Game of Thrones: The Prideful One.

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Chapter 66

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I smiled, pointing my sword towards Myr's army, "Let's go fuckers!" 

I could hear my Khalasar galloping towards the gates, raising their swords while crying out with one voice. 

Hundreds of arrows whistle through the air, as I cut each and every single one of them, my hand lighted for a second, showing the runes of the left hand of God, I was pushing my body to react to hundreds of hundreds of attacks.

I could hear the cries of pain of my men as arrows hit them; I could also hear them tumble into the ground dead, one by one, but they needed more than that to stop my army, so I continued holding my ground, by this moment all the men I had freed, had either died or were down on the floor bleeding out, as for me, I was slashing at the men that approached the gates, the limited space of the gates helping me to fend them off.

I wasn't unscathed, I had cuts all over my body, nothing serious, the nine percent of them could be considered paper cuts at much, my mind and body were moving and acting in total sync, but I was fighting more than even I could chew, and little by little I was being pushed back.

But unfortunately for Myr, it was already too late, as my Khalasar was already riding pass me, slaughtering the men at the gates like dogs.

"Kill all those who oppose you! Don't show mercy!" I shouted.

"For the Great Khal!" My bloodrider chanted, jumping off his horse near me, "My Khal, allow us to take this city in your name, you had done enough."

I looked at him for a moment considering his offer but decided to wave it off, I wanted to kill the Magister myself, and that I would do, "No, not until the Magister is dead!" I practically growled.

"Then I'll fight by your side!" My bloodrider smiled, rushing into battle.

With a smile, I rush into the castle, cutting everyone that got in my way down with ruthless precision. Every time I swung my into the air, another Myr soldier would fall; by this point, my face was covered in their blood. 

My Dothraki besides me now, thoroughly crushing the army inside the castle walls, with no sign of slowing down at all.


[Magister Porly POV] 

Someone had infiltrated and opened the gates; we were doomed, we would die, all of us, we didn't have enough men to fend off eighty thousand men, that man would kill me, he knew about my attempt to kill his family, he was sure to make my last moments as painful as possible.

I wasn't going to give him that chance; not in a lifetime, if I were to die, it would be on my own terms, I would go under my own rules.

Poison, I would kill myself and steal him the pleasure of torturing me; in the end, I would leave this world with one last victory.

With that in mind, I rushed to my cabinet trying to get on my poisons to kill myself, the one that doesn't hurt and takes your life away silently, but as soon as I got the cabinet a bunch of ravens started to attack me.




[Back to Ronard POV]

I continued to rush through the enemy lines, slaughtering everyone in my way, my Ravens were steadily guiding me to my target; it seemed he was trying to kill himself.

And they were stalling him.

If the coward thought he was going to escape and go out on his own terms, he was sorely mistaken.

Because the moment he attacked my family, the gods had forsaken him, and I was his new god now, and I wasn't a kind god.

Suffering, long and lasting suffering awaited him, and his cries of pain will bring me an immense amount of satisfaction.

"Hrmmm. Anger controlling you is…." Roda said, flying beside me.

"And what am I supposed to do? Be happy!" I growled as I continued to cut heads off.

"No, but let go you must…. or anger the captain will be… Yrssss" Roda was right; if I started to allow my inner demons to control me, I would end up becoming a monster.

But how could I? I knew he was right, yet all I could feel was rage when I thought of that man, I hated the desire of hearing him scream in suffering, yet it was all I could think off.

How could I just forget what he tried to do? How could I just let go?

*Let others kill him you must, for your anger to quench, Yrsss.*

I stopped for a second to think about it, perhaps this way I would stop this feeling I had, and the end result was the same thing, the guy being dead.

No, I wanted him dead, and I would do it myself, he who puts the sentence must swing the blade down, but as Roda said, I would control my inner demons, I would not let rage guide me, he would die, but I would not dirty my hands as I did with the Magister of Lys.

I would have justice without becoming a monster.

"I will kill him," I finally answered, in front of the door where the Magister was hiding.

With one kick, I busted the door open, behind the door, was the pitiful man that tried to take away everything from me, my ravens were attacking him nonstop, he was bleeding, and crying on the floor, utterly pathetic.

"Please… I don't want to die," He begged, crawling to me with tears and snot, hate, anger, disgust, were just a few of the feelings I had for him right now.

I wanted to kill him, I wanted to make him suffer, but Roda was right, once you go down that path there is no turning back, he had to die, but I didn't have to become a monster, I wasn't like him.

"Disgusting," I breathed out cutting his head with a single swift, a part of me was crying this was not enough, but I knew it had to be done, I can't crave into every emotion I feel, or I'll end up becoming a tyrant, no matter how much he deserved to scream and suffer, I had unfortunately to be the better man.

Was I satisfied? No. I wasn't, this was but a moment, a fleeting moment that lasted too little to satiate my thirst for blood, but I was happy somehow, I had avoided going deeper into the void.

"Keeping my sanity is getting harder and harder," I chuckled, as I cleaned my blade from his disgusting blood.

And just like that Myr was mine, while there was still some opposition, by the end of the night, it would be completely under my control.

Taking a deep breath, I decided to let my men take the rest of the city; they would do without me for some hours, I needed some time to gather my thoughts, and rest before going to Tyrosh.

"My Khal?" My bloodrider approached me.

"Take the city, and kill those who oppose you, I need a break," I ordered him.

"As you wish blood of my blood!" My bloodrider said eagerly, probably happy I had trusted him to take the rest of the city, this was like saying I trust you more than I trust my horse kind of thing for them.

*Hrmm. Meditate we must, Yrrss* Roda offered.

"You know what, sure. Let's." I nodded with a smile as I walked out of the castle.


[Melisandre POV]

The fire was showing me things, showing me that I was blind, but the lord of light is kind and caring, and he had illuminated my blinded mind to his glory.

He had shown me I was wrong, that Stannis wasn't the prince that was promised.

No, the real prince that was promised was on the other side of the sea, I didnt knew who he was, or how he looked, but he wasn't on esteros.

The fire had shown me he was having a hard time, fighting the shadows deep within him, he needed my guidance.

And I would give it to him, my guidance, my mind, my body, but first I had to weaken his enemies, I had made his mission harder when I wrongfully thought Stannis was the chosen one.

I had to mend that mistake, or I wouldn't be able to serve under his gracefully light, I had to fix my wrong doings.

"I shall be yours soon, my prince," I promised to the fire, as I started to plan Stannis downfall.