Game of Madness

Author: Grou408
Realismo mágico
Ongoing · 4K Views
  • 3 Chs
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What is Game of Madness

Read ‘Game of Madness’ Online for Free, written by the author Grou408, This book is a Realismo mágico Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Lucio Heikkinen, afectado por un trastorno de personalidad, se enfrenta a juegos mentales en un asilo secreto del gobier...


Lucio Heikkinen, afectado por un trastorno de personalidad, se enfrenta a juegos mentales en un asilo secreto del gobierno, con el fin de escapar de dicho infierno. Con su tranquila versión y su alter ego salvaje, Lux, vivirán una carrera contra el tiempo, dónde buscarán la libertad antes de que su identidad sea eliminada.

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DaoistDuKj98 · Games
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1 Chs

The Girl We Desire

Adeline was a journalist. She was a career-driven woman who would do anything for her passion. she was independent, smart and a strong female lead who was willing to take risks. What would she do, when a Greek god, especially the son of Eros entered her bathroom from a different realm while she was taking a shower. He was the son of Cupid, after all, could she resist his charms? **************** Suddenly some heavyweight pushed me down and landed on top of me. Before my head hit the bathroom floor, he engulfed his hand behind my head. My eyes were wide as a soccer. It was a grown man in his late twenties. He had a rare shade of emerald green eyes and shiny blond hair. His face was sculpted to perfection. He had the chiseled jaw, pointed nose, and body of a Greek god. He was shirtless and his hard sculpted chest and abs were pressed against my soft feminine body. He gave me a cocky smirk and realization hit me hard like a brick, I was stark naked and a burglar was on top of me. “Aaarghhhh!” I yelled at the top of my lungs and he muffled my screams with his hands. ************** It was not only the Greek God, what if the devil himself was interested in her. What if she had no choice but to pretend to be a guy, let alone work as his personal secretary? ************** As I neared him, I stumbled upon the carpet and I landed on his lap with my stomach on his thighs with a yelp. Unintentionally, my left palm made direct contact with his crotch. He jerked at my sudden intrusion, wrapping his arms around my waist. Both of us were too shocked to move, suddenly I could feel him grow harder under my palm, my eyes widened. I couldn’t see his reaction, I stood up from his lap as if, my ass caught on fire. He was frozen to his spot as if; he couldn’t believe what happened now. My face flushed with embarrassment. He didn’t even take a glance at my face. “I’m sorry, sir, It…” “Let’s get back to the office.” I was cut off by his voice. For some reason, my eyes strayed to his crotch and I could see his bulge very much visible. “Mr. Sandros!” he yelled my name.

Nightingale2909 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
45 Chs

The King

In ancient times 5 artefact's were made, these artefact’s could put the power of a god or demon into a human body, these artefact’s were lost in the world of gods and demons for millions of years, until one day the crossroad demon found them, he held onto them, researching their powers, until one day 4 of these artefacts were stolen by the trickster, the trickster a very smart demon who served the king of demons himself, kept one of these cards, and passed the other 3 to the king, the prince, and the mother of the king. Explaining to them the ability of these artefacts, the artefacts could be consumed by the demon or god when consumed would for a tattoo on their skin which then can be passed down to their vessel of choice, this vessel would be killed and reincarnated into a new life with a demon being apart of his new soul, this vessel was considered another soul for the demon or god until the vessel is killed the demon cannot truly die. each of the royal demons accepted the artefacts gracefully and waited to find someone worthy of receiving and entertaining them using their powers. The prince was the first one to give his card away, followed by the trickster and then the mother, the king himself however waited to find someone truly worthy. During a war between heaven and hell, a young angel was seeing his fellow angels become massacred by demons and the king of demons himself, he couldn't bare to watch the sight of his fellow friends be killed, picking up his holy sword he charged to the main source of evil the king himself, during his charge he was stabbed by spears, shot by arrows but he didn't give up, if he truly managed to kill the king he would get rid of the entire army, as he stumbled his was to the king he swung his sword towards the kings neck, the king blocked the sword but felt a sharp pain in his abdomen, as the angels sword was stopped he took a small blade and stabbed the king, as the angel was falling he could hear the last words of this lifetime “you are worthy”

krystiankry · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings
2 Chs

High school crush:[Will our love last?]

Hailey is a girl who lived with her grandparents in a small town at the outskirt of the city. She has been sheltered and super restricted from indulging herself in any form of social activities girls her age do. She is beautiful and pretty. She went to high school and found her first love. Unfortunately for her , her first love was a teacher. Their relationship was restricted and banned in the school because school authorities frown upon student- teacher romantic relationships. Will their love be strong enough to stand still amidst all the storms. Stick behind to know what will happen. You can check out my other book "BESTFRIEND TURNED ENEMY" Thanks.    *Screech*     A car came to a halt infront of a giant gate of a school.A petite figure of a sweet and gentle soul stepped out careful with her cute backpack and suit case.She wheeled her traveler with one hand and the 0ther hand one on the her backpack. "" "" "" "" "" "" "   *Pin drop silence* 'there is no way that is the new teacher.This new maths teacher is very young' "Good morning class.This is your new teacher Mr.Davis.Although he is young,he is very experienced in this field" " "" '''''' "Mr Davis..I...I .I..lov...love you,I love you Mr.Davis." " I love you too Hailey,I Love you so freaking much and I think I will go crazy.How did manage to mess up my head like that.." " "" """" "" " " Just give us six months,just six months please Hailey..I promise to make our relationship official"

Abi_cares_43 · Teen
Not enough ratings
5 Chs

The love bet

Scarlet thought she had won a jack pot when Kevin the cold , ruthless and handsome billionaire asked her to be his girlfriend and fiance to be. Falling so deep for him,she never once thought that this was a trap weaved for her. The love bet made by Kevin and his buddies whether he could go after a girl from downtown. But was adamant on winning the bet because no one thought that he could ever go to such extent. The illusion created by Kevin made his buddies to believe that it was true but it was only him who knew how the game would end. On the day of the engagement ceremony, she thought she was going to be the happiest woman on earth winning over the cold billionaire but too bad this was her worst nightmare ever. On that day she got to find out the truth when Kevin stood tall on the podium with several people watching when he said. " I think it's high time this game comes to an end." Gasps and murmurs broke out in the hall not believing what they were hearing. " I think am one of the greatest actors of all times because this game had no flows,the illusion of love created by me was so awesome,by the way scarlet I have never loved you but this was all about a bet. And I wanted to win and show everyone that nothing is impossible to me." Scarlet felt like her whole world was entirely collapsing,her face paled with cletched fists. She couldn't believe that the so called love was a sharm, moreover ashamed and betrayed in front of so many people. He didn't stop from there because when he got wind of her pregnancy,he ordered his men to get rid of the thing in her stomach. They used a sharp stick to carryout the abortion resulting into her death. She felt her soul slipping away from her body but couldn't do anything at all. She died a miserable death all in the name of the bet. The creator of this earth who created Adam and Eve decided to give her a second chance but with two choices. To live her life to the fullest and forgive plus to get all the sinners on earth to repent and seek God like never before or seek revenge destroying whoever was involved in her death but in the end to accompany the king of hell and his followers. What choice do you think she will choose?

DaoistmL9Uhz · Urban
Not enough ratings
15 Chs


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