12 11. The last letter

Lady Genna,

I am writing this letter in hope that you are in good health. I have heard that young Lancel is quite a handful, though he didn't seem like it when I first saw him. He seemed to be a meek child.

I am writing this to secretly hoping that you would keep the contents of this letter with only yourself. I have not been well. After Cersei and Jamie, there were chance that I could not get pregnant again, but then I got pregnant again. I was extremely happy, but my health has been continuously deteriorating, the last month has been worse. In most cases I would never need to leave a letter like this but I am writing to you because if something were to happen to me you would come to the castle.

In that case I am entrusting you to care for my children, specially Tyland. He has always been a unique child. He had started forming words before he was even two. Most of the time he would be smiling, but sometimes when he quiets out it seems that he is carrying a burden too heavy for a single child. Though I could be wrong, but a mother knows her child best. He already suspects something is wrong and specifically asked the maester for my health. He lied to him on my orders, but he went to Kevan with his request. Tywin would care well for his heir, but he would forget caring for the boy Tyland Lannister. I want you to teach him how to be a brother, a grown man and latter a good husband. Teach him what I could not.

Hoping that the need of such measures never arises.

Lady Joanna Lannister.

Lady of Casterly Rock.

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