1 1.Rebirth

It was pure darkness. I did not know why I was here. Truthfully, I could not remember how I got here. I just felt like floating in a black void.

Suddenly, there were sounds. I could not make out what they were. Now, the space seemed to be constricting. The walls seemed to be closing in. The force continued until it was squeezing me. It was painful. I started to panic but I could not do anything because i had no idea how to.

After, some time the pressure eased and it was like I was looking straight into the sun. For the first time, I could feel my limbs. They were small. I wanted to say something, but the only words that came out were "Ahh…."


The maester handed the child to Lord Tywin and could see the faintest of smile on the lord's face. The child had pure gold hair but the unique feature were his eyes. In contrast to pure Lannister green. The boys eyes were a mix of his mother and father being 'ocean green'.

Lady Joanna spoke weakly from the side. She was extremely exhausted. The delivery was very complicated. Most thought that the child would not make it, but both the mother and child showed absolute resilience and made it out completely fine.

"What are we going to name him?" She asked while looking at the babe lovingly.

"Tyland Lannister, heir of House Lannister." Tywin said with a proud face.

"Its a good name."

Nobody noticed the small shift in the babe's wailing. This was the incident that changed the song of ice and fire completely, for better or for worse. Well that is something only history could tell.


"Tyland Lannister, heir to Hose Lannister"

These words froze my innards. How was it possible. How could I be here in Westeros. A land of magic and betrayal. A land where no good deed goes unpunished and I was born to the punishers.

This made me very uncomfortable but nothing could be done. Soon, I was handed to a maid who fed me. This was a new experience. The language was anglo english. I could not see, but the voices were quite clear. I could not hold onto my consciousness for ling and soon found myself drifting into the world of darkness. Hopefully, this could prove to be a dream.

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