44 End of Volume 1

End of the First Volume, so there will be a considerable pause. The return will already be in the main story. I thought I would bring forward the events of the main story, specifically the death of Jon Arryn. That he himself came to mediate and died of poison. To have given background to perhaps a daughter of Lord Sunderland, who is good with poison, for Wolfgang to frame her. In the end I didn't do it, it seemed too convenient.


What to expect from Volume 2? Well, it will be the events of the story with, evidently, many changes. Quite a few were not told in Volume 1, things that happened in that time jump from 294 to 298, some involving the Starks and their family. The butterfly effect is dangerous after all. Getting up on the wrong side of the bed can cause you to lose an eye by falling off a horse because you got a leg cramp.

This will not be the final volume, there will be a third volume. There will be no situation like Daenerys carrying a dragon to the other side of the wall that would later be used against her. The wall still has quite a few years to endure, so the threat of white walkers is not likely to be visible for the next 20 years.

Also, a "warning". Wolfgang will not have dragons or magic, he is a man of science. Nor will he be an ally or friend of characters like Jon Snow or Daenerys. He wants to conquer all, and he does not intend to share his conquest. Nor am I willing to make Daenerys a total submissive.

Another thing; remember Wolfgang didn't watch the series at any point, he's from an alternate Earth universe. He doesn't know the threat of Daenerys nor will he believe she has dragons. He won't give it any importance until.... well, whatever happens happens.

That's all, see you in a while.