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Today I will be posting a new fanfic called One Punch Marvel it is a epic meme fanfic with a OC that has Saitama powers and demon misfits powers as well as the gamer system! So it is a rise to power fanfic, there is no wishes, the OC will have to gain levels to become more powerful. I will be posting the link today when its ready to go! Time for a real OP mc not like the other simp MCs seen on this site.


Here is a list of fanfics coming out for my account DarknessZ.

Fastest Gamer Marvel: This come out after Once Punch Marvel

Alpha Gamer Marvel: This will come out October 1st

The Dark Avatar: This will come out November 1st

God of Marvel: This will be out December 1st.


Naruto fanfic

Fairy Tail fanfic


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