Eve's Avatar Plan

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Hela the God of Death?

Eve's heart started pounding as the related memories in the heritage of the World Tree suddenly emerged.

Hela, also known as the God of Death and the Lord of the Underworld, was an ancient true god in charge of death, aging, and disease. Although Hela was at the top of the intermediate-grade gods, She was extremely mysterious.

It was said that She lived somewhere in the Underworld and hardly participated in the struggles between true gods. Even if Her divine mission was almost the complete opposite to the World Tree's, She did not participate in the War of Gods 1000 years ago.

Of course, there were also rumors that She did not participate in the disputes of the gods because She had been trying to recover from a severe injury She got in a battle from ancient times.

But even if She had been injured, no one dared to plot Her downfall.

Because, in the underworld, Hela was invincible.

In addition, it was clear that this true god was not interested in the struggles of faith except for the souls of living beings. Her followers seldom walked on the continent of Sagas.

"How did Hela's soul-storing orb end up in the forest of elves?"

Eve was puzzled.

However, He knew this orb being on the continent of Sagas was not accidental.

In the world of Sagas, true gods often rewarded their followers with their belongings as divine objects for them to use.

In the struggle between different parties, the loss of divine objects was common.

Except for those divine objects the true gods extremely valued, they were not interested in recovering ordinary divine objects after they were lost.

After all, those ordinary divine objects might only contain a few points of divine force of the god. Moreover, the divine force in the divine object didn't contain any power of divine mission like divine blood crystals, so the powerful true gods did not care about them very much.

It was not worth scouring the continent for such few points of divine force.

The consequence of this indifference was the proliferation of divine objects in the normal combat in the world of Sagas…

Eve smiled as He thought of it and played with this soul-storing orb in His hand.

Sure enough, after examining it in detail, He found five points of Hela's divine force in it!

This discovery made Eve slightly happy. Although His divine mission was the total opposite to that of Hela's, the absorption of the divine force in this orb would still provide Him with three points of natural divine force!

However, He gave up this idea after pondering for a while.

"If I absorb the divine force in this orb, it will no longer be a divine object."

Eve looked at the orb as He thought,

"Hela's research on the subject of souls is quite in-depth. It is said that She is even able to make divine objects that can contain divine souls. Who knows whether this orb has such a function?"

Unfortunately, the orb was currently in a damaged state. Eve appraised it and found that it only had the functions of "storing divine force," "storing soul power," and "transforming the undead."

"Maybe I can see its full strength after I repair it. Ha ha, if it really can contain a divine soul, I might be able to realize some of my ideas in advance."

Eve was very excited.

He was thinking of creating an avatar!

In fact, the main reason why He hadn't made an avatar was because His current amount of divine force was not enough to make a body that could support His divine soul.

But if this orb could contain the power of a divine soul, He might be able to make a body with His divine soul in the orb as the core of it!

Furthermore, the existence of Hela's divine force in this orb could mask His aura and prevent other true gods from identifying Him, which would be more useful than the avatar He was planning to make for Himself!

Although the players' potential was unlimited and the indigenous believers were good helpers, Eve still could not rely on them completely, as they were still too weak. Thus, it would be more convenient for Him to do some things by Himself using an avatar.

For example, if Eve had a body with Hela's soul-storing orb as its core, He could have destroyed the nest of goblins alone without having to worry about the revenge of Ullr the God of Winter and Hunting.

He could also secretly take action when the players confronted Ullr's followers. If He was there, He would be able to solve the problems that the players could not solve.

With the avatar, Ullr would not be able to guess that it was Eve who was messing with His followers. At most, Ullr would assume that they died under the followers of the God of Death.

But did Hela's followers have anything to do with the World Tree?

Ahem… Anyway, Hela the God of Death only dwelt in the underworld and never communicated with other gods. If Ullr really thought that the culprit was Hela, Hela could be made as a scapegoat.

But would Ullr, a weak god with low-grade divine force, dare to trouble a god with intermediate divine force?

In summary, from every perspective, it was necessary to have a body that could move freely.

Thinking of this, Eve immediately began to repair the orb. However, when He started to repair it, He found that if He wanted to restore the orb completely, He would have to spend at least 20 points of divine force, which would take a long time to recuperate.

"Now I only have 25 points of divine force. If I immediately start repairing the orb, my divine force will go lower than 10 points and I will soon fall into deep sleep again."

With this in mind, Eve decided to postpone the matter. He would not act until the players finished exterminating the goblins in Florence.

"I hope that the number of the divine blood crystals collected by the goblins won't disappoint me."

He thought expectantly.

In the forest of elves.

After the players fought for the whole day, the sun had set in the west. The players felt tired and decided to return to the camp to rest.

On the one hand, they were tired and wanted to rest. On the other hand, a lot of the players planned to transfer their occupation, and the other players wanted to watch them.

After this task, more than half of the 300 players had reached level 10. And nearly 100 people had reached level 11, the standard of Iron.

Different from the leveling pre-level 10, in order to level up to level 11 of Low Iron, the players must go through the process of transferring their occupation in the Temple of Nature. So, to do exactly that, the players went back and lined up in front of the Temple of Nature in the elf town…

"We have to line up in order to transfer our occupation. Isn't this just like the real world?"

Demacia complained when he saw dozens of people in front of him in the queue.

On hearing him, Li Mu shrugged.

"You have to queue for a task, let alone to transfer your occupation."

"Now I'm very curious about how they will do it in the open beta."

"That's not something we should worry about."

The two men talked while moving forward in the queue.

At the forefront of the queue, the players who had successfully transferred their occupation came out.

Li Mu could vaguely hear them talking about "contribution," "equipment," and "skills" in excitement, which made him very curious.

Could it be that we could exchange contribution points for equipment and skills?

He had some guesses.

The players who had transferred their occupation successfully looked very excited. They moved around while trying new sword skills or magic skills in high spirits.

From a distance, Li Mu could feel that the players' power had been greatly enhanced. It could even be said that their power was overwhelming when compared to their past self.

He clearly saw Little Salty Meow coming out of the temple. This elf girl excitedly threw a fireball at an ancient tree on the right, but then she accidentally blasted an unfinished house on the left of the tree.

Of course, Cuckoo Bird, the construction captain, soon asked her to tea for a talk right afterwards.

"I don't know whose house it is, but that guy is really unlucky."

Li Mu shook his head.

On hearing Li Mu, Demacia followed his gaze curiously…

His smile gradually disappeared…

"Damn! That is my house!"

After these words, Demacia yelled in grief,

"Little Salty Meow, stop! My two-story villa!"

After yelling, he ran out of the queue and rushed to his now burnt down house.

Li Mu, "…"

He mourned for Demacia for a second and continued to wait in the queue.

After a while, it was finally his turn.