Game Of Thrones: Empire Of The Rising Sun

A man dies. Like any normal man does. But that isn’t the end for him. ROB puts him in the Game Of Thrones universe……..8,000 years before canon. Watch as he builds the greatest empire the world has ever known. From mere slaves of the the ‘Great Empire of the Dawn’ to the ‘Empire of the Rising Sun’. Witness how he bends history to his will. “Gather our banners and call our war masters. It seems as if the Valyrians haven’t learned since last time.” (Has some Dune elements, just some wording.)

Jaquaviontavious · TV
Not enough ratings
16 Chs


"Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider

is chaos for the fly." - Charles Addams


Hanma appearance:


One moment he was a child. Life was simplistic in doings, his purity not yet spoiled by the true nature of the world. 'A fool I was, how naive and bullheaded.' Bubbling thoughts came to Hanma's mind as he read dutifully. 'But, where does the innocence go? It seems the world has a way of beating and pushing it out of us.' These thoughts had come to him in strange intervals throughout his stay at the Naval Academy. Since he had taken his first life, it seemed for him that the color of world was drained out. Nightmares that once plagued him from the event turned to....dreams- no, to vivid to call them mere 'dreams'.

More like visions with their visceral detail and his ability to remember every single one. He dreamt of a city with topless towers with strange man-lion-bird hybrid creatures as decorations and the people had pale skin and amethyst colored eyes.

He dreamt of a terrible darkness that fell across the world and smothered the light from the world. He saw their terrible monsters and the hordes of their armies snuff out life from the Earth before a hero emerged. With the only light coming from his blazing sword he couldn't see the mans face. With his flaming weapon and the courage of his fellow men, he saved them all from a world without life.

As the deep darkness retreated and the light came back to the world, he saw as the surviving men cheered with tears in their eyes. One such face he could make out. The man standing next to the savior of mankind. He along with the unknown savior looked over what they battled for.....And he turned.

His face was comely, what one would describe as handsome. Although Hanma wouldn't know as he did could not recognize an 'ugly' man from a 'handsome' one. They all had the same beauty standards to him. 'Not attracted to them.'

He could tell the man was young. His flowing, long hair danced in the wind as a innocent, child like smile came upon his lips. The mans face that he dreamt, it was a man he recognized. "Yamamoto!?"

Then the savior turned, Hanma remembered how he soared out of his bed in shock, confusion and awe. The simple nature of it mixed with his recent trauma…did things to him, mentally. Hanma reminisced on the face he saw.

Another face he recognized. 'I remember how the world changed when I saw the saviors face. It was-'


Hanma's mind swiftly moved on from his thoughts. His eyes were greeted with a long and great story. For the sake of the future, he knew something would have to done about their neighboring region. The Shadowlands and its most famous place, Asshai by the shadow.

If he got upon his horse and could somehow ride nonstop without any rest, he would reach the Shadowlands in only a fortnight. Hanma could deduct that Asshai would be connected to the darkness he saw fall over the world. And so he read up on it. Particularly on its people.

Asshai and its few people have an ominous reputation in other lands. Asshai'i are described as having a dark and solemn appearance. The savages of the Grey Waste believe that Asshai'i are "spawn of shadows" and hold them in contempt and fear.

The more he read the more he was intrigued. Their Dark Diety, Camazotz, the god of Night, Death and Sacrifice and how his powers could....bring an eternal darkness upon the world.

Hanma's face scrunched up at the information he had just read, intrigue, shock and most of all, anger, surged through his veins. "How dare they?" He hatefully spewed out of his scarred face. He quickly resumed his reading before he killed a person in a rage.

Another passage mentioned forgotten gods and goddesses that were lost to time. So ancient that not even their oldest of sorcerers could remember, except for one. "Hmmm, R'hllor…God of Fire, Light and Life." Said to be a direct antithesis to their dark god, and for that Asshai and its people had no love for that god. "How incredibly interesting…."

Time passed quickly as Hanma desperately flooded through the information he took in. "Asshai, huh? I guess I've got somewhere to be."