Game Of Thrones: I Became a Crown Prince For a Day

[ In the prequel to Game of Thrones, titled "Dragon Family," Rhaegar defies the odds by surviving despite being destined to die young. Despite his sickness and loss of birthright, he refuses to surrender, embarking on a quest to explore and conquer the Seven Kingdoms. Along the way, he discovers the secrets of the Black Death's Skull, gaining a 50% increase in fire resistance from the dragon's legacy. He also encounters the auspicious white deer, receiving blessings for a long life. Delving into Blackfire and the Dark Sisters, he acquires the King's Gaze and the Knight's Oath. Rhaegar's journey sees him riding dragons, claiming the Iron Throne, and resisting the manipulations of opportunists. As winter approaches, he remains resolute, ready to face whatever challenges come his way atop his dragon steed. ] (*Important Note* In the original narrative (Lore), the one day heir prince was named Baelon, in honor of Viserys's father. However, the author, disliking the name Baelon, opted for Rhaegar, inspired by the Prince Rhaegar in Game of Thrones.) ("I don’t own this fanfic, it's merely a translation. I didn’t do the translation, but I wanted to read it on Webnovel, so I uploaded it here.")

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Chapter 100: Warning

Alicent's head was throbbing with pain, and she let out a silent sigh as she closed her eyes, seeking solace in sleep.

Time passed, and she found herself in a state of drowsy, half-consciousness.

Knock, knock, knock...

All of a sudden, the peace and quiet of her room was shattered by a loud noise.

Alicent's headache was so intense that she ignored the noise as just a minor distraction.

Before long, the noise stopped, and she started to drift back into a deep sleep.

But as she was about to fall asleep, she felt a sudden rush of warmth.

It felt like she was sitting too close to a roaring fireplace, causing beads of sweat to form on her forehead.

"It's really hot in here...I'm thirsty."

Alicent's parched mouth was yearning for relief, and in her stupor, she reached out for the glass of water on her bedside table.

However, her reaching hand encountered something unexpected—a layer of fabric.

As she gently touched the fabric, she felt soft flesh beneath it.

"Fabric... Soft flesh?"

Alicent's foggy consciousness suddenly came back to her, and she reluctantly opened her eyes to the dimly lit room.

There she saw a figure in a black robe sitting on the edge of her bed.

In the figure's hand was a coal brazier, its glow casting eerie shadows across the room.

"Who are you?"

Alicent's heart was racing with fear, and she instinctively recoiled, clutching the covers tightly around her body.

"It's me, Your Grace."

A familiar voice came from the figure, who then took off his hood and offered her a cup of water. "Here's your water."

Alicent's eyes widened in disbelief as she strained to make out the visitor's face.

Alicent looked at the boy standing by her bed in disbelief and said, "It's you, Rhaegar!"

"Are you scared, Your Grace?"

Rhaegar, wearing a black robe, looked at his stepmother calmly.

Alicent's complexion suddenly changed, and she scolded, "Why are you in my room? You should be asleep at this hour!"

For a moment, she thought that another family member had snuck into her room, and the thought made her nervous.

Rhaegar, holding the glass of water, tilted his head and said, "Are you not thirsty?" "Why don't you take a sip?"

"No, I'm not thirsty anymore. Leave this instant, do you hear me!"

Alicent's anger flared, and she rebuked him mercilessly.

"Very well, if you're not thirsty," Rhaegar replied calmly, setting the glass aside. "But before I go, I would like to have a word with you."

"There's nothing to discuss. How did you manage to enter my room? Where is the guard at the door!?"

Alicent was adamant about expelling her stepson from her quarters.

Rhaegar chuckled softly and pointed to a wall in the room. "Isn't there a secret passage in your chamber? A bit of exploration would reveal that."

After the family banquet, he had sought out Cole to inquire about recent events on Dragonstone Island.

Through their conversation, he had learned of the existence of several secret passages within the castle, one of which led directly to the Queen's chamber...

When he looked at them, it confirmed some of his suspicions.

So he had come tonight.

Alicent followed Rhaegar's lead and looked into the sealed secret passage. She subconsciously grabbed the sheet, her eyes flickering with panic as she asked uneasily, "What do you mean? What are you trying to tell me?"

Rhaegar watched her carefully, sensing her reluctance. He started to tell a story. "I couldn't help but wonder why there were always unexpected problems when I tried to tame my dragon."

"Daemon bribed the Dragonkeeper to send a false message, which led me astray towards Dragonmont," she continued. "Before that, someone had sent me similar information, but pointing towards the east coast."

Alicent's expression shifted slightly as she replied, "I was the one who shared that information with Rhaenyra. It turns out that the two young dragons were indeed on the east coast, and Sunfyre was found pretty early on. I didn't lie."

"As you said, the intel from the East Coast was spot on," Rhaegar acknowledged. "Then the Gray Ghost showed up on Dragonmont. The dragon that should have been there wasn't Cannibal, but Silverwing, in a sensitive period after laying her eggs."

"Given that, is it possible that someone knew I didn't trust them and intentionally gave me irrelevant information to guide me to Dragonmont?" Rhaegar's voice softened, and Alicent felt her nerves start to tingle in the dimly lit room.

Alicent's face grew cold at his words, and she replied in a chilly tone, "This is all in your imagination. It was Daemon who set you up."

"I was just trying to improve relations with Rhaenyra. We're like sisters."

"Fair enough, your explanation makes sense," Rhaegar nodded, not discounting her words.

He wasn't there to accuse her tonight. There wasn't any concrete evidence against the Queen. It was all just suspicion.

Rhaegar bowed his head and placed the portable coal stove on the bed, gently opening the lid. The red-hot coals were exposed to the air, dispersing the darkness with their bright flames. In the glow, Rhaegar's features, previously shrouded in shadow, were half-illuminated.

"What are you doing?" Alicent's nerves jangled at the sight, her mind racing with memories.

"Nothing much. Since you don't want water, let's get warm," Rhaegar replied, reaching out to cup a piece of ember in his hand.

He held it calmly and raised his hand between them. The coals glowed, casting light between them.

Rhaegar kept his eyes neutral as he spoke calmly, "Your Grace, I'm sure you're aware that my recent journey to the Peninsula wasn't exactly peaceful. Many people who disrespected me met their end by Dragonfire."

Alicent quietly moved to the other side of the bed, her face showing fear.

Without advancing, Rhaegar continued, "I don't know if you were involved, but I'd really appreciate it if you could set aside any prejudices you may hold against me, whether by ignoring them or adopting a more neutral stance."

"I just ask that you don't cause any trouble for me, my father, or my sister."

With that, Rhaegar looked his stepmother in the eye.


His fists clenched, and he crushed the charcoal, causing it to spill onto the white bedspread.

The broken coals ignited the fabric instantly.

Alicent let out a scream of panic and quickly used a pillow to smother the embers.

Rhaegar grabbed the cup of water nearby and started dousing the flames methodically, extinguishing them one by one.

As the smoke cleared, Rhaegar's face was still obscured, and his voice was barely above a whisper. "I hope you can retain some compassion, Your Grace."

"What in the world are you doing? I've done nothing wrong, how many times do I have to say it?" Alicent's irritation flared as she verged on breaking down, her voice filled with anger.

Rhaegar averted his gaze and interjected, "I believe you, for you are my stepmother, and I trust you to safeguard the children of your name, including myself and Rhaenyra."

"I am the Queen, your father's wife, and with that title comes a certain responsibility," Alicent replied, her expression hardening.

She continued in a harsh tone, "But you shouldn't treat your own mother with such disrespect. Trespassing into my room and threatening me with fire—I will tell your father about this and let him decide how to discipline a child who dishonors his name!"

"As you wish, Your Grace," Rhaegar responded nonchalantly, replacing the lid of the coal stove and lifting it once more, ready to depart.

However, just steps away, he paused as if remembering something, and turned back to say cryptically, "By the way, Aegon is my brother, and I value that kinship. It was through my own abilities that I managed to evade the murder."

"But he is still young..."

"Enough of this!" Alicent snapped, her neck straining, eyes reddened, and teeth gritted. "I will watch over my son, no matter what!"

"Very well, "Mother"," Rhaegar replied with a sweet smile, bowing like an innocent child.

He exited the bedroom slowly, carrying the coal stove, and disappeared through the entrance of the secret passageway under his stepmother's hatefull glare.

(Word count: 1380)