Game of Thrones: The Prideful One.

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Chapter 2

After Lord Stark left, I started to go over our books, and boy, I didn't understand shit with this coin system.

But after a thorough comparison with my old coin, aka the dollar, and the prices I remembered, on the top of my head, I had some understanding of how this coin worked.

The coins this world has are.

••Copper Coins

Halfpenny (Lowest possible denomination)

Penny equals 2 Halfpennies.

Half Groat, equals 2 pennies.

Groat, equals 4 pennies.

Star, equals 2 Groats or 8 pennies.

••Silver Coins

Stag, equals 7 stars or 56 pennies.

Moon, equals 49 stars or 392 pennies.

••Gold Coins

Dragons, equals 30 Moons, 210 Stags or 11,760 pennies.

Now after finding the prices of stuff like bread and water.

For example, a piece of bread being one penny, and water being half a penny.

I came to the conclusion one penny was equal to one dollar.

Which in turn, meant one gold dragon was equal to 11.760 dollars.

This accurate conclusion only made me sadder, because all I had... all our house had was 19 silver stags.

My dear old dad took all that was left with him to Essos, leaving us worse than ever.

In the records it shows we once had over 9867 gold dragons, we lost it all, he spend technically over 100 million dollars on that bitch.

Leaving me with one thousand and fifty-six dollars equivalent.

"I have many ideas, but how the fuck can I apply them with so little money," I sighed, as I sat on my office, this was going to be harder than I thought.

Perhaps I could get a loan from House Stark, but that was risky at much, father already betrayed them and made a crack in our relationship whether we like it or not.

The Iron Bank would never give us shit; they only give to big houses or the crown.

But I had to think fast, not only my house was broke but we were in debt, with over ten thousand gold dragons.

"My lord, Lady Maege, wants to see you," A servant said bowing.

"Send her in," I ordered him.

The servant did as he was told, bringing my aunt to the room.

"How bad is it, my lord?" Maege smiled sadly.

"Bad, we are dirt poor thanks to that man," I admitted.

"Aye," Maege nodded.

"How is little, Lyanna?" I asked, trying to lighten the mood.

"She is good, strong as her mother," Maege smiled proudly, "She wants to see you when you can of course,"

"I will try... the gods know I have my work cut out for me..." I chuckled.

"So, any ideas on how to fix our situation?" Maege inquired, taking a seat across my desk.

"Many, but I need money for all of them, I need at least one thousand gold dragons with that I would fix our economic problems permanently," I informed.

"Maybe we can get a loan with Lord Stark?" Maege offered.

"It's a sound idea, but that man destroyed part of our relationship with the Starks," I sighed.

"Aye, he did, but the Starks are honorable, I know they will help us... no matter how much dishonor that bastard brought us," Maege said, growling at the end.

"Very well, then I trust you to go to the Starks, and get me that money?" I asked.

"Aye, you will have it, my lord," Maege smiled, nodding.


Maege left soon afterwards, leaving little Lyanna with me.

With Maege on the mission, I decided to train my swordplay a bit, while my blessings like the right hand of God gave me total mastery over weapons, practicing made evolve, and get to know the weapon.

It also helped me create muscle memory.

My body, thanks to the super-soldier serum running in my veins, was already stronger than the majority of adults.

I could swing Longclaw with ease; I could only imagine how strong I would get when my body actually turned into that of a man.

I wasn't anything like Steve, aka Captain America.

My hair was black, and my eyes were silver-colored, I probably took after my mother.

As I trained, I could head Lyanna giggling as she stared at me with awe.

"Awesome," Lyanna said with an awestruck expression.

"You want to fight, don't you?" I asked with a chuckle; I knew all Mormont women had the choice to learn if they wanted too.

"Yes! I will be a strong bear!" Lyanna said solemnly as she took a stick and swung it as if it was a sword.

"Wow, even I am cowering in fear little she-bear," I chuckled as Lyanna pouted, "Let's go back, I'm hungry."


To my surprise, Lord Stark agreed to help us and gave us two thousand gold dragons.

Maege said the man didn't even hesitate, saying it was his duty as the warden of the north to help us, however, he could.

And I was grateful because I was close to firing everyone in the household.

With two thousand gold dragons, I could keep them and start my business.

In a world where whores and alcohol rule, you need to capitalize on one of the two, and because I find the idea of being a Pimp disgusting, I decided to capitalize on the other option.

After a talk with the builders and the local engineer, I commissioned the alcohol factory for my whiskey, vodka, and rum.

My dad, the one from my past life had a factory that did the exact same thing, artisanal whiskey, vodka, and rum, so I knew the damn process by memory, God knows my dad made sure of it, and now I'm glad.

In a year, the factory would be finished, and I would start producing liquid gold.

I had to avoid expending during this time, the factory I wanted it cost me around haft the money I had borrowed from the Starks.

So I had to play my cards carefully for now

"Alright, time to wait," I sighed.



I had waited for this day, so long, but the Grizzly alcohol factory was finally complete.

I was happy I would have another income source for the house soon.

Not because I need it, but money is always welcomed.

After the factory opened, the workers were confused when I told them what to do because they never had to do it before, but I was a good boss, I explained to them how to do it after making sure to let them know they would die if they ever told anyone.

I can have other houses like the Lannister's copying my shit.

But everyone in the bear islands was extremely loyal.

So with the factory finally producing artisanal alcohol, I went back to my other business.


You see, being able to control animals came quite handy in this situation.

With the help of my twelve Krakens, I had become the number one fish distributor in the north and maybe the seven kingdoms.

Nobody knew I was using Krakens; they just thought I discovered a new and improved fishing route.

The workers had no idea twelve massive monsters were helping them to catch massive amounts of fish.

With the fish production alone, House Mormont was making around fifty thousand gold dragons a year, or four thousand gold dragons a month.

With this, I had paid the debts that man had left and paid the Starks what they loaned us.

I wasn't the wealthiest house in the north yet, but I was self-sufficient now, which was awesome.



The alcohol was a boom, a massive boom, making around one hundred and fifty thousand gold dragons a year.

This was just the first year, the first months were slow, but after they tried my product people went crazy, am I glad this world is run by alcoholics.

It was so good I had to commission two other factories.

The Starks had if my sources were correct around five hundred thousand gold dragons in their treasury, which meant I was about in a year or two to surpass economically speaking the biggest house in the North.

But this sudden success brought some unwanted attention, the Lannister's, Twin had an eye on me now.

So far, I have discovered over five spies inside my house, that sadly found themselves in terrible, terrible accidents, the keyword being accident.

The other part of the unwanted attention was the massive wave of proposals; everyone wanted to marry their daughter with me.

At least within the small houses.

But I didn't have time for that, not yet anyway.



I was thirteen and boy puberty hit me hard, I was starting to get taller, and muscles were starting to show more.

By this point, I was officially the wealthiest house in the North.

Making around three hundred thousand a year.

My house had saved so far, half a million gold dragons.

Now I had to fix another problem, our military power.

We have around two hundred soldiers, that's all our power.

We need more than that, so with the help of Maege, I started to recruit people.

From orphans to anyone that wanted to learn how to use a sword.

I put Maege in charge of that, while I expanded our forces differently.

A year ago, I started to collect Bears; I had over one hundred bears under my command.

People just assumed it was because I had a deep connection with our sigil.

Little did they know I could control animals in general.

But it wasn't mind control; it was more the animals loved me, like a lot.

But having bears to fight wasn't enough, I commission a set of armor and steel claws for each and every single one of them.

I would have a small battalion of armored bears!

And in the sea, I would have the Krakens to stop the ironborn.

I was preparing beforehand to win the upcoming war.