Game of Thrones: The Prideful One.

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Chapter 68

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Delegating things would and was making my life considerably easier, that way I could focus on one or two tasks at hand, by expanding my goals and optimizing my conquest.

With this mindset, I had ordered the general of my Navy to attack Tyrosh and claim the city on my name, while I went with a chunk of my Khalasar to Astapor.

Why did I want to go to Astapor?

Well, Astapor or the slaver city, also known as the Red City, was renowned for their harsh slavery methods and their incredibly lucrative Unsullied trading business, aka eunuch slave soldiers.

Soldiers that I wanted to buy, their price was high, very high, but what I had gained from Myr and Lys, and what I had from Westeros, I just should have more than enough to buy all the unsullied available.

Besides it wasn't like I would lose that money at all, after all, I would recover all my investment and more when I raided the masters of Astapor, and claimed their city for my empire.

In the books and TV show, Daenerys got around fourteen thousand unsullied warriors, my mission was to do the same, they would prove to be quite useful, and unlike the Dothraki they were quite good at fighting armored warriors.

Astapor was unfortunately really, and I mean really far away for Myr, it would take me roughly more than a month of travel to get there, if I didn't find any problems on my path.

Not that I would find any problems, after all, I had fifteen thousand Dothraki men riding with me, a big Khalasar of loyal Dothraki riders, and to be honest, I didn't think anyone would stupid enough to attack me, perhaps another Khalasar, but considering the remaining Dothraki tribes are small, they would most likely avoid me.

The question was, would the masters of Astapor be stupid enough to sell me the unsullied? By now people must know I'm conquering, and that's like selling weapons to your enemies, unless they think themselves to be above my reach, just like they thought with Daenerys on the show.

"I suppose I'll find out there," I sighed, one of the main reasons I had brought with me such a big army was just in case the masters tried anything funny, though I was crossing my fingers they didn't, it would be a shame to kill the unsullied because their current masters were stupid.


[Daenerys POV]

I was a fool to think my brother had any redeemable qualities, an utter fool.

But I could see now, I was blinded by the beautiful truth, Viserys was nothing but a nuisance, a threat to my husband, my babies and myself, and threats must be purged.

And he will be purged, in a poetic way, his entire life he had called himself the dragon, well. I was about to see how much of a dragon he was.

I would burn him alive, showing the world he was no true dragon, and that I would kill anyone that posed a threat to my family.

"My Queen," Jorah kneeled, my interrogation with him revealed some interesting things about him, apparently he had sworn to serve my brother, but had forsaken that vow when he saw his son.

Did I trust him? No. If he was hiding that, the chances of him hiding more stuff from us were high, I trusted no man but Ronard.

"Is the fire ready?" I inquired.

"Yes," Jorah nodded, "Are you sure you want to do this?"

"You are not here to question my orders, just to follow them," I glared at him.

"As you wish my Queen, I will get your brother out," Jorah nodded, leaving the room, going to the dungeons to get Viserys to his execution.

"He is no brother of mine," I said coldly, Viserys had lost that privilege the moment he aimed his fangs at my family for a second time.


[Jon Snow POV]

Father was alive, and by the looks of it he was already safe, rumors go that it was Ronard the one who saved him.

I was glad beyond comprehension, after months of not being able to sleep well, thinking I would wake up with the news that Father was killed, I was finally able to put my mind at ease, and rest.

I owned Ronard a big one, not that I would be able to repay him, I was a bastard on the wall, but even though, but I would be here for him should he ever need something.


"Coming!" I shouted back, wondering who was calling me so late at night.


[Ned Stark POV]

Stannis Baratheon, or Ronard Mormont, the difficult choice torturing my mind.

The north in part was tired of the southern oppression, and none of the lords in the north actually wanted to bend the knee for Stannis, some even wanted to put a crown in my head instead.

But I was ill prepared to rule, I was but an honest man, a lord. I was and I would never be fit to be a king.

But even if I didn't want to rule, I had to choose a side, Ronard or Stannis.

Ronard was loved and extremely popular in the north after he freed me, so I was certain my Vassals would not oppose the idea of Ronard sitting on the Iron Throne, he was a northerner that married a Dragon.

But even though I was bound by honor to Stannis, the legitimate heir of Robert.

The decision was hard because a man without honor is no man, I have lived by those principles my entire life, I almost died by them, Robert used to say that Honor is not always the answer to everything.

And perhaps he was right, Stannis was a good soldier, and great commander, but would perhaps make an ever worse King than Robert himself.

I knew what I had to do.

I once raised my banners for my family almost two decades ago, forsaking my honor and vows, as I fought the Targaryen for their crimes, it was time to do it again.

I had an honor debt to both Stannis and Ronard in different ways, and while the choice was hard, I had chosen my side.


I would help the young bear to win this war, perhaps all this wretched kingdom needed was a northerner to straighten things up.

"Call the banners Robb, we are going home," I told my son, who while confused nodded and left my tent to carry out with his mission.

But to ensure our families were always allies, I needed to bound us together by blood, Robb was seventeen, and Dacey Mormont was twenty two, if they married our families would be forever bound by blood.

"I just hope he accepts," I sighed.


[Doran Martell POV]

War had erupted on the seven kingdoms, and so far only my House and House were out of the game.

Not for long, like a coiled cobra under the grass I would wait for the right moment to strike and get revenge for what the Lannister's had done to our family.

Oberyn was eager to strike, always so impatient.

What he didn't see is that we needed to wait for our allies, Ronard and Daenerys to come, with their support we would advance towards the Lannister's.

Until then, we had to play safe, for the sun always comes back.


[Euron Greyjoy POV]

I had lost my one secret weapon… too a bunch of birds!!?

How was this even possible, one of them had a leather jacket and an eye patch, something was out of place, but I had no time to figure out what, without that horn there was little to no chance for me to win this fucking war.

So with that in mind, I now had to go and dig a new fucking one in old Valyria.

"We are going to Essos," I muttered, ordering my mute men to start preparing the ships.


[Catelyn Stark POV]

Ned has gone crazy, he wanted to bend the knee for Ronard, he wanted help that little no one to get the crown, and not only that but marry our son to his family?!

"I won't allow this Ned!" I cried out angry.

"Good, because I don't need your approval Cat," Ned growled back, "I'm tired of your paranoia, Ronard is not who you think it is, nor was Jon! You see others that you think are below you as trash, and I'm done Cat, I'm doing what's best for the north and it's final!"

Ned has never talked to me like that, so harshly so cold, even from afar he was destroying everything, even from afar Ronard was destroying our family.