Game of Thrones: Auron Blackfyre's Tale

A Civil Engineer with a hobby in music suddenly woke up in the TV Series he is watching. He transmigrated in a body of a young man from House Blackfyre in Game of Thrones. A brand new adventure awaits him as he explore the world of Planetos leaving footprints in Essos, Westeros and even in Sothoryos. "What Iron Throne? They can wrestle for it all they want while I enjoy sight seeing, have my own private army and bed all the women I want. I'll just watch them kill each other in the sidelines." Auron said. However, does fate will really let him do what he wants or he will be forced to intervened? See how he apply some modern ways in this merciless and shitstink world of knights, deception, undead and dragons.

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Chapter 41

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One afternoon in the plains, Northeast of Pentos. A group of 14 individuals and one tiger cub currently enjoying their journey as the sound of lute strumming lingered inhe air.






Ooh-ooh-ooh Ooh-ooh-ooh

Somewhere over the rainbow

Way up high

And the dreams that you dream of Once in a lullaby, oh

Somewhere over the rainbow Bluebirds fly

And the dreams that you dream of Dreams really do come true-ooh-ooh

Someday I'll wish upon a star

Wake up where the clouds are far behind me

Where trouble melts like lemon drops

High above the chimney tops that's where

You'll find me, oh

Somewhere over the rainbow

Blue birds fly And the dream that you dare to

Oh why, oh why can't I? I.... "


As Auron was absorbed in singing, animals like pigeons, his owls, squirrels gather around him listening to his song and even his horse Nightmare was prancing in tempo. It was quite a spectacle and no one in the group dare to disturb it as they enjoy the music that was quite relaxing.

Aidana smiled at the scene that was so magical as if even nature seems to enjoy Auron's music. She couldn't deny that it was a long journey but everyone among the group enjoyed it, not even a single one of them threw a complaint. They were about to arrive in Pentos and start sailing from there to White Harbor.

As Auron finished singing, he looked around and was surprised a group of animals gathered around him. Seeing this he couldn't help but mutter under his breath.

"Am I a Disney Princess now?"

He fetched some jerkey in his pouch feeding the animals urging them to go on their seperate ways.


It did not take long for Auron's team to reach the coastline of Pentos. However, they didn't go inside the city. Rather, they went straight to a remote beach where Auron released The Shadow.

After that, he let Aidana and the rest settle themselves inside the ship.

Auron on the other hand, rode his horse towards the city to buy some supplies. He ordered a supply of food worth of three weeks as he estimates that their voyage is going to last 7 days at most, sailing day and night. As for the rest, it was for emergency just in case the journey took longer than expected.

When they left Pentos, Auron could feel the creatures beneath the ship. At first, he thought that they are there waiting for an opportunity to devour the ship but then he remembered the haiku from the Merling King that sea creatures are ready to assist the ship.

This time, Auron didn't follow the traditional coast line sailing. He steer the ship straight towards West vying for a shorter voyage.

As for how he identified the direction, he fetched the lodestone he bought from before, asked for a needle and inserted it to a cork. He rubbed the top of the needle to the lodestone to gain its magnetic properties and let it float in a pale of water. Without a doubt, he created an improvised compass. The needle automatically pointed towards North and so he adjusted the direction of the ship according to the needle.

Along the way, they encountered a fleet of pirates. Auron thought that they would steer away but to his joy, they didn't. They must be pirates from Westeros or Summer Islands cause they didn't know The Shadow. Another possibility is that, their stupidity and ego took over them, boosting their courage to challenge the legendary ship. Either, it is much to Auron's favor since he can finally earn more gold from them.

After hauling their gold to The Shadow, Auron sink their ship after killing all of them. He was reluctant doing so because those ships can be sold but since he doesn't have enough men to bring them, he decided to destroy them instead.


White Harbor

One of the port was currently filled with people exclusive to Amazon Trading Company. They lined up waiting for someone as they anticipate the arrival of someone important.

Some of the onlookers was curious of what's happening and couldn't help but ask.

"What's going on? Why are there so many people on that port?"

"I heard someone important is coming that's why their men was lined up like a royal guard. Look, that's lady Marlena, the owner of Amazon."

Murmurs echoed out from the crowd as they watch the scene.

At this time, Marlena was looking out the sea in anticipation. Beside here was Bronn, currently picking out his nail.

"Are you sure he's arriving today?" Bronn asked.

"Yes, an owl visited me last night carrying a letter from Master saying he's going to arrive around this time."

"Hmmm, well we're attracting so much attention. I just hope the Manderlys won't kick a fuss."

"They won't dare considering the amount of tax I'm contributing to their house unless Lord Wyman was kicked by a donkey in the head."

"That would be interesting to see, hehe."

As the two chatted to pass the boredom, a black ship suddenly appeared on the distant horizon sailing towards their place.

Aa the ship gradually became visible, a lot of the people on the Harbor gasp pointing out towards the approaching ship.

The ship was all black with the red name painted on the sail spelled SHADOW. Marlena and Bronn was dumbfounded because the ship they are seeing right now matches the description of the legendary ship in Auron's song.

Melissandre was also there wearing red hood as she muttered, "The legend came alive."

A few minutes later, the warship slowly docked into the port. Without needing for assistance, a ladder was lowered and the passengers disembark without any hurry.

The first to disembark was the servants, followed by the ten guards and finally, Auron and Aidana.

The onlookers saw the last people to disembark and assume were the leader of the group. They saw an unfamiliar young man with black shoulder length hair donning a black leather doublet and pants. If it weren't for the bronze breast plate and his red cape, they would've think he was a member of the black. The young man was oozing with confidence and regal aura as he walk and he wore a mischievous smirk.

Immediately, Marlena and the rest bowed slightly and greeted in unison.


Auron didn't pay attention in this and he just embraced Marlena tightly.

After kissing Marlena in her cheek, Auron grinned and said, "You made me proud and I missed you!"

Marlena blushed and said, "I missed you too, Master. I'm glad I was able to meet your expectation."

"No, you didn't, you just exceeded it." Auron beamed.

Suddenly, another voice interrupted their moment.

"What about my kiss? You didn't even ask how I was doing?" Bronn said dramatically.

"It's nice to see you again, my friend. Hahahaha. I won't dare to kiss your ugly face. Who knows whose hairy ass who sat on it last night!?" Auron jabbed a playful punch on Bronn's shoulder.

"You owe me a number of drinks."

"Consider it fulfilled. I'm quite prepared for that."

"Looks like you brought a lot of haul from your battles considering your stunt in Pentos spreading even here in Westeros."

Auron smiled mysteriously and said, "You have no idea."

After Auron pass by Bronn, he greeted Shera and Heman as well.

"It's nice to see you two as well. How are you doing?" Auron patted their shoulder.

"We're good, Master and we decided to stay under your wings." Shera said solemnly.

Heman stayed silent but his expression is enough to show his intent.

"Wise choice! As long as you stay loyal, I won't let you suffer under my wing."

Then Auron shifted his eyes towards Melissandre. The latter greeted him first.

"Your Majesty, it's nice to see you again." Melissandre whispered.

Hearing what she said, Auron immediately raised his brows up in surprise.

"Your Majesty? Are you kidding me? I don't even have a land of my own."

Melissandre didn't answer and just kept her head lowered.

Seeing this, Auron stared at her and said, "You know something, right?"

"Yes, the Lord of the light revealed your destiny."

"Let me make this clear first, just in case there were some confusion on our roles. Whatever it is, I don't care at the moment. So no ordering me around just to follow that fucking destiny. Are we clear? And no 'Majesty' until I have my own land to rule."

"Yes, your Maje--"

"Just Herald will be fine, Melissandre. Stop the honorifics for fuck sake."

"As you wish.... Herald."

"Very well, how are you? How many bodies did you burn so far?"

Melissandre was stunned and her pupils constricted. She kept a tight lip and didn't answer.

"Don't let me know, okay? In case I learn that there are innocent among them, oh boy you will lose a finger. Wait, before I forgot, be a dear and help me bless my ship. I look forward to what kind of blessing your god has for me."