Li Mu took a deep breath and walked into the temple.

At this moment, the area in front of the statue of the goddess had already been vacated.

He read through the instructions on how to transfer the occupation in the game system and respectfully walked up to the statue of the goddess.

After calming down, Li Mu got down on one knee and said carefully according to the instructions,

"Praise the Mother of Nature. Praise the Goddess of Life. Praise the Great Master of Elves--Eve Euktrahill!"

After he said these words, the statue shone brightly and the light slowly enveloped him.

Li Mu was in a trance. After gaining his bearings, he found himself in the character creation space again.


[The transfer ceremony starts. Your current occupation is "Magician." Please choose an occupation you want to transfer to]

[The transfer will cost: Ten thousand experience points and two hundred contribution points]

[As this is the first time you are transferring occupation, you will get an opportunity to transfer occupation across different fields. After you have transferred successfully, you will directly level up to level 11 (Low Iron)]

[After the transfer, you will receive a gift from the goddess and obtain a professional skill]

[After the first transfer, subsequent transfers will be fixed in the professional field. You cannot transfer across fields any longer. Please choose your occupation carefully]

With the wonderful sound of the system, Li Mu received the rules about the occupation transfer.

"To transfer across fields?"

Li Mu's expression turned serious.

He read it carefully and soon realized that it was for the players who did not like their current occupations. That was to say, when players transfer for the first time, the players in the strength system could transfer to the magic system, and vice versa.

"Ha ha, the game designers are quite humane."

Li Mu exclaimed.

He suppressed his anticipation and looked at the options available for him.

There were six occupations altogether.

The occupations in the strength system were shooters, warriors, and hunters. Their respective directions of development were long-range explosion and sniping, melee damage output and tank, tracking and assassination.

The occupations in the magic system were druids, sorcerers and priests. Their respective directions of development were auxiliary control and support, long-range damage and magic creation, auxiliary cure and defense.

Li Mu was satisfied with being a magician, so he did not want to transfer to the strength system. He looked at the three occupations in the magic system.

He did not like wildly flinging magic, nor did he like inscriptions or magic equipment creation. So he first ruled out the sorcery profession.

Although the priest was on the list of his options, Li Mu took a closer look at it and found that this occupation was temporarily unavailable. So there was only one choice left--

"Transfer to druid."

He confirmed.

He positioned himself as a leader, so control and support skills were the most suitable for him. The versatile druid had great advantages in this respect. It was the best choice.

Moreover, the two skills he had now, Twining Vines and Curing Minor Injuries, were druid skills.

[Confirmation: Transfer to druid]

[Starting transfer]

After Li Mu confirmed it, ten thousand experience points and two hundred contribution points in his game system were instantly deducted. A soft, sacred power immediately enveloped him…

Li Mu once again felt the feeling of getting stronger. He felt his five senses improving. His sense of magic, especially the sense of nature, became increasingly more acute.

The transfer ended in a few seconds. Li Mu could not wait and check his character card--

[Name: Li Mu]

[Race: Elf]

[Profession: Druid]

[Level: 11 (Low Iron)]

[Experience Value: 0/30000]

[Life Value: 1500/1500]

[Magic Value: 2000/2000]

[Attributes: Constitution (150), Strength (100), Agility (100), Magic Power (200)]

[Skills: Curing Minor Injuries (one ring), Vine Magic (one ring), Natural Whispers (one ring)]

[Title: Goblin Slayer]

All the attributes were doubled! And his constitution got stronger!

Li Mu was delighted.

Moreover, his Curing Minor Injuries and Twining Vines had been upgraded to one-ring skills!

Apart from these two skills, he gained a new skill: Natural Whispers.

Li Mu checked and found that this skill was used to communicate with plants and animals in order to get information from them.

"I'm going to run wild on the auxiliary road!"

Li Mu smiled.

Besides the three skills, he found that he still had two vacant skill slots.

Professionals of Low Iron coud master five skills altogether.

[Successful Transfer]

The voice of the system sounded again. The light enveloped Li Mu and he immediately retreated from the character creation space

The scene changed before his eyes. And before he knew it, Li Mu found that he was still standing in front of the statue.


[The player has reached level 11. The following functions are now available--]

[The exchange function is available]

[The friends function is available]

[The union function is available]

These three functions were common in online games. Eve had already made them in the system.

Li Mu skipped the last two, but he could not wait to check the exchange function.

[The exchange function: In the temple of nature, you can exchange contribution points for equipment, skills, resetting the opportunities for occupation transfer, Perfect Resurrections, Transfiguration skills, and many more. Contribution points can be traded among the players.]

Reading this description, Li Mu touched his chin.

It seemed that this was the store of The Kingdom of Elves. Maybe the players would spend money on contribution points in the future.

He opened the list of the items available for exchange.

At this moment, there were only a few items on the list.

Li Mu directly went to check on the list of skills available for exchange, completely ignoring everything else in the store.

All he had now were auxiliary skills, so it would be the best for him to have an offensive skill for self-defense.

"Wood-strengthening magic allows one to have the strength of an ox and the elegance of a cat…"

With a glance, Li Mu saw many interesting skills. But when he took a closer look at how much they cost…

"The cheapest skill costs two thousand contribution points?!"

He dryly swallowed his saliva.

Now he had only one hundred points left, which was far from enough…

"No. I should hurry to do tasks and find a way to increase my contribution points!"

Li Mu shook his head with a sense of urgency.

All the players of this type of game all oddly had the slightest obsessively compulsive disorder. When they saw that their skill slots were not full, they could not wait to fill it up.

Then he curiously opened the list of equipment…

In an instant, dozens of equipment flashing with purple frames greeted him.

"Damn! Purple epic equipment!"

The refurbished orc equipment at least looked very good regardless of their quality. Even if Li Mu was not in the strength system, his eyes shone when he looked at them.

"Beast-head chest armor, refined scimitars… but their quantity is limited. Gee, are they out of stock? They are so expensive… The cheapest one costs five thousand contribution points… How long must I work for it?"

"Huh? There is an item called Devil Staff! Damn! A golden outfit! It is a piece of golden legendary equipment!"

Li Mu's eyes were fixed on it.

The staff was the now orb-less devil wood staff. After the seal was broken, the devil wood was damaged.

But Eve still spent 0.05 points of divine force to refurbish it into a piece of Iron-level golden legendary equipment. He named it as Devil Staff.

Li Mu liked it at first sight.

However, when he looked towards the contribution points beside it…

"It costs 64800 contribution points?"

He froze.

Taking a deep breath, Li Mu covered his face with his hands and squatted down.

"Argh! I regret it. I regret it so much."

From 15 Feb 2020, Coins spent on books that aren't selected will be refunded within 30 days. However, Fast Passes will not be refunded.

The selected book will have a mark on the corner of the book cover in 30 days to indicate continuation.

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