Game Of Thrones: I Became a Crown Prince For a Day

[ In the prequel to Game of Thrones, titled "Dragon Family," Rhaegar defies the odds by surviving despite being destined to die young. Despite his sickness and loss of birthright, he refuses to surrender, embarking on a quest to explore and conquer the Seven Kingdoms. Along the way, he discovers the secrets of the Black Death's Skull, gaining a 50% increase in fire resistance from the dragon's legacy. He also encounters the auspicious white deer, receiving blessings for a long life. Delving into Blackfire and the Dark Sisters, he acquires the King's Gaze and the Knight's Oath. Rhaegar's journey sees him riding dragons, claiming the Iron Throne, and resisting the manipulations of opportunists. As winter approaches, he remains resolute, ready to face whatever challenges come his way atop his dragon steed. ] (*Important Note* In the original narrative (Lore), the one day heir prince was named Baelon, in honor of Viserys's father. However, the author, disliking the name Baelon, opted for Rhaegar, inspired by the Prince Rhaegar in Game of Thrones.) ("I don’t own this fanfic, it's merely a translation. I didn’t do the translation, but I wanted to read it on Webnovel, so I uploaded it here.")

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Chapter 97: Lament of the Sheepstealer

"Dracarys!" Rhaenyra's commanded as she urged Syrax into battle against the Sheepstealer. Engaged in pursuit, the Sheepstealer's hunger drove it to persist despite repeated skirmishes.

Rhaenyra was totally focused, paying close attention to the rhythm of the battle as she guided Syrax. The clash of dragons was intense, with both of them trying to gain the upper hand. Their dragon flames intertwined in a deadly dance.

But just as victory seemed within reach, the Sheepstealer deceptively retreated, luring Syrax towards the vulnerable Silverwing below.

Rhaenyra reacted quickly, trying to foil the ambush with a barrage of dragon flame, but the Sheepstealer had anticipated her move.

Suddenly, the tables turned as the Sheepstealer unleashed a torrent of dragon flame, engulfing both dragon and rider in fire.

"Syrax, evade!"

With horror etched across her features, Rhaenyra urged Syrax to turn, but it was too late.

The flames descended upon them, forcing Syrax to contort in a desperate attempt to shield Rhaenyra from the brunt of the assault.


In the blink of an eye, Syrax's chest and abdomen bore the brunt of the dragon flame, eliciting a cry of pain.

Syrax was new to battle and struggled to maintain balance amidst the pain. Her body lurching downward as she flapped her wings.

Vulnerable, she was easy prey for the Sheepstealer, whose eyes gleamed with hunger as he lunged for the kill.

Rhaenyra, tethered by a chain around her waist, clung to the saddle, her body weightless as she braced for the attack with dread.

With the Sheepstealer closing in, she could only watch helplessly as the ferocious beast descended upon Syrax, rending flesh with merciless ferocity.

In the middle of the attack, a resounding dragon's roar was heard, heralding the arrival of a black dragon from above.

The wind whipped by its wings and struck Rhaenyra, temporarily blinding her as she watched her brother's mount descend with a roar, its claws poised to strike.


The Sheepstealer's agonized shriek echoed through the sky as Rhaegar's dragon delivered a devastating blow.

"Cannibal... it's Rhaegar..."

Blood trickled down Rhaenyra's cheek as she beheld the figure in the black dragon's back.

"Drag it away!"

Rhaegar's command was followed by the chilling sound of flesh yielding to claws.

With a vice-like grip, Cannibal's dragon claws clamped onto the Sheepstealer's ribs, exerting crushing pressure as it mercilessly snapped the dragon's muzzle. With a quick flap of its wings, Cannibal lifted its struggling prey into the air.

The Sheepstealer was in agony, screaming in pain as it beat its wings in a desperate attempt to escape.

Meanwhile, Syrax, who had been caught in the Sheepstealer's grasp, quickly righted himself, avoiding a fall.

Cannibal, enjoying its hunt, played with its prey, easily keeping its grip despite the Sheepstealer's frantic struggles.

Rhaegar kept his gaze fixed on Rhaenyra, feeling a rush of relief as he watched Syrax regain control.

He wasn't aware of what had led to Rhaenyra's confrontation with the Sheepstealer, but he was just worried about her safety.

Rhaegar was grateful for his timely arrival and his expression hardened as he directed his fury at the Sheepstealer.

"Cannibal! Throw it into the sea!" he said firmly.


With a roar, Cannibal did as he was told, lowering himself towards the ocean's surface with his captive in tow. With a final release of its claws, the Sheepstealer tried to escape, but was met with green flames that engulfed its head in searing agony.

With a muffled pop, the Sheepstealer's cries were suddenly silenced by the fire.

The second dragon of the day fell into the water. The Sheepstealer's fell, sending water into the air as it struggled to stay afloat in the rough waves.

Cannibal kept a close eye on the situation, staying alert and ready to act as Rhaegar steered it.

With each attempt by the Sheepstealer to get out of the sea, Cannibal met it with dragon fire, preventing any chance of escape.

Dragons, creatures of fire, just weren't built for the water. The Sheepstealer's struggles were slowly sapped of strength as it gasped for air amidst the depths.

As the drowning dragon's desperate pleas echoed, Rhaegar remained firm in his resolve. He gave Cannibal a gentle pat on the back and said, "Let's go, Cannibal."


Cannibal grumbled a bit but did as he was told, turning away from the scene and flying off into the distance.

Although it had wanted to drown the stubborn intruder to enjoy a future meal, Cannibal listened to its master.

The Sheepstealer writhed like a trapped serpent, clawing its way onto the shore with effort, its movements clearly showing fear.

On the other side of the beach, Vermithor was absence. The tide had washed away any signs of him, leaving only the sand where he had been.

Rhaegar realized this and made a beeline back to find Rhaenyra.

"Rhaegar, I'm here!"

Rhaenyra's shout echoed from the cliff above.

Rhaegar looked down and saw Syrax on the ground, with Rhaenyra standing nearby, her hair tousled and waving at him.

Not far away, Silverwing, who was badly injured, had also disappeared without a trace.

"Cannibal, land," Rhaegar instructed.

As Cannibal descended, Rhaegar slid down from its wing and rushed to Rhaenyra's side.

Their reunion was a whirlwind of emotions.

He gave Rhaenyra a hug, his heart racing with concern. "Are you okay?"

Rhaenyra shook her head, her face flushed with excitement. "I'm fine, thanks. Syrax protected me."

Relief washed over Rhaegar's features as he buried his head against her back. "You scared me to death. You went charging in, risking your life."

Rhaenyra put an arm around him and gently stroked his head with her other hand. "I just wanted to help. But that brown dragon was after Silverwing."

"Where's Silverwing now?" Rhaegar asked, his tone casual but with a hint of concern.

"Just as Vermithor climbed up from the cliff's base, he flew off with Silverwing," Rhaenyra recounted, her voice tinged with fear.

"Next time you face a dragon, you need to stay far away," Rhaegar advised seriously.

Rhaenyra's expression faltered, feeling embarrassed. "It was my first battle, and you're scolding me, you are the younger here..."

"No, my dragon is much bigger than yours," Rhaegar replied, sounding a bit annoyed.

His confidence in engaging dragons came from two sources: his audacity and Cannibal's size and courage.

After defeating Vermithor and Silverwing, Rhaegar felt like he was unbeatable. But he couldn't help but feel apprehensive about one dragon, Vaghar.

Syrax was still a young dragon, less than twenty years old, while Cannibal was a formidable adversary. Rhaenyra had learned a valuable lesson from her brother: that actions speak louder than words, and defeat can be humbling.

She crouched down to meet Rhaegar's gaze, pressing her cheek against his and whispering, "You're right, Rhaegar."

Rhaegar gave her a warm hug, his cheek brushing hers as he murmured, "I missed you, sister."

"Where have you been since that night? Father and I were worried about you," Rhaenyra murmured, burying her head in the crook of Rhaegar's shoulder.

At the mention of his experiences in the Peninsula, Rhaegar's expression darkened. "I stumbled into a nest of savages. They were all insufferable—no intellect, nothing interesting to say."

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