Game Of Thrones: Reborn AS Pokémon

In a world where the faith of the Old Ones, ancient and faceless gods residing in the green wood, once thrived among the First Men and the Children of the Forest, a shift occurred with the Andal Invasion. The Faith of the Seven gained prominence, leading to the destruction of weirwoods in the southern realms, except for the Isle of Faces guarded by green men. However, in the North, the faith in the Old Ones persisted, with every castle maintaining a Godswood and a heart tree adorned with mysterious faces. Unlike other mortal gods, the identity of the Old Ones remained elusive, represented only by weirwood trees, sometimes resembling a horned deity. The rulers of the First Men, instead of adorning themselves with precious helms, chose antler helms, considering them divine symbols connecting to their bloodline origins. Enter Jay, who, after a reincarnation, unexpectedly becomes the God of Life, Xerneas, inadvertently revitalizing the faith in the Old Ones. This sets the stage for a story exploring the clash of ancient beliefs, the resurgence of a forgotten faith, and the mystical journey of a Pokémon deity reborn in a world torn between dead and living.

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39 Chs

Chapter 3

The once bold spirit of young Shira began to wane as the sun dipped lower, casting long shadows throughout the woods. Her eyes welled with tears, fear encroaching upon her as the once lively forest grew eerily silent. Desperate to suppress her emotions, she fought back the urge to cry, clinging to the shreds of courage that remained.

The onset of twilight brought a momentary reprieve, as a myriad of fireflies emerged, their gentle glow dancing in the dimming light. Yet, the fleeting comfort was shattered by the haunting howls of wolves, their distant cries resonating through the now ominous forest. Shira's heart pounded, and a shiver ran down her spine as the wolves closed in on her position.

A black wolf, its eyes gleaming in the gathering darkness, approached Shira with a low growl. Panic seized her, and tears streamed down her cheeks. The encroaching pack surrounded her, closing the distance with an air of hostility.

Unknown to Shira, Xerneas had been aware of her presence from the moment she entered the woods. However, he hadn't anticipated that the young girl would venture deeper into the heart of the forest, reaching close to his secluded resting place. Concerned for her safety, Xerneas decided to intervene before the wolves could harm her.

With a melody-like voice that echoed through the stillness of the night, Xerneas unleashed a soothing call. The wolves, informed of his benevolent intention, abandoned their aggression and retreated to his side. Shira, bewildered yet relieved, watched as the wolves withdrew.

However, Xerneas had hesitated to reveal his true form to the young girl. Yet, with the child's safety at stake, he decided to step forward, his entire being bathed in an ethereal glow, transitioning into a majestic battle mode.

Shira's initial fear transformed into a mixture of awe and wonder as she gazed upon the resplendent deity before her. Slowly extending her arms towards Xerneas, her eyes remained fixed on the magnificent being, captivated by the otherworldly presence that radiated an aura of both power and benevolence.

As Xerneas approached Shira, the young girl extended her arms towards the majestic deity. With a graceful movement, Xerneas lowered his head, allowing Shira to touch the him. In that moment, a surge of energy coursed through her, and her tearful eyes transformed into gleams of joy. The connection with Xerneas left her feeling lighter, revitalized, as if she had tapped into a wellspring of life itself.

With a gentle lift of his head, Xerneas began to walk, leading Shira in the direction from which she had come. Overwhelmed by joy, she hesitated at first but soon found herself following the majestic creature. The distant howl of a wolf echoed through the woods, urging her to keep pace.

Throughout the journey, Shira attempted to engage Xerneas in conversation, her youthful curiosity bubbling over with questions. However Xerneas remained silent, his gaze fixed forward.

As they neared the exit of the forest, Shira's eyes widened with joy as she saw a search party assembled at the forest's edge. Men, including her father, were readying themselves to venture into the woods in search of the lost child.

In a sudden, solemn moment, Shira noticed that Xerneas was no longer by her side. The forest guardian she thought had vanished, leaving her to face the reality of her return.

The search party, comprised of fishermen's and a hedge knight, spotted Shira and rushed towards her with a mix of relief and concern. Her father, a blend of emotions, embraced and scolded her. Shira responded with a smile, her gaze occasionally drifting towards the depths of the forest where Xerneas had disappeared.

Unbeknownst to Shira, Xerneas watched her departure from a distance. As the child, Shira, along with her people, left the woods, Xerneas observed from a distance, hidden by the mist that enveloped him. Sensing the genuine concern and care of every creature that had gathered around him during his brief stay, Xerneas felt a connection with the inhabitants of the forest.

The great elks and deers, their majestic forms bowed in a gesture of reverence, silently conveyed their respect to the departing guardian. Wolves, in their pack, howled under the moonlit sky, their mournful yet respectful voices echoing through the woods. Even the birds, concealed in the darkness, screeched their melodic farewells to Xerneas.

Though he had spent only half a day among these beings, Xerneas could sense the depth of their attachment and the sincerity of their emotions. Every creature, large or small, had come together to express their care and gratitude.

With a graceful stride, Xerneas walked away from the gathering, disappearing into the mist that he had conjured to shroud his presence.

During that night, a strong mist descended upon the region surrounding Castle Darry and the adjacent river. Most men had retreated to their homes, unaware of the mystical presence weaving through the mist. Those who dared to venture outside found themselves disoriented, lost in the sudden emergence of the strong haze.

Xerneas, concealed within the cloak of mist and darkness, moved with a graceful elegance towards the distant Vale. The night provided the perfect cover for him, allowing it to traverse the land unnoticed. With a speed that rivaled even the most formidable Pokémon, Xerneas effortlessly covered vast distances, leaving a trail of mist in its wake.

Before the first light of dawn painted the horizon, Xerneas stood near the top of a mountain, overlooking the vast expanse of the Bite. The bay, a large inlet off the north-eastern coast of Westeros, separated the southern coast of the North from the northern coast of the Vale of Arryn. The Neck ran along the western edge of the bay, and the islands known as the Three Sisters lay within the Bite.

Though the mountains of the Vale were known for their inhospitality and challenging terrain, Xerneas, as a Pokémon, effortlessly navigated the peaks. With a graceful leap, it soared through the mountain range, the strong mist cloaking its movements.

Descending from the lofty heights of the mountain, Xerneas moved towards the Bite, his form hidden within a cloak of mist. The fish in the bay seemed to part, creating an unusual and mesmerizing path for the legendary Pokémon as it approached the waters of the Bite. Boats bobbed on the surface, their fishermen unaware of the mystical presence drawing near.

A sudden wave accompanied by the emergence of a strong mist stirred terror among the fishermen. The sea, once calm, now danced with unpredictability. Yet, amidst the chaos, the presence of Xerneas remained concealed. Xerneas bypassed the ships with finesse, not causing a ripple in the water.

Leaving the bay behind, Xerneas continued its journey towards Moat Cailin, the once ancient stronghold of the First Men.