Game of Thrones: The Prideful One.

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Chapter 41

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My ravens came back in morning happy and static with their discoveries; they had found all the prominent Dothraki tribes scattered around Essos, the smallest of them having over ten thousand riders.

It was time to go big if I continued at this pace Essos would be mine in a decade, I had to speed things up, risking more to win more.

While it's true I only had over six thousand men, that didn't count my animals, I had over three thousand horses that unlike the Dothraki ones would fight, and my Ravens, so in the end, the battle was more than fair if I took that into account.

"I will leave in about two hours," I told Daenerys as I put on my clothes.

"Let me guess, the ravens found something," Daenerys eyed me for a second, "You can communicate with them, right?"

I sighed, she was right, and honestly, I'm surprised that nobody hasn't figured it out, "Not only Ravens, any animal… they can talk to me, and I can talk to them,"

"I can see why you didn't tell me before," Daenerys said deep in thought, "If I had to take a guess, I would say they are your information network, so if people were to know about this… you would be left in the unknown… am I correct?"

I eyed her for a second before I started to chuckle, "Yes, that is very much why I have been avoiding people knowing about it," her deduction was on point, maybe I should start calling her Sherlock.

"Your secret is safe with me, my bear," Daenerys smiled, not at all offended I didn't tell her this earlier, "Any other secrets you might want to share?"

"Well, I can use any weapon in the world, and have a super body," I laughed, I knew she would take this as a joke, but sadly for her, it was the truth, so in the future when this inevitably came up, I would use this moment as a reminder that I told her.

"Well, I already know my bear is the best warrior, and he does indeed have a great body, so those are not secrets," Daenerys laughed, kissing me on the lips softly, "Be safe out there, I need you."

"Aye, I will," I nodded as I left the room, it was time to conquer.


I left once again Daenerys with five hundred men and some ravens to protect her; I also ordered her horse to basically be her bodyguard.

It would take me two days to get to the Dothraki tribe I was targeting, but after winning against them, I would finally have the strength to fight the rest; I just had to win this battle, and everything would fall into place.

All I had to do was exactly the same I had done so far. Win.


After two long days of travel and one to recover, I was mere miles away from the battle, and like me, the Dothraki knew I was approaching and were already riding towards me, this didn't come as a surprise for my ravens had told me in advance, but it hardly mattered, it was time to fight, so shouting a battle cry, I rode into battle with my men following close behind, and my ravens flying above me.

*FOR THE CORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* My ravens shouted in a powerful caw! as they charged into battle from the blue skies.

*FOR THE APPLEEESSSS!!!!* The horses shouted in a mighty battle cry as they galloped to destroy my enemies

As we approached their troops I ordered my ravens to attack the Dothraki first taking in consideration their flying advantage; it would undoubtedly disorient them, with their orders read my ravens took the mission to their heats, and soon I saw the feathered warriors made their way towards the fierce nomads with a battle caw, trying to push them off their horses, the riders tried to slash them away, trying to kill my ravens, failing for the most part, as it was hard to cut something so small while moving.

Taking their struggle to fend off my feathery friends as an opportunity, I commanded my cavalry to attack the Dothraki with all our might, with loyal horses trampling as many Dothraki as they could with their strong and powerful hooves, some of my Dothraki riders were shouting in happiness saying that I had blessed them with the honor to fight with their horses like this, fighting like brothers they said.

After that the battle continued for an hour or with me every now and then commanding my archers to shoot down their men, I would see many riders and horses fall wounded or dead to the ground to the arrows they were receiving.

I was during this trying to find the Khal, but in the end, it was the Khal that found me, he rode towards with a happy expression, I saw him covered in the blood of my comrades galloping proudly on his horse, with his curved sword in his right hand, and the head of one of my men of his left.

"I am Khal Moro; I will take what is yours and make it mine," Khal Moro said with a smug expression, throwing me the head of my Ko.

"I am Khal Ronard, and unlike you, I will take what's rightfully mine, because all of you belong to me," I said with a faint smile as I added a taunt, "Come little filly, I will end you,"

The Khal growled in response as he jumped off his horse, swinging his curved sword against my head, but I moved aside just enough so that the sword just passes me by.

"Try again," I chuckled, making him glow red anger.

With a smile in my face, I continued to dodge his attacks with little to no effort, and this was obviously getting to his nerves as he was growing angrier and angrier as he continued to miss his swings at me, "You won't win little filly, because, you are already dead," with that quote said that always wanted to use, I leaped forward as I vertically spun my blade around, releasing a flowing attack in a circular motion with enough strength and momentum to separate the Khal from his lower half.

I stood behind the now-dead Khal, as I shouted, "Join my Khalasar or die!"

It didn't take long for the remaining Dothraki to lower their weapons.

"I am, Khal Ronard! You will obey or die! Is that clear!?" I shouted once again.

The Dothraki followed strength, and for now, I was the strongest one.


After taking control over Moro's Khalasar I marched back to Daenerys, I wanted to see her, after all, I was happy, I had won this battle, officially taking the first big step towards my conquest, I had obtained nine thousand riders and able warriors, and in total, I even had some bloodriders now, that called me blood of my blood.

A curious thing about the Dothraki, Bloodriders fulfill the roles of guards, brothers, shadows, and apparently friends to the Khal they follow in ways that run way deeper than the oaths of the Kingsguard to the king on Westeros. The Khal (in this case me) and his bloodriders commonly refer to each other as "blood of my blood," should I die, they would do everything in their power to avenge me, and would not stop until the one who killed me dies or they themselves die.

Four Khalasars more and I would be able to take on Drogo, my plans were going smoothly, with the next step after taking the Dothraki being conquering the free cities.

As we rode, my guard aka Bloodrider approached and said, "My Khal, we need to ride to Vaes Dothrak, the Dosh Khaleen have to bless your journey as a new big Khal,"

In Dothraki culture, many might take the title of a Khal and might even have a Khalasar following him, but only those with the approval of the Dosh Khaleen can genuinely be considered Khals, of course, their blessing doesn't come that easily, for a Khal to be regarded as a real Khal, he has to have at least a Khalasar of five thousand Dothraki Riders with him.

Which is why my new Bloodrider, is telling me to go to Vaes Dothrak, after all, I was now leading over ten thousand Dothraki, by Dothraki law I was a fully-fledged Khal now, all I needed was make it technically official was the blessing of the widows.

"We will, but we are going for my wife first," I nodded, while I originally wanted to see the Dothraki city, my first priority was to have my wife back with me, after that I would go to horse town.