4 Kneel Down

Ignoring the dude who got too scared of his intimidation, Jiang Ming continues to walk up in a room where he smells a pill is being concocted at this moment.

'Just from this smell alone, I can tell he's an amateur but had some experience in this field.'

Jiang Ming shakes his head when this kind of alchemy skill is allowed here. He was the top number 1, meaning he was also a god of alchemy and he has learned almost every pill possible.

Not only did he learn every pill from the game, Jiang Ming decided to self create his own pill which became a sensation when the game announced his achievement.

As Jiang Ming slowly walked up the stairs, two guards blocked his path.

"On this floor, only those with a reputation in alchemy can enter. We don't recognize you which means you don't have an alchemist teacher either. Therefore, please head downstairs since you're unqualified."

The guard said with a deadpan expression while clutching their weapon looking like an axe.

"How do you know if I'm qualified or not? Don't you know the saying that you can never judge a person by its appearance alone?" Jiang Ming calmly replied to the guards.

"Hmph, based on your conduct, you're here to try and bootlick some alchemist. Get out of the alchemist guild before I resort to violence."

The guards disregard Jiang Ming as they get ready to beat the crap out of him.

"For that speech of yours, I will make you kneel down and beg for forgiveness." Jiang Ming said as he pushed the guard aside and walked toward the room filled with medicinal aroma.

"How dare you!"

The guard shouted as he swung his axe toward Jiang Ming. Jiang Ming easily dodges to the left side before shouting, "An amateur you are to concoct a ridiculous pill."

The people in the room were shocked by this sudden outburst from outside and the person concocting the pill right now is enraged.

"Who has the guts to question my alchemy skills. Get over here before I'll have your entire family pay for disrespecting me."

The guards were smiling at the outburst Jiang Ming did.

"Kid, you could have lived a good life but now that you offend Alchemist Ren, you can forget about living." The guards sneered at Jiang Ming who offended a 3rd tier alchemist.

Jiang Ming turned his head around to look at the two guards before showing a smug face.

"You have just lost your chance of survival," Jiang Ming said as he opened the door.


When the people inside the room saw it was a young man who spoke atrociously on Alchemist Ren, they hurried up and shouted at Jiang Ming to gain his favor.

"A young man like you dares trash talk Alchemist Ren's alchemy skill. You don't know the difference between heaven and Earth."

"Right, cripple your own cultivation and apologize to Alchemist Ren before getting the hell out. Otherwise, it's not just you but your entire family can be at a funeral."

Jiang Ming listened to their crap as he looked around the people in this room. Surprisingly, among the bunch of old men, a young lady was sitting in the chair and an old man was standing beside her.

'Hoh, she must be from some wealthy family to act this calm. Her looks are good but too bad, her conduct is trash.' Jiang Ming said inwardly when he saw too many of these females in the game.

Aloof and cool but they will admire those with talents.

"You people are truly hilarious. I spoke the truth yet you got mad about someone stating a fact." Jiang Ming laughed as he walked over to the cauldron.

Waving his hand a bit, Jiang Ming continued, "This pill is only 78 percent purity and it's because the alchemist is a complete amateur. Such a good ingredient became wasted."

Alchemist Ren was about to cough up blood from being enraged at the comment that Jiang Ming gave.

"Young man, if you don't explain yourself then you will have to pay for your consequences." Alchemist Ren stood up as he stared at Jiang Ming in the eye.

'What is this feeling I'm getting? It's like I'm facing an alchemist god.' Alchemist Ren started to sweat a bit when he looked at the calm composure of Jiang Ming where he felt a dreadful aura pushing him down.

Alchemist Ren decided to open his cauldron to check if Jiang Ming's words were correct.

Opening the lid, the medicine aroma started flowing out but Alchemist Ren was not happy at all.

'Who is this young man? He actually guessed the purity of my pill.' Alchemist Ren was pondering on the young man in front of him.

Everyone in the room expected that Alchemist Ren was about to punish him and the guards were ready to thrash Jiang Ming.

However, in contrast to their expectation, Alchemist Ren turned his head and asked, "This young man… What is your name?"

"The name is Jiang Ming." Jiang Ming replied while he started to grab a chair to sit and cross his leg.

"The audacity," The guard couldn't handle his behavior any longer as they rushed to try and grab him.

"Shut up, who permitted you to act without my permission." Alchemist Ren exclaimed when he saw the guard try to harm Jiang Ming in front of him.

This time, the young lady that was sitting finally started paying attention to this situation.

The other spectators also raised their eyebrows at this sudden development as they whispered to each other.

"Jiang Ming, can you explain what you mean by the ingredient I used is wasted," Alchemist Ren asked politely to Jiang Ming since he was clearly more experienced than him.

Only those who deal with alchemy every day can determine the quality of the pill before they even open the cauldron.

Jiang Ming smiled a bit as he turned his head to gaze at the guards. His meaning was clear as day for everyone to understand his intention.

The guards start to sweat nervously as they did not expect Jiang Ming to have Alchemist Ren asking him for advice.

They start cursing inwardly about their previous behavior and wish they could go back in time.

'Now you'll know what it means to offend someone you cannot afford. I am not some generous man to take an insult and stuff it in.' Jiang Ming remained in his position and closed his eyes.

Everyone starts to turn their attention to the guards since Jiang Ming's action is saying if the guards don't get his forgiveness then Jiang Ming would stay silent.

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