Mad Elves

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With loud shouts, numerous figures wearing linen robes and wooden armor while wielding wooden knives and staffs emerged from the woods from all directions.

Guru the goblin high priest was shocked by the shouts of excitement.

He looked up. When he clearly saw the tall figures, he cried out involuntarily.


God of Winter and Hunting on high! How could there be so many elves in the forest of elves?

Hadn't they gone away long ago?

Guru subconsciously wanted to escape.

The only reason why was the inherent idea that had lasted for a thousand years. Even if the elf race had declined, ordinary elves had the power above Iron levels.

In the face of Iron level elves, he was just a little goblin. Even if he had become an undead priest, he could not beat hundreds of elves.

But he soon rejected his own idea of escape.

"Huh? It is not right…"

Guru thought of something.

If there were actually so many powerful elves, the goblin race would have been driven out of Florence long ago.

Thinking of this, Guru took a closer look, which made him feel more at ease…

This group of elves turned out to be rookies who had not even possessed the power of Professional!

In an instant, Guru understood how 200 goblins disappeared.

Yes, it was them who killed the goblins!

But then, the old goblin got more confused.

Where did these elves who hadn't reached level 11 came from?

He thought about this matter with its limited brain capacity…

He could not figure out the reason why…

So it stopped thinking and became eager to release his deep-seated desire.

"Let it be, God of Winter and Hunting on high! No matter where you are from, you are unlucky to face me! Sacrifice your lives to His Majesty the one true god. I will definitely earn His rewards and favour."

He would definitely earn the god's rewards by exterminating so many elves!

Although elves were powerful, they did not value violence. Since they loved peace, their fighting ability had always been weaker when they faced opponents on equal grounds.

In Guru's view, this group of elf rookies who did not even reach level 11 were inferior to a group of goblins at level 10!

Him alone was more than enough to deal with enemies at this level!

Ha ha, the elves would flee the moment they are injured. No, they might flee when they see his undead army…

Thinking of this, Guru sneered and wielded its staff.

Purple-black energy was released from the skeleton staff. In an instant, another dozen skeletons were summoned…

"Destroy them! Don't let one go!"

Guru ordered.

Upon receiving Guru's order, the undeads took out their bone knives and rushed towards the elves, showing their teeth and claws…

"Damn, it is really undead magic!"

The players who came here were stunned and hesitated for a moment.

The goblin high priest saw the players' eyes widen and became even prouder.

Ha ha…

They are scared?

The appearance of the undead skeletons were horrible indeed. And the undead he summoned were of the special kind, as their breath of death could even erode the souls of the weak!

No creature was not afraid when they saw his army!

Yes, this was the power of death. This was the power of an undead necromancer!

Guru was intoxicated as he felt the power in his staff…

Be afraid!


And enjoy being hunted by the undead!

But then the elves' words confused him slightly.

"Damn… It's so realistic… It almost scared me…"

"No wonder this game is said to be almost one-hundred-percent realistic. The special effects of undead magic are so good!"

"These undead skeletons look cool too!"

The elves looked at the undead with visible excitement. They were not afraid at all.

They… were not scared?

Their souls were actually not affected by the breath of death?

Guru was shocked.

But afterwards, its expression became contemptuous again.

Ha ha…

It seemed that they were not aware of the power of the undead. They did not know that they would be gradually eroded.

What a group of rookies who knew nothing about the world.

"You elves know nothing about the power of the undead."

"You will soon see what a real undead army is! You will soon prefer death over life!"

Thinking of this, Guru wielded the staff again to maximize his strength…

In an instant, another dozen undead skeletons were summoned.

Countless undead gathered together, exuding a strong smell of death. For a time, the temperature in the forest dropped significantly.

Feeling the power of the undeads, the goblin high priest was extremely proud.

He would let these foolish rookies know how horrible death could be!

"Damn! He summoned more undeads!"

"Hurry and appraise his power!"

"The boss is at level 11, while the skeletons are at level 10!"

"The skeletons are protecting the boss. Let's beat the skeletons first! Let's exterminate all the skeletons!"

"The players of the strength system go first. Magicians will support them from behind!"

"One party will deal with two skeletons. Those parties with all level 10 members look for an opportunity to attack the boss! Look for their weaknesses and find out their attack patterns! Prevent him from summoning any more!"

"Those who died hurry up and come back from the resurrection point!"

The elves said words that Guru could not understand and took surprising actions.

To the surprise of the goblin high priest, no elves chose to escape. On the contrary, they got even more excited.

They wielded wooden knives and rushed towards his undead army!

The two parties immediately fought against each other.

Blood splashed everywhere.

The level 10 undeads were terrifying indeed. Although the players had gone through a certain amount of training, they were not its opponents. In an instant, the first group of players who fought were seriously injured and fell down on the ground under the vicious assault of the undead.

Guru could not help but sneer when he saw the elves dying and getting injured in an instant.

Ha ha, they were actually fools to physically fight against undeads.

He could almost foresee the shock and escape of the elves.

The elf population was already sparse. In Guru's view, they could not afford excessive casualties!

He believed that once a few elves died, the elves would start to flee.

But then, something beyond Guru's imagination happened.

Those elves who were injured and fell down on the ground struggled to stand up again. They looked extremely excited while ignoring the bleeding wounds on their bodies.

This was especially true with male elves.

They wielded their weapons as if they were not injured or bleeding. They shouted and continued to slash at the undeads.

Guru did not have a game system to harmonize some discordant scenes.

Therefore, in his eyes, this battle was extremely terrifying.

He saw that some elves had their legs cut off but still did not retreat. Instead, they hopped or crawled over and continued slashing with wooden knives.

He saw that some elves had their arms broken by their companions' magic but they would just turn around to curse, "Fire accurately, you fool!" And then they turned back and rushed into the battlefield again…

He even saw an undead stabbing through the abdomen of an elf, causing his intestines to hang outside the body, but it seemed that the elf did not notice it. He continued to laugh fearlessly while fighting against the undead.

The elves used their knives to combat like mad dogs, regardless of their own injuries and the gradual loss of vitality.

Every elf who approached death looked happy and joyful. At most, they would drop an unexpected sentence, "Damn I'm going to die!" And then their eyes rolled back and closed as they died.

In the same way, they did not care about the life and death of their companions. No one felt sad about the death of their companions. It was like all they could see were their enemies.

Moreover, some elves would gloat at the unfortunate death of a companion and collect his equipment on the spot…

Guru was shocked to see it.

This… What was the matter with this group of elves?

Don't they feel any pain?

Don't they have emotions?

They… are not afraid of death!

No, they are really not afraid of death…

Guru even saw an elf shouting aloud, then directly taking the initiative to pounce on the bone knife of the undead skeleton. The elf was then stabbed in the heart, but he continued to hug the undead tightly while vomiting blood and yelled to his companions in excitement,

"I caught this skeleton, hurry and take the opportunity to tear it down!"

At this moment, Guru was completely shocked.

He shuddered abruptly and murmured,


"They must be mad…"

"This group of elves must be mad!"