Game Of Thrones: A Knight's tale.18+

The protagonist fell asleep while playing an online game( For honor). However, he awoke in a strange world(Asoiaf) with his game character’s appearance. In a state of shock, he noticed that he was equipped with nothing but his strongest weapon and armor. To make matters worse, our hero’s appearance was changed by the special avatar skin 『Warden』 when he enter this new world. The protagonist wanted to live without drawing attention. But ultimately everything goes out of his control. (AN)I don't own anything. English is not my native language and I'm writing this from my phone. thus lots and lots of grammatical mistakes are included in the story. If you don't like it then just leave ,you don't need to write your comment . I'm warning the story is horrible . Warning a lot of sex scene...be aware...

Kagetanehiruko · TV
Not enough ratings
126 Chs

where am I (prologue)

huh ? where am I??

Why the hell am I in water?

Did I fall asleep, when I was swimming?

But I remember I was in my bed, And why do I feel so heavy !!!!

ok I need to wake up damn it....!

Okay, this is not happening... am I in some kind of nightmare, of drowning?

All Right calm down.... calm down... I can think later about my metal swimsuit,

What a strange dream..!

After five minutes more or so... I don't know, but I make it to the beach? where is the hell am I ?

And it's still nighttime and it seems the sun will be rising a few minutes later...

hm....? now that I think about it..... I'm feeling a little strange about my body!!! it's like I'm taller and bigger...

I kinda feel stronger?


Though I like to cosplay a little about games and anime. But why the F I'm wearing an medieval knights armor !!!!

(Sigh) It did not took long to realize that I am isekaied in some world with this outfit and body.

WTF...!!! what kinda cruel joke is this ? I thought I suppose to die in some car accident or Covid-19, And then meet some old guy with a beard or a goddess-like Aqua !! They would grant me some wish and all those cheat mechanisms. And from the looks of it I didn't get to see/get any of them/it. Or the God just they erased himselves from my memories.

Ahh..! As a gamer and a medieval fantasy fan. I feel like I'm being cheated.

I feel like I'm lost, what should I do?

Now I'm in the middle of nowhere, what am I suppose to do? And if the Being that did this to me at least have some word with me, I would have known which world I'm in and what my goal is.

Damn It, I'm soaking wet I need to dry myself, But how do I get out of this damn outfit?

is that a good idea?

Nope that would be a bad idea..... And this... armoured outfit is at the moment and not that wet anyway,

I'll just give it a little time and it would dry by itself. hopefully.

So what do I have with me?

Can I open my stats ?

waving my hands isn't working. Is it voice activated ? Alright.

"Open stats..."



" chiching fhak"

"Open up damn it "

sigh.... So I'm not in game world. And possibly do not have the cheat manual to see my status..


Let's see what I have, hmm... A longsword on my back, Another one on my waist, three more daggers in my armor. But where is the helmet? So no helmet?

Well that sucks!!! at least I have a money pouch and it seems to have a few coins in it, Let's see hmm... one two three....Ten golds...A dragon head on one side...And some king's face on the other side, But nothing else written here. Well, thank you God, For that, I'm grateful for the pocket money. But it would be nice, if I could have a conversation with you.

"Are you listening to me God?"

(Sigh) even if he is, he won't reply to me... I get it.

hmm... My surrounding looks God damn amazing, The beach is good except that there's no umbrella...and people.

The other side of the ocean or river is a vast forest maybe I could get some answers when I meet someone.

After walking straight for an hour I found a NPC fishing village ? Or should I just say a fishing village. And I'm feeling very thirsty. Well, let's ask some questions to the local.

I got close to the two fisherman nearby.

hmm.... if this is a medieval setting how should I proceed? let's see if it's works, it seems they noticed me. alright ! acting mode, "You there come over here. Aye, you, the little one." It seems they are father and son preparing for fishing.

I can see some form of fear In their eyes but the kid somehow mastered enough strength to come over to me, trembling. Am I that scarry?

How amusing the NPCs are. I don't know how but they look very realistic to me. Okay maybe I assumed it wrong. This is not a game world, it's a real world.

oh..I forgot the boy is still standing near me,"You don't need to fear me, And fetch me some fresh water lad". The boy acknowledged the order and ran to their small house.

Then I put my focus on his father, the fisherman seems tensed for some reason, But before I could ask him anything he spoke first

"Ss sir, we already paid our six moon's of tax to Sir Roger a few weeks ago".

I had to stop him there, because he's thinking I'm here for tax collection"I'm not here for that good man, I come to ask some questions and I will be one my way."

I saw he's relieved to hear that. And meanwhile his son came with a leather skin bag of water I don't know if it's safe or not but I'm trusty and shoved it in my throat.

After that, I asked the fisherman, " How far is the capital ?"

He raised an eyebrow about my question but answered me that it was two days walk from here and showed me the directions.

But need more information like who is the ruler of this territory etc. So I asked him , "Who is the current king?"

And he quickly answered that the current king is Aerys Targaryen, the second of his name.

And my mind was shoot by an electric bolt.

I'm in fu*king Westeros....