The Blood Band Is lit!

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The goblin priest, who was withered by the backlash of the destruction of the magic circle, struggled to raise its head. Its eyes widened as it looked at the energy giant as tall as several meters in front of it in disbelief.

He looked exactly like the God of Winter and Hunting in its memory…

"Y-your Majesty…"

Its lips were dry. In fear and awe, it even couldn't say a proper sentence.

The energy giant glanced at it with no expression. He was neither happy nor sad. There were no emotions on His face. He snorted coldly at the goblin, expressing his dissatisfaction. Hearing the dissatisfied snort, the goblin priest shuddered unconsciously.

Deciding to deal with this lacking believer, with brilliant silver lights and distant holy chants, the giant released a holy, coercive force…

This was the natural oppression of lower-tier beings by higher-tier beings.

The coercive force of a true god's divine soul!

The goblin priest only felt an irresistible force attacking its heart and hit its soul directly, which gave it a piercing headache. The pain was so unimaginable that it screamed in horror

It fell down on the ground, not moving. But inside, it roared with happiness,

"He is a true god!

This is a true god's power!"

After dismissing the goblin, the energy giant soon turned his attention towards the invaders of the temple.


There was a trace of doubt in his hoarse, deep and solemn voice.

When he saw the appearances of the players, his blurred face showed an expression of surprise.

Somehow, under the pressure of the giant's divine soul, the players did not shudder like the goblin.

On the contrary, although they were spewing blood, their eyes shone brightly as if their souls were not affected.

They looked at him in curiosity and vigilance without fear or respect. They only seemed curious and excited.

Some players even started exclaiming endlessly.

"He is the boss! He must be the boss!"

"Damn, isn't He Ullr? He looks like the statue!"

"He is really ugly. His appearance is incomparable to the goddess."

"But the special effect this game has is marvelous. I was frightened just now."

"I can feel that he is very strong. I cannot see through him."

"Will he kill all of us…"

"Shall we escape? I have only one Perfect Resurrection left…"

The energy giant, "…"

Although he did not quite understand the words of these tiny creatures, he took offence at their disrespectful and almost indifferent words.

Nobody could profane the dignity of a god!

The energy giant let out an angry roar and slapped the players with his huge hand. All of a sudden, four or five unlucky guys were slapped into a bunch of mosaics.




The remaining players froze.

The killed players had no time to even spew out blood. The remaining players stood up and started to escape, while cursing the game designer's sense of balance.

The temple almost collapsed with one slap from the giant. The gap between His and their strength was too vast!

However, the energy giant seemed more surprised when he looked at the bodies of the elves he killed, for he could not perceive any trace of soul in them.

"They are not elves…"

His deep voice sounded.

The moment the energy giant appeared, Eve had already perceived His presence tens of kilometers away.

He paid His attention towards Florence gravely.

"A foreign divine force?"

His heart soon sank.

Because He found that some of those photons symbolizing the players in the space of His godhead extinguished at the same time.

Additionally, more photons were extinguishing incessantly.

"Instant death…"

He pondered for a while, separated a trace of consciousness, hid His breath, and carefully casted His consciousness into those photons that were still constantly flashing.

The scene in front of him changed. Eve soon gained the perspective of the players in the temple.

At this moment, the energy giant seemed furious. He attacked the players as if He was slapping some flies. Some unlucky players were hit now and then.

Suddenly, the temple was in a mess.

As the players could not see the hope of victory, a lot of them had already ran away. But many players still stayed. They struggled to hide themselves with the intention of trying to face the giant again.


With the inheritance of the World Tree, Eve also identified the energy giant.

He was stunned.

It was really strange. The players were just killing goblins. How did they provoke this guy?

Besides, He had a divine-force avatar!

How could He have gathered such a large amount of divine force to cross the border? Why did He come to save a few goblins?!

Eve felt that this god was simply mad, for He did not follow the common sense of things. He instantly disturbed Eve's plan.

With His plans disrupted, Eve wanted to flee…

Obviously, if Ullr discovered His existence, He would come for His head. Moreover, He was currently in a very weak state now. If Ullr really came for him, He wouldn't be able to put up a fight!

A divine-force avatar at least had the power of Legend!

But Eve soon rejected the idea of escaping.

"Huh? There is something wrong."

"His avatar does not seem that strong, and it seems to have not discovered me!"

The killed players would be teleported to the World Tree to be resurrected.

Although Eve had already tried to reduce His natural breath during the teleportation, an avatar of a true god with divine willpower would not fail to notice Him.

Thinking of this, Eve boldly observed the energy giant again.

Looking at him, Eve discovered something.

"That is actually a temporary avatar shaped by natural divine force?"

Gazing at the pale green photons on the energy giant, Eve understood.

Afterwards, He exclaimed,

"What a large amount of divine force!"

He soon understood the state of the energy giant.

Ullr came indeed, but only a trace of consciousness came.

In fact, He forcibly used natural divine force to shape His avatar.

In this state, the avatar's energy was in a mess. Even if there was a trace of divine willpower, He could not perceive Eve's breath.

After all, his avatar was filled with the divine force of the World Tree!

Furthermore, it was very hard for Him to control this avatar whose energy was in a messy state!

Thinking of this, Eve observed the state of the energy giant again.

This time, He discovered something more.

"It's the divine blood crystals! This guy forced the divine blood crystals to shape an avatar, so that is why the avatar is unstable! With Him constantly needing to suppress the backlash of natural divine force, He cannot exert all the power of His avatar!"

"No wonder He came here forcibly. He came for the divine blood crystals. There are at least more than 30 points of natural divine force provided by the divine blood crystals. I want them too… Huh… More than 30 points!"

Eve was avid.

"In this unstable state, as long as the avatar is disturbed by constant outside force, the energy balance will be broken, and the avatar will soon collapse! The divine blood crystals will also leave the avatar."

Eve felt relieved after figuring out the situation.

Looking at the players who were struggling to avoid the avatar, Eve already came up with an idea.

It was a fact that Ullr's avatar was strong.

Even if the avatar was forcibly shaped, His power was still far beyond the players' capabilities to beat. The intensity of each punch or swipe was almost as high as that of Legend.

But if Eve's plan was to disturb the avatar's balance of energy…

As long as the elves had enough lives, it was not impossible to accomplish that!

After all, Ullr's avatar was very slow and cumbersome since He had to split some of His concentration to suppress the backlash!

His movements were even not as smooth as those agile elves!

With this in mind, the avatar could be dealt by the players.

Thinking of this, Eve took a deep breath,

"Alright, let me give more this time."

After these words were said, Eve began to operate divine force.

However, as soon as He started, He stopped. After thinking for a while, He took out Hela's soul-storing orb, drew 0.1 point of divine force, and forced himself to put it into the coding function of the game system.

Afterwards, He nodded in satisfaction from within and used His divine force again to send a message to the players in Florence.

As soon as that happened, the players in the temple received a new message from the system--



[The boss of the story has appeared! The boss of the story has appeared!]

[Story description: In order to gain the power of the world tree, the despicable Ullr formed an avatar by force and snatched the divine blood crystals that belong to the goddess. However, His state is currently unstable. For the glory of elves, you decide to fight against Him bravely and take the goddess's power back!]

[Task target: Ullr's avatar shaped with divine force]

[Task level: 11+]

[Task rewards: According to the players' contribution in the killing of Him, they will be awarded with corresponding contribution points and experience points. The players will be awarded with at least 300 contribution points and 1000 experience points.]

[Task tips: Ullr's avatar is unstable. If you disturb His energy, He will collapse. Ullr will try to retreat from the battle, so don't give Him the chance to retreat!]


[The task of the story starts. All the players fighting in the battle have Unlimited Resurrection]

[Unlimited Resurrection: Before Ullr's avatar is destroyed or has retreated, all the players participating in the attack will be constantly resurrected with their levels unaffected after their death]

[The condition of victory: Ullr's avatar dies]

[The condition of failure: Ullr's avatar's retreat]


[The state of the boss is updated. The current stability: 100%]

Under all the players' surprised gaze, a red band appeared on the energy giant's forehead.

That was the stability of Ullr's avatar…

Or health bar!