Devils Are Coming

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Suppressing his sadness about the lost he suffered from sacrificing the staff, Li Mu read the instructions for obtaining contribution points--

[There are two ways to gain contribution points: 1. Complete the tasks given by the game system 2. Exchange objects for contribution points in the Temple of Nature]

Tasks given by the game system?

Li Mu was taken aback and then thought of the task they were doing now: The holy city of the past.

At present, although they had killed many goblins, in fact, the three objectives of this task--

"1. Establish a stable teleportation circle;

2. Destroy all the goblins that are entrenched in Florence;

3. Look for the divine blood crystals in the ruins."

They actually were not done yet.

Luckily, after the exchange system was used, detailed information about the amount of contribution points awarded by each objective was given

[By participating in the establishment of the teleportation circle, you will be awarded five hundred contribution points.]

[By participating in killing a goblin you will be awarded ten contribution points; by killing a goblin alone you will be awarded fifty contribution points.]

[By participating in killing a goblin priest you will be awarded fifty contribution points; by killing a goblin priest alone you will be awarded five hundred contribution points.]

[By sacrificing one divine blood crystal you will be awarded eight hundred contribution points.]

[Contribution points will be settled after each task objective is completed.]

After Li Mu read the instructions, his heart started pounding with excitement.

"Kill goblins, establish the teleportation circle, and look for the divine blood crystals!"

Although Li Mu had already participated in the task before, now he wanted to immediately fly to Florence after understanding the value of contribution points.

"I must act quickly. Now, many players have leveled up to level 11 and as such, the threat of the goblins has been greatly reduced. The players will soon compete in killing goblins. The task of establishing the teleportation circle can be done together. But the other two objectives will reward who is faster!"

"Killing goblins and looking for the crystals are the main ways to obtain contribution points. I must do them first!"

Li Mu quickly made the decision.

Having figured everything out, he quickly retreated from the Temple of Nature and was ready to contact some old party members.

But when he came to the camp square, he suddenly froze.

In front of him, many players who had leveled up to level 11 had already gathered in the square.

Just now, it took too long for Li Mu to read through the lists of items for exchange. Normally, it would have been fine since it was late in the evening and a lot of players would usually go offline.

But with the sight before him, it looked like no one went offline after transferring. All the combat-focused players' eyes shone as they envisioned swimming in a bunch of contribution points.

In the square, players were constantly yelling,

"Party up, Party up! Attack the holy city of Florence! Destroy goblins and look for divine blood crystals!"

"We need one more to fill the party. We need a tank warrior! We only want someone of Low Iron!"

"I collect divine blood crystals! I will pay eight hundred Chinese yuan for one divine blood crystal!"

"I collect contribution points! I collect contribution points! I will pay one yuan for one point. I can pay you through Alipay or Wechat!"

Even Demacia, whose house got blown up, came here in excitement,

"Brother Mu, did you see it? An exchange system! All the items in it are purple epic equipment! There are less than 30 pieces in the whole server! I want to obtain enough contribution points for a whole warrior set. Hmm, that might not be realistic. But at least I will obtain enough points for a scimitar. Would you like to stay up all night together and collect contribution points?"

Li Mu, "…"


Everybody was mad.

After learning of the contribution system, all the players who knew about it went mad.

More powerful skills and better, cooler equipment…

All of these required contribution points!

All the combat-focused players who had transferred their occupations could not resist the temptation and wanted to stay up all night to finish the objectives!

There would be a sleepless night in the forest of elves.

Eve, who watched everything from above, sighed.

He silently drew a tree symbol for the goblins in Florence and prayed secretly,

"I wish you happiness tonight, green-skinned cuties…"

With the blessing of a true god, the goblins should have no more regrets in this life.

Eve thought with satisfaction.

In the ruins of Florence.

After finishing their surveillance for the day, the goblins also went back to their lair.

Because of the players' booby trap, one-third of the goblins in Florence were gone. Even if their IQ was not high, they felt upset at their companions' disappearance.

What made the goblins more upset was that their leader, Guru the high priest, had been out for a day and had yet to return.

It was very unusual for the high priest, who had never been far away from the temple, to stay out for this long.

Fortunately, the presence of the other three goblin priests suppressed the goblin tribes' unrest, preventing the panic from spreading among the goblins.

However, it was only a temporary measure.

Goblins were bullies and greedy creatures. Without a strong leader to suppress them, they would be in a state of disunity. At this moment, the other three goblin priests in Florence were having a dispute.

In the dilapidated temple.

The three goblin priests sat around a basin of sparkling pale green crystals and fell into eerie silence.

If the players were here, they would definitely recognize that all the crystals in the stone basin were actually the divine blood crystals of the World Tree.

There were 26 pieces!

After a while, one goblin priest open its mouth and said,

"The high priest must have had an accident. Otherwise, he won't leave these crystals behind. These are the tributes to the true god!"

"Ha ha, he has always been greedy, selfish and arrogant. If he really has had an accident, he deserves it."

Another goblin priest gloated.

It did not like Guru for a long time. All of them were the followers of the god but why should Guru be favored? Guru only just received the inheritance of the undead necromancer by sheer luck.

The other two goblin priests did not refute it, for they were thinking the same thing. It was only because Guru was so powerful that they did not dare to say it before.

After being silent for a while, the third goblin priest said,

"The true god will only reward the one who makes the sacrifice to Him. What should we do with these crystals?"

It pointed to the divine blood crystals before the three.

After it said these words, the atmosphere in the temple turned inexplicably stifling in an instant.

It was no wonder that many intellectual creatures despised goblins. Even if some of them transfered to be priests, they were still not wise or far-sighted.

When the high priest was missing, their first thought was not to see if there was any potential danger around or to report it to the true god by praying, but how to divide the fruits left by the high priest.

After a while, the goblin that spoke first chuckled and said in a sharp voice,

"Isn't it obvious? Only the strongest one can get the opportunity to talk with the true god."

After it said these words, the atmosphere between the three goblins turned more stifling in an instant.

Just when they were about to fight, there was a faint commotion outside the temple.

The sound of shouts, groans and weapons was endless.

The three goblin priests' ears twitched. They saw a trace of doubt and vigilance in each other's eyes.

At this moment, a goblin stumbled into the temple. Its body suffered several wounds and its face looked fearful.

"What happened?"

The goblin priests frowned.

The injured goblin collapsed. It fell down on the ground as soon as it entered, gesticulating incessantly as if it had been shocked.

Seeing its state, the three goblin priests stood up at the same time. They found it absurd.


"You said the devils are coming?"

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