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Game of Thrones: Blood and Winter


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The War of Five Kings. One of the great wars in Westeros that changed the course of history. But, this is not the War of Five Kings you're used to. With Ned Stark's escape from Kings Landing and Robb being gifted with visions from the Old Gods, Westeros is about to be shaken to its core. = = = = = = = = = Just a quick notice, don’t expect a deus ex machina like Robb and House Stark where they instantly demolish all their enemies. That isn’t ASOIAF, it’s far more complex with so many moving pieces and hidden threats that it’s impossible for that to ever happen. Things will be better but in many ways things will be much worse for the Starks. That is the nature of ASOIAF. Also, magic will come into play, but it will reflect how George R. Martin has gradually introduced it over time. So at first it will be barely present but as we develop the story further, more and more fantasy elements that were hidden under the surface will come to light.

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