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Rhaegar Targaryen POV

I was entering my mother's solar. Kings landing had just been the same since I left, perhaps it got worse. As did my father, but that was an ongoing process. He had gotten worse, I wanted to stay and keep things in control but mother had insisted on me going away. I don't understand why, but she is a mother and well I could always trust her. Well, it did spare me from all the useless flattering, so it was not completely useless advice.

I knocked on her door before entering, noting the presence of two extra guards. I entered her room to see a mother sitting near the balcony, staring at the scenery. The city may smell and was not the most scenic, but this did not make the view any less serene. I had a habit of staring from the balcony, this was something I had probably inherited from my mother.

She turned to see me and her expression immediately softened, I could feel the tension leaving her body. It was an expression reserved for family, caring family.

"It's been a long time my little dragon," she said while coming over to hug me.

I embraced her, like a long-lost son. Well, I was one. Kind of. The Queen that people saw and the court saw was a beautiful, powerless woman. But, they often forgot that she was the mother of the next king and had practically raised me herself.

"It has been, mother. Though it was on your advice, that I did leave. Perhaps, I can stay for some time in the capital to accompany you. It will be good to see my brother too."

I had planned an expedition to sunspear to meet with the upcoming sword of the morning. He was someone I was acquainted with. We had planned a hunt, but it could be delayed.

"No, no it would be useless for you to stay here. And, don't you have that expedition planned for Dorne. I am happy seeing you occasionally, in this castle." She said while sitting down.

I sat down opposite her and here it was, she would never let me stay in the capital for more than necessary. I understood the complications of court, I had been raised here, yet for the past two years, she had been forcing me to leave the castle as soon as I could.

"Why it seems that you don't like me as much as I thought? Perhaps I should just leave right now?" I tried getting her to spill the reason, knowing that it would be a useless endeavor.

"Oh, now that is something we can not have. I just want you to enjoy the time away from the castle. It takes its toll on a person after some time."

"Leaving it, how have you been. I heard that you had a special guest some time ago," I asked regarding her meeting with the Heir of Casterly Rock.

Tyland Lannister was a name famous throughout the seven kingdoms, often rivaling his popularity. He was said to be smart and courteous. Plus, he was an heir to a Lord Paramount, especially to that of West. The West was always prosperous due to their gold mines, but recently they had gotten far more powerful, their population rising, their landing producing more food and most of all the hoard of traders gathering there. This made them an ideal partner in an alliance.

"Oh yes, I met Lord Tywin's son. He was … unique. As smart as the rumors say. You would like him. He is like you, in more ways than one."

This was a hint, I should befriend him. Well, I had nothing to lose so why not. If he impressed mother, then he was special. I could always be someone so special.

"Sure, mother. Now, it's time for the feast. I should leave." I said while standing up.

She smiles gesturing me to leave. I left her solar in deep thought.

I was in my room preparing myself for the feast. There was a knock and in came Ser Barristan.

"Ah, Ser Barristan is it time already."

"Yes, my prince the feast has begun"

"Don't worry I will be there. Who else Is at the feast? Anyone of note." I asked trusting him to tell me of any suspicious or troubling individuals.

"Well, there are all the usual lords and ladies. The Lord of Reach is also here. Then there is also Tyland Lannister, though he will not be an issue."

"Why not?"

"Well, Lord Tyland has been to three feasts and I have not seen him being zealous in any one of them. He prefers his books and silene like someone else." He said while looking at me. I did not enjoy feasts, that did not mean I would not make the most of them.

"Well, I am ready. And the servant is preparing my harp. I have a new song, it will be marvelous."

He nodded and left my chambers, with me at his tail. This was an opportunity to show my talents and a good monarch takes every opportunity, to make himself seem grander.