, 'I better avoid the flirting if I want to keep my best friend attached to me'