Game of Thrones: The Prideful One.

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Chapter 43

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After receiving the great news that my wife was pregnant, and the prophecy that my kids would bring the world together, I decided to take a week to celebrate with my wife in Vaes Dothrak. I was spoiling her rotten with everything her heart craved and desired.

I was happy, but deep down I was scared, I had made an enemy I wasn't sure how to beat yet, a fucking demon, probably a god, but also, I now had a reason even bigger than myself to find a way to win this battle of light and darkness.

"I think we will have two boys," Daenerys said, smiling, resting her beautiful head on my chest as I brushed her hair with my fingers.

"I think, we will have a boy and a girl," I smiled as I yawned, it was pretty late, and with all the celebration I had been doing I didn't get much rest, "But I'll be happy either way,"

"A boy and a girl, that sounds nice too," Daenerys yawned back, getting closer to me to be spooned.

"It..does," I smiled as we continued to talk for hours about how we pictured our kids would look like; with her exquisite valyrian features and my north standard ones mixed in the baby oven, I couldn't help but wonder, how would they look like, would they look like me? Like her? A mix of both? I was frankly excited to see them already; eventually, at some point in the conversation, we fall asleep, happy.


Once again, I found myself in this wretched dream world, just when I thought I was out of this shit hole, here I am, standing on an even colder weather, freezing my ass off.

"I will inject caffeine into my veins after I wake up, I swear it," I muttered, as I started to walk around, at one point something would have to happen, and I would wake up, I only hoped this time the demon didn't force me into another two-week coma.

Eventually, after what I feel it was hours of walking through the blizzard, I found the house that I used to hide during my last visit to this dream world, I am not quite sure what draws me back here considering the house was the place the I met Freddy Kruger on steroids, but once again, I find myself inside the house, so far I hadn't seen nor the demon, nor his white walkers, so perhaps this would be a good vision.

"As if, I bet the moment I lower my guard some paranormal shit will happen," I chuckled drily as I explored the house, after all, last time I didn't have any time to do it.

It doesn't take me long to find that the house has an attic, so with a deep breath, I found myself climbing the rickety ladder leading probably to something that would scar me or some shit. 

With a strong pull, I tear the door to the attic off, an alarmed but yet pretty familiar caw, and a flutter of wings inform me of the presence of a Raven inside the attic.

"Well, this is new," The Raven flew close to me, eyeing me with wonder.

"Are you secretly a demon waiting to scare the crap out of me?"  I asked with a chuckle.

"No, but I can be pretty scary," The Raven huffed as if I had insulted him.

"Oh, I bet," I chuckle.

"You can… understand me… well, this is certainly new," The Raven said, tilting his head, puzzlement on his little black eyes, "Why are you here?"

"No for pleasure, that's for sure," I sighed, "But I keep coming back, over and over and over again,"

"Then you probably still have something to see," The Raven flew to my shoulder as he hummed, "I wonder what, we don't get many visitors here, even those so-called green seers stay away from these parts."

"I can wonder why," I retorted sarcastically, it was more than obvious no one, in their right fucking mind would come to this place.

"Well, then keep going, you have to follow your guts… that's how things work around here," The Raven chuckled as he pointed me with this little wing to continue on my mission, "I will stay by your side, I have this weird feeling you are someone I have to love, weird huh?"

Suppressing the need to laugh at that, I started to survey the attic, taking a good look around, and what I see doesn't shout destiny or something like that; the attic was full of furniture and broken glasses that cluttered the small attic. 

Nothing unusual so far, but as the Raven said, I had to follow my gut, and so I did, eventually a ray of light. A single beam of light that sneaked its way down from a crack in the roof, it felt warm, welcoming like the evening sun of summer, which considering how fucking cold it was outside was no possible.

Perhaps this was it? So with that in mind, I took a deep breath, taking in the as I approach the light that for some reason I couldn't reach, it was as if it was moving out of my reach the more I walked, or perhaps it was guiding me somewhere, this theory proved to be right when the light stopped moving illuminating in the circle a footprint that reminded why I was afraid to come here in the first place.

Recognizing those claw marks, I immediately felt an involuntary shiver runs down my spine. The memories of that dream resurfacing as I gulped.

"This is the demon you talked about earlier, right?"  The Raven that I had quite honestly forgotten was on my shoulder inquired.

"Yes, it is," I nodded as I slowly regained myself back together; I had two new reasons to be brave and victorious.

So deciding not to go back down, I start peering around nervously as I continued to follow the footprints; eventually,  I began to catch glimpses of something glowing with a faint dimming light, and like every horror movie was in the direction the footprints were leading me.

"I miss the days my dreams involved naked ladies or food," I sighed as I followed the footprints. 

Heart thumping, I carefully make my way to the glowing item, finding that it was a simple mirror, there was nothing special about the mirror, except maybe that it was taller than me. Still, besides that, it was a pretty common mirror, the mirror itself was standing propped up against the wall, with faint glow muffled by the rags covering it.

"I bet you a fucking ton of corn that then moment I move those rag some paranormal shit will happen," I chuckled, eyeing the Raven on my shoulder.

"The mirror its glowing red… even I know that's a red flag, I can tell something wrong it's about to happen, but it's your destiny…. A pretty fucked one, but yours nonetheless," The Raven said, denying my bet, and stating the obvious.

"Hurray for fucking destinies," I muttered

Taking a deep breath wanting this to be over, I removed the rags covering the mirror, for a moment nothing happened, and I was genuinely starting to believe I was safe, but I invoked Murphy's law with my thinking and shit went down.

"YOU CAME BACK." The voice of the demon thundered inside my skull.

Not really caring to hear him, I pulled out my sword and tried to smash the mirror, but once again, I was stopped by the shadows, but unlike last time where I had enough freedom to move, I was completely immobilized.

"Stop this!" The Raven said, trying to defend me, just to be pushed like a rag doll across the room.

"Not that you will send me your champions to fight,"  I inquired.

"MAYBE I WILL JUST END YOU HERE," The demon cackled in amusement as he tightened his grip on me.

I didn't want to die again, my wife, my unborn kids, I couldn't allow this shit to happen, so with all my might I started to push the demon back to no avail, my desperate tries to survive only made him chuckled in delight.

"Ronard, it's ok. Silence now, stop struggling, this will be over quickly. Don't be afraid. Don't think of what you left behind. Just enjoy this beautiful moment; it is so much more vibrant than the darkness that awaits you. I will give you this moment to cherish this, that is my gift to you. Existence is behind you now, enjoy the everlasting silence that comes after," The Demon said as he started to increase the amount of strength he was using.

'I can die like this!' My mind was racing, trying to find a way to overcome this shitty dream, I had to survive, now more than ever, 'If I am to be your fucking champion, God of Light! Do something!'

"Very well, I will," A voice warm and comforting resonated in my mind, telling me that somehow everything would be ok.

"Die…" Just as the Demon was about to end, my life flames that came out of nowhere engulfed my body, pushing the demon out, burning him, turning his shadowy form slowly into ashes, "So you decided to intervene, how unlike you, very well…." 

"Took, you long enough," I breathed out as I felt the fire that by all means should be burning me, healing me.

"You had to accept you were my champion, you had to need me, for me to come," The Fire moved as the voice talked, "You have accepted your duty, so don't worry, I will make sure the darkness doesn't target you ever again in this realm, I know you know your mission, but I have to let you know, Darkness doesn't play fair, he will cheat and do whatever it takes to kill you through his champion so that he can consume the world, so while he won't attack you, here again, he is still a threat,"

"You don't say…." The god of light, more like the god of obvious shit, of course, the dark side would play dirty, it was on their FUCKING description.

"I put the destiny of this world on your hands," The Fire moved, as the voice added, "Good luck, champion of light, son of the fire."

As the fire started to burn the world around me, I turned my eyes to the Raven that had tried to save me, to find him waving at me with his wing happily.

Champion of light, son of the fire, I was starting to collect titles…..


Author note: So this is the end of the polemic God situation, after this the gods will be use pretty loosely, in situations people need a lighter, and Melisandre is close.

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