Game Of Thrones: I Became a Crown Prince For a Day

[ In the prequel to Game of Thrones, titled "Dragon Family," Rhaegar defies the odds by surviving despite being destined to die young. Despite his sickness and loss of birthright, he refuses to surrender, embarking on a quest to explore and conquer the Seven Kingdoms. Along the way, he discovers the secrets of the Black Death's Skull, gaining a 50% increase in fire resistance from the dragon's legacy. He also encounters the auspicious white deer, receiving blessings for a long life. Delving into Blackfire and the Dark Sisters, he acquires the King's Gaze and the Knight's Oath. Rhaegar's journey sees him riding dragons, claiming the Iron Throne, and resisting the manipulations of opportunists. As winter approaches, he remains resolute, ready to face whatever challenges come his way atop his dragon steed. ] (*Important Note* In the original narrative (Lore), the one day heir prince was named Baelon, in honor of Viserys's father. However, the author, disliking the name Baelon, opted for Rhaegar, inspired by the Prince Rhaegar in Game of Thrones.) ("I don’t own this fanfic, it's merely a translation. I didn’t do the translation, but I wanted to read it on Webnovel, so I uploaded it here.")

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Chapter 117: Dragon Attack On A Rainy Night

Daemon's gaze roved over Laena's form, appreciating her curves, exotic complexion, and seductive red lips, all of which aligned perfectly with his tastes.

He extended his hand with a smile and said, "It looks like your dance partner left you hanging."

"It does," Laena replied, intertwining her fingers with his. "But I have more pressing matters to attend to, so I guess I'll have to lower my standards and dance with you."

Daemon's eyes lit up with desire as they began their dance.

With a bold move, Laena leaned in, her ample bosom pressing against him as she spoke softly, "Have you thought about how you're going to leave?"

She inherited her mother Rhaenys's analytical nature and couldn't understand Daemon's arrogance without a plan.

"I can't divulge all my secrets, my dear," Daemon chuckled, his hand trailing down her waist, growing bolder.

"A piece of advice: the Dragonpit is now under the control of the new heir. You'd better get out of here," Laena said in a low voice.

Daemon's expression didn't change as his hand kept exploring, and his words were still ambiguous. "Then I'll have to be quick about it."

A quick glance revealed the guarded main gate, leaving him no easy means of escape without a weapon. Other passages were similarly patrolled, and he knew he was under close scrutiny from the moment he set foot in King's Landing.

As the ball went on, Daemon and Laena danced together, seeming relaxed despite the situation.

Corlys felt a twinge of unease as he observed his daughter with Daemon. Such interactions weren't good for the Velaryon House.

Rhaenys suggested, "Should we call Laena back?"

Corlys shook his head. "We arrived here with Daemon; we can't deny our association."

"Daemon won't find it easy to slip away," Rhaenys predicted, anticipating his imminent arrest.

"No rush. I'm curious to see if our king has the ruthlessness to handle Daemon," Corlys mused with interest.

"Hmph. They're all my kin; I have no interest in such drama," Renise retorted coldly, rising from the table.

Opting to return to Driftmark for the greater good, she had no desire to compete for the Iron Throne or witness further familial discord.

Internally, Rhaenys couldn't help but silently chastise her two cousins for their foolishness.


As midnight drew near and the early morning hours approached, the ball reached its peak, with the music reaching a crescendo that would stir the deepest emotions of the attendees.

"Scream!" A sudden cry pierced the air. "Fire! There's a fire outside!"

Gasps and murmurs rippled through the hall as flames flickered against the stained glass windows, casting an eerie glow inside.

Fire had erupted within the Red Keep, starting inconspicuously in an attic before rapidly spreading, engulfing nearby gambling dens and brothels.

Viserys and his tired entourage were trying to keep things calm as they tried to put out the fire.

Lyonel swiftly organized men to combat the fire, including his eldest son, Harwin.

"Your Grace, perhaps it's best if you depart," Lyonel urged, concerned for the king's well-being.

Viserys declined. "No, the fire hasn't reached the banquet hall yet. I must reassure our guests."

Suddenly, candles flickered and went out one by one, plunging the hall into darkness except for a few remaining bonfire pots.

"Protect the King!" Harrold, captain of the Kingsguard, sprang into action, quickly positioning himself between the king and any potential threats, followed closely by Cole.

Amidst the chaos, panicked cries rang out, echoing off the walls as noblewomen recoiled in fear.

Laena, in the dimness, grasped at Daemon's belt, her expression serious. "Where do you think you're going?"

Daemon tightened his grip on her chin as he replied coldly, "You said I should make a quick exit. Well, here's my chance."

"Do you really think you can escape?" Laena's words carried weight.

"I have to try. I'd rather lose my head or spend my days on the Wall, devoid of all pleasure," Daemon replied, slipping away into the confusion towards a secluded corner of the hall.

Watching him depart, Laena shook her head in disappointment. "A self-important man indeed."


As the fire raged on, Red Keep soldiers and gold-cloak guards from King's Landing worked hard to put it out.

Meanwhile, Daemon skillfully evaded the patrolling guards and made his way to a hidden passage within the Red Keep.

When he got there, he found a guy in black robes waiting for him. It was like they'd made a deal.

"Once this is done, our agreement will be fulfilled," the figure said, tossing Daemon a matching black robe.

Daemon's reply was brief. "I think it would be a good idea if you came with me."

The figure shook their head firmly. "No, I have another commitment I need to keep."

Without further ado, Daemon donned the black robe and disappeared into the secret passage, while the black-robed figure slipped away into the night.

As Daemon emerged from the Red Keep, he was met with a sudden downpour. The rain intensified as if spurred on by the earlier fire.

He kept going, undeterred by the weather, navigating the narrow alleys and letting the rain cascade around him.

Arriving at the Dragonpit


A Dragonkeeper's neck snapped suddenly from behind, his body collapsing lifelessly.

Another Dragonkeeper, startled, reached for his sword, but before he could react, a swift kick landed in his abdomen, sending him crashing to the ground.

With determination, Daemon advanced, swiftly crushing the fallen man's throat underfoot.

A swift and silent dispatched the two Dragonkeepers and cleared his path.

With Caraxes, his dragon, awaiting him, Daemon swiftly freed the beast from its chains and mounted its back.

As they soared into the stormy sky, a lone figure emerged from the shadows, their presence unnoticed.


Caraxes soared swiftly, leaving the skies over King's Landing behind and entering the expanse of Blackwater Bay.

It was raining hard, with each drop splashing loudly on the ground.

Daemon felt a rush of relief at escaping King's Landing. He knew he'd made the right call. Had he waited to depart early in the morning, he wouldn't have dared to face his brother.


Caraxes suddenly roared, his body twisting uneasily.

"What's wrong, Caraxes?" Daemon inquired, sensing his dragon's agitation.

Caraxes's pupils dilated alertly as he quickened his flight.


A thunderstorm erupted, lightning illuminating the night sky.

Daemon looked up, spotting a massive shadow followed by Caraxes weaving among the clouds.

"Uncle, I've found you!" Rhaegar's voice boomed as the shadow descended.


Another roar, distinct from Caraxes, widened Daemon's eyes in alarm.

Cannibal dove down, its green dragonfire igniting fiercely as it collided with Caraxes's neck.

"No!" Daemon yelled, gripping the reins tightly.

Before he could command a response, Cannibal's flames engulfed Caraxes's head and eyes.

Even in the rainy night, Cannibal's dragonfire raged fiercely.

"Cannibal, tear them apart!" Rhaegar's eyes glinted with madness as he watched the chaos unfold.

Daemon realized that his nephew was planning to kill him. He'd gone back to King's Landing to provoke him.

Yet, he'd been expecting Daemon to run and had been waiting for him.


As Cannibal's flames died down, it grabbed Caraxes, its claws digging into his spine as it lunged for his wing with a savage bite.

Caraxes wailed in agony, twisting frantically in a futile attempt to break free from Cannibal's grasp.

However, despite its efforts, Caraxes couldn't escape, and its slender body was ensnared by Cannibal's relentless hold.


Cannibal, having long hungered for the taste of its own kind, struck with ferocity, shattering Caraxes's shoulder blade with a single bite.

Poor Caraxes never stood a chance to retaliate; its body was torn asunder.


Rhaegar's command echoed once more.

Cannibal savagely ripped apart flesh and blood, swallowing it greedily before unleashing another torrent of green dragonfire.


Caraxes roared in agony as the dragonfire seared his already wounded flesh, causing him to plummet uncontrollably.

"Caraxes, hold on!"

Daemon's voice rang out desperately as he watched his dragon being destroyed before his eyes, a chill gripping his soul as he struggled to maintain his composure.

Rhaegar didn't show any mercy. Cannibal's flames kept raining down on Caraxes, trying to send him plummeting into the sea.

In the pouring rain and thunderous skies, Caraxes was no match for Cannibal's pursuit.

With a splash, it went into the ocean.

Daemon had no time to undo the chain around his waist; he was dragged into the depths alongside his dragon.

The sea was in a state of turmoil, with Caraxes's blood staining the waters crimson and mixing with the cold waves.

Rhaegar was shaking, holding Cannibal aloft, his once-regal attire now soaked by the rain.

As lightning illuminated the night, Rhaegar's expression twisted in agitation, his chest heaving.

Wiping away the rain, Rhaegar's features contorted into a cold glare.

"Uncle, you left me no choice!"

Rhaegar's voice echoed with a hint of madness. "I owed you a mouthful of dragonfire and today I paid it back!"

"My father may have spared you, but I won't! I've come to end you!"

The tempest intensified, mirroring Rhaegar's turbulent emotions.


A gust of wind swept past, tossing Rhaegar's hair in disarray.

Cannibal roared, slowing its pace.

Rhaegar gazed up at the dark, cloudy sky, his expression conflicted, as if wrestling with a decision.

After a moment's hesitation, he gritted his teeth and issued a command, "Cannibal, let's go!"


Cannibal obeyed eagerly, its wings beating with renewed vigor.

Looking back, the sea had vanished into a blur in the distance.

A bolt of lightning pierced the clouds, illuminating the other half of Rhaegar's face, revealing uncertainty and inner turmoil.

"You spared me on Dragonstone Island, so I'll grant you a chance to live," he murmured.

"With such a vast ocean, pray that Caraxes lives up to its name."

(Word count: 1,640)