3 Plans 2

Let's see... To do everything I want I will need people and infrastructure, the land is not a problem as House Dustin lands are plenty.

If I need people then small folk is my only option.

The weather here is not as bad as it gets colder the closer to the wall you get but here I will be able to farm all year around after providing them with better living conditions and make sure they are healthy.

The amount we received from the Stark's for our "sacrifice" is 20.000 dragons. Laughable I know but they aren't too rich themselves.

The Dustin house has 350 000 dragons, when I first saw the report I wanted to cry thinking about the golden kitties that have millions but I need to work with what I have. Unfortunately the monthly income is pathetic after deducting the costs.

We will need a stable source of income in the future, something that we can do at low costs.

So first. Building better houses, order to always boil the water before drinking and renovation of the castle. I will introduce soap as well as perfumes and export them as making them is too easy. Finally maybe people will start to bath more, the smell sometimes is just killing me! No one in the FF said it will be this bad! Then the castle... This... thing that we live in now is already in a sorry state.

Thinking about my House future we will need to make it one of the kind.

Stables, kitchens, places to live for the castle garrison, barracks for our standing army, place for servants, my family, our house knights, training fields, places for blacksmiths, kennels and a bunch of other stuff!


If I would have a table in front of me I would flip it right about now! Calm down! Breathe! And it all needs to be worthy of our status in the future and easy to defend... I'm not saying affordable as I'm sure it will eat out our pockets. Fuck!

I'm sure this will be a project for the next 10 years and that's the optimistic version with the help of shape shifters and the tools from my world...

Why the hell am I doubting myself?! You're in a fantasy world! Think outside the box! They managed to build a monster like Harenhal in 40 years and that with the use of starved slaves!

We will probably have to fight against fucking dragons and undead! Let's do it longer but safer! Since I made my decision let's include countermeasures for sieges, undead and dragons! Fuck them all!

We can take the stone as there's a lot of it and stonemasons are in the town in sufficient numbers so we don't need to buy or hire any.

Wood is no problem as well, woodworkers are aplenty in Barrowton I just need to use them correctly.

I was reading a lot of novels where they made bricks so let's start with that. When I was still in my world I liked to visualize the novels I read so I always googled the shit out of everything.

It's easy to make bricks and we have enough small folk to make it a big business straight away without investing much and besides, real estate is always a good choice.

Clay for the bricks and lime mortar won't be a problem as well, with all the water, caves and cliffs around we are sure to find some, I will ask mom to send our trusted people to the Neck regions to look for some on our land.

Molding will be quick with small wooden forms and we can get the unemployed women to do it, it's an alternative to being a whore so it should make them happy.

Westeros is not know for allowing small folk to prosper and women especially, Dorne maybe but the North? Nope.

Drying the bricks should be easy as well, but we will need to build some big sheds for it.

Burning. This might be a challenge but we have smiths in Barrowton and from what mother said they know what they are doing so they can manage the fire needed in the process. Unfortunately I can't build my castle with bricks, they simply wouldn't withstand the impact of siege weapons.

Next we will need to actually build houses but we have the manpower that is enough for us to start every project at the same time and finish it fast, the farmers after sowing sit on their hands as well so they won't mind additional hard work for the possibility of earning a silver stag and if needed we can hire more with the money we got from the Stark's and Dustin's own wealth.

I don't want to include House Ryswell side of our family yet if they want to side with Boltons and not me, so I will have to feel my grandpa out about this. I hate that bastard psycho Ramsay.

Alright the houses for small folk, hygiene, castle and potential businesses are covered.

Now the name Barrow Hall. It's not too inspiring. Let's change it to Neverwinter! A small jab at the Stark's for all they did to my mom! Oh, and I have to buy some marble from the Arryn's for the castle. They don't have much business so it shouldn't cost a lot but the transportation will be a bitch...

Steel spring carriage suspension I choose you! If you do something then do it the best way you can!

We should still have enough people to build some ships and build the farming tools. I will headhunt the shipbuilders from White Harbor and buy some from Iron Islands.

I want to build minimum 10 ships a year so shift system for working and additional ship building facilities is a must.

It really sounds like it would cost a lot of money but... A small folk family can live on 3 dragons for a year! So I shit money! I really don't understand why nobles don't reinvest their gold but sit on it just content with what they have.

I could sell the modern tools for additional income but fuck no! Only I and my family will get to prosper. If I need fame I will get it some other way.

Farming. Crop rotation, herbs that are known to repel pests and winter vegetables. In this case I will have to find cabbage, onions, turnip, beetroot, potatoes, spinach, beans, carrots, cauliflower and other that I don't know. We can reclaim more land with the tools I'll copy from my world.

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